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With the current development of industrialization, recruiting qualified personnel has become a problem. This prompted production workers to create all recruitment units, which later, many were converted into separate market segments, to create and continue to refill the recruiter base, which was then resold to the last employer.

It’s no secret that a site like Linkedin or Glassdoor is a leading authority in the recruitment industry.However, these products have losses that cannot be avoided by conventional technology stacks. Experienced hackers and bad people can bypass all security measures to get what they want.

To solve at least some of the problems in this industry, Gooreo has built a platform to simplify the job search process for new students and graduates, thereby significantly improving their livelihoods. Corporate organizations also benefit greatly from our platform because there is complete minimization or eradication of high-cost recruitment services to find the right sources of talent needed for their requires special roles so as to maximize profits in the long run.


The Gooreo platform aims to be the best tool in the field of recruiting young professionals with unique characteristics and features that distinguish it from other competing applications.

The company’s mission is to help graduates get decent jobs
in their specialties, and help employers find talented people with the right experience.

Gooreo’s immediate goal is to develop platforms and make applications for young professionals and entrepreneurs to choose the jobs needed, apply applications in the Arab world, to prove to the world community the effectiveness of the Oreo model, modernize the platform based on thorough analysis of user feedback, continue to introduce innovative trends attracting to the project a sufficient amount of funding for the implementation of an autonomous and decentralized network with various functions and services among students and employers throughout the world.

Benefits of GOOREO

Students will ensure that they have jobs in their specialties easily and obtain a certified certificate from the site and company after the completion of the work to prove experience.

With the Gooreo platform, business owners can get a lot of time and money and find young people to hire them in various fields easily.

With GOOREO’s assistance, the community will benefit from the insights and innovations of its youth and will save a lot of money in building opportunities for newly graduated graduates.

About Tokens

This is a task set by the Gooreo team to help investors receive stable and regular profits, without investigating the technical details of market estimates. This task is carried out by the Additional Independent Improvement Neural Network, which allows our investors to receive passive income and stop worrying about the price of Bitcoin.

Implementation in the future will also allow receiving payments for Oreo Coins work thanks to Smart Contracts technology. When this platform is used by more people, the value of Oreo Coins will increase because of the increasing organic demand for it.

Token Information

Coin Name: OREO Coin
Symbol OREO
Code ERC20
Total Supply 1,000,000,000

Pre-ICO: 18th Nov 2018–10th Dec 2018
Hard Cap Pre-ICO: USD 400.000$ ~ 2000 ETH
Amount of tokens 60.000.000
Oreo Token Price(Pre-ICO): — 0.01$ + 50% Bonus
Accepted currencies: ETH


June 2018
Project idea and start up.

November  – December 2018
Pre  – ICO and ICO

February 2019
Development of the Core Platform and Testing alpha and beta version.

July   –  September 2019
Listing the coin on exchanges as much as we can.

Septemper 2018
Issuing the smart contract and writing whitepaper

January   – February 2019
Listing the Coin up to 3 Exchanges

May 2019
Release the platform

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