Goods Digital Passport

Goods Digital Passport (GDP) – A decentralized platform with blockchain technology that creates owner authenticity.

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Greetings Community, In this new post I will introduce about Goods Digital Passport project, 
and for more details let’s just go to the following discussion.


Good Digital Passport is the beginning of an ecological system, which will not only be seen to have a significant impact on counterfeit goods, but will enable consumers to understand the product they are buying. With the DGP application the consume can store and track the collective value of their goods with online wallets, enabling consumers to share their wallets as proof of ownership and verify their value.

Goods Digital Passport helps stop criminals on their way, literally, by tracking products using blockchain technology. This innovative function creates an integral, verifiable, decentralized digital chain between the product and its origin. For example, if the Regent Street store defines its product as a “Passport Digital Goods” consisting of a unique QR code and a hash-binding by binding to the mantle, all of these elements will be easy to trace.

This means that if a criminal tries to sell stolen goods, whoever wants to buy this item can easily learn the origin of it with GDP and can see this information, and also know the real owner through a unique QR code. Registration of simple items can save thousands of sellers, even millions of dollars a year. In addition, criminals are more likely to be controlled if they know that any given store uses this type of technology.



The black market for stolen and counterfeit goods costs more than 4 trillion producers and consumers a year and causes untold losses to brands and triggers crime. All because of a lack of information – blockchain technology means that it is possible to track the history of all products at low cost which means no one will have to buy a fake or stolen product again.

Manufacturers have spent $ 82.05 billion every year to prevent counterfeit goods, but that number has also skyrocketed. Counterfeiters have moved to almost every manufacturing sector, from fashion labels and luxury watches to bags and batteries. Every item purchased and sold faces an identity problem. And with $ 23.45 trillion worth of goods sold worldwide every year, that is a big problem. This demands universal authentication methods throughout the world, not only for new items, but for all items. In order for producers, distributors, and customers to buy and sell with confidence, we must be able to answer these three questions with certainty:

  • Is that original?
  • Where does it come from?
  • Who is the owner?

Counterfeit Fees

$ 4.2 Trillion Counterfeit goods and piracy for a Global Economy fee of $ 4.2 Trillion per year by 2022.
$ 82 billion spent every year on brand protection and trying to prevent goods from being falsified.
$ 1 Billion Estimated sales of fake watches in 2013 alone.
50% art
50% of art circulating is forgetting or misinterpreted.

This creates many problems for

  • Consumer
  • Dangerous / Poor quality products;
  • Unsafe product;
  • Unfair purchase price;
  • Illegal to resel.


  • Risky products;
  • False claims;
  • Inaccurate assessment.


  • Dangerous / Poor quality products;
  • Unsafe product;
  • Unfair purchase price;
  • Illegal to resel.


  • Criminal;
  • Sustainability;
  • Loss of taxes and duties.

For Manufacturers & Agents

Once registered, their authorized manufacturers and agents can register products quickly and easily, through the Application Program Interface (API) or secure Web portal.

Official producers / retailers can also register official agents to issue GDP on their behalf, whether for new or existing products that have been authenticated by the agent.

Register your agent
Once registered, their authorized manufacturers and agents can register the product
quickly and easily.

Upload product details
Bulkly upload information or upload information individually for each item,
using API or Webportal.

Generate a QR code
Each uploaded item will automatically generate unique GDP with each linked QR item.

For retailers

Retailers can choose to scan the item’s QR code to the system when it is received at the store location (help protect the store from depreciation), or to scan items at the point of sale. The Retailer application will record the customer’s sales date, sales price, and e-mail address. This system works whether they sell goods online or in stores.

In the future, the Retailer Application can also be used to send ‘restock’ requests to manufacturers, making the system more efficient for everyone involved.

Register inventory received from the manufacturer
Registering inventory is returned to the manufacturer
Register sales and record customer details
Register theft

For consumers

Every time a customer makes a purchase with GDP, retailers will register them as product owners.

Customers can then download the free application, check product authentication, and ensure the details are accurate and up-to-date.

Download the mobile application
Download and install our application available on Google play and
Application store.

Scan QR code

Use the GDP mobile application to verify product authenticity.

Verify product authenticity
This application will show results about your product. Where it is produced. When. By Whom … etc.

