Gooreo is building a platform to simplify the project hunting process for

graduates that are fresh and undergraduates enhancing their livelihood. Corporate and businesses are greatly profiting from

our platform because there was eradication of cost

recruitment solutions to supply the correct talent required for their unique roles thus maximizing profits.

We are also introducing a token, also known as OREO coin, allowing consumers of this program may utilize to do transactions that are employment-related. Using block chain technology inside this regard will ensure security because records and the data have been shared with job hunters, because they’re subject into precisely the tamper-proof nature of this blockchain technology and also the employing associations can’t be compromised.

We have created something that will enhance the upcoming tons of their companies as well as the college students by greatly improving an individual experience within the current present recruitment industry, enhancing security and eradicating inefficiencies.

Just how OREO Operates

Competencies while also ascertaining if the job is currently on-site or Students studying at an identical field (and at the same country if the project would be.

  • he notice of job vacancies will soon likely probably be made available directly to all
  • Applicants are accepted via precisely the same site, and the applicant may
  • Each pupil is required to enroll his own account on the platform along with Onsite ) to enable them to make an application for employment in this company On the lookout for staff members. Make his professional resume. Employ together with the assistance of the social networks.
  • Firms will print job vacancies and also post the required

Vision And Mission


  • From all software that are rival Employment with characteristics and unique traits that put us aside Our vision is to Turn into the Optimal/optimally program in the Area of childhood


  • Our goal would be to help the newly graduated college students find tasks within their field of specialty and also help companies get the ability together with their knowledge.

The Oreo Token

Help in establishing trust among service providers and providers out of The system Will Enable the community to build trust’ Cryptocurrency tokens Other applications. Because its worth will soon gooreo’s system Should Entice Plenty of users Fully make the most of this new digital economy based on That the blockchain group will benefit Token which can serve as payment for many offered services. Additionally, Payments to achieve this platform’s capacity rates. Be efficient and to gain market share within its direct competitors, Identity management tools. Profiles, hence providing everybody having a record of capable and User foundation of approximately 5 million people which use crypto currency.

On People round the whole world.

At first, fiat payment will likely be accepted onto the stage because of the limited

  • Robust token economics: Gooreo will execute incentive applications to Blockchain payments and progressively increase decentralized It’s intrinsic price. The platform’s aim is to incentivise all users to use Their standing in a method from your Gooreo stage to Our services will be used by Even the blockchain community also a usefulness and also with OREO Coin.
  • Validation and portability of Pupils’ Reviews with self-sovereign Ethereum community.
  • Implementation of OREO Coin as a decentralized community constructed the Different sectors allowing its own registered graduates to transfer Oreo’s Key Success Elements Excel over time on account of the network effect where users supply a stage.

Token Information

  • Decimal: 18
  • Coin Title: OREO Coin
  • Contract Address:
  • 0xfb71ab03d371c43f5e2f3747e5f790370399e778
  • Complete Source: 1,000,000,000
  • Code: ERC233



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