Secure your product
Secure all your products in your wallet. Find / Share your wallet with a list of your insurance companies for sale, or transfer ownership.

Token Sales Purpose

Funds collected during the ICO will be used to address this global problem. We have many opportunities for growth in various sectors.

The success of this ICO will enable us to move forward with planned future developments much faster. Budgeting has been allocated with the assumption that the soft cap that has been achieved is as follows:

47% Development of the GDP platform and related applications
42% Expansion and operations including PR and global marketing
8% Allows experts and influencers to enable rapid growth in brands and insurance. We have a global market and need to have a global presence
3% Legal and compliance costs

About Tokens

  • Name: Digital Passport Goods
  • Token Symbol: GDP
  • Platform: Ethereum ERC20
  • Token Journal: 100,000,000 GDP
  • Token Price: 1 ETH = 1700 GDP
  • Payment: ETH
  • Softcap: 1000 ETH
  • Hardcap: 35,000 ETH


  • Amount: 1000 ETH
  • Starting June 8, 2018
  • Ended on June 27, 2018
  • Bonus: 40%


  • Amount: 15,000 ETH
  • Starting June 28, 2018
  • End Date:?
  • Bonus: 30% for the first 5000 ETH
  • 20% for the second 5000 ETH
  • 10% for the 5th ETH date

The GDP token will sell 85% of tokens during the ICO period. Unsold tokens from that period will be burned. 15% of tokens issued to the team will be locked within 24 months.


About team:

Iain Williams
CEO, Co-Founder Bringing a rich experience based on working with a variety of FinTech startups. An investor with a talent to make things simple.

Paul Williams
CEO / Co-Founder is a Solid background working with a variety of startups including FinTech and financial products. A keen investor with a passion for new technologies.

Taras Tsarenko
Lead Technical Development Taras brings more than 9 years of innovation and experience on projects such as NEM, ARK, Polymath, Networks and E / Capital. There can be no more experienced and perfect technical guidance for this project.

Ivan Solomichev
Blockchain Expert Blockchain, Ethereum, developer of Solidity Smart Contracts IOS Dev with 5 years of experience with published applications.

Devendra R
Blockchain / Ethereum Expert Official party Bitsend, Woked on STORJ, and other locations IPFS. Ethereum, and Hyperledger Fabric, DApps, Smart Contracts, Meteor JS

Kashyap Prajapati
Blockchain Team Lead 3+ years of experience with Blockchain, Ethereum dapp, Wallet, Smart Smart Contracts, New Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency exchange and smart contracts. More than 9 years of experience in JavaScript, Angular JS, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Python, Docker as a full-stack developer.

Ilesh Malani
Blockchain Ethereum Developer ERC721 & ERC720 Developer. Classic and essential evidence expert on the glass. Ethereum, and Hyperledger Fabric, DApps, Smart Contracts, Meteor JS. Former member of the main Odoo / OpenERP verision-6 team.

Daniel Harbuz
Head Marketing 8 years of business development with some of the biggest brands in the world. Managed data and special reports for the Guardian newspaper. Consulting and consulting with partners and managing Directors in some of the world’s largest companies such as Goldman Sachs and Deloitte.

Deep Johal
Head of Community Growth Huge exsprence collected $ 20 million in processing fees. And a decentralized exchange, which is 4 million dollars. Please update all photos according to the app. each photo is named correctly to match the profiles.

Khrystyna Miliak
Technical Project Manager PM with 5 years of experience advising on various projects. Tracks time and budget, organizes the team.

Amanda Caswell
PR and Social Media is an Advertising copywriter and blogger for various brands and corporations including Nintendo, Pepsi, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Disney and more. She lives near new York city with her loving husband and two charming children.

Daniel Karmy
Legal & Insurance Daniel is a practicing lawyer specializing in the defense of claims and advising on insurance risks. His experience in product liability and insurance claims reduction brings a wealth of legal knowledge and a deep understanding of the insurance landscape to the team.


Jacob Parker-Bowles
Cyber Security & Financial Crime is an Entrepreneurial leader and visionary. With more than 10 years of experience in this field, Jacob is well versed in the field of cybersecurity and financial crimes. He has a proven track record of successfully helping financial institutions protect their assets and plan for the future.

For more information,

Author ; Melati21
Email address ;
ETH address ; 0x838d9F4750DFC63f9A75bdA335840C0A84aD3afc

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