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Gooreo – Project Overview


Gooreo is a platform with a difference, created to help newly graduated students in getting jobs that fit to their area of training effortlessly and give owners of organizations the chance of having talented students or young graduates to work for a short period or long term in their companies.

The idea here is about simplifying the job searching endeavor for college students and newly graduated graduates, by that changing for the better their condition of living. The arrangement also benefits corporate organizations because it minimizes and even does away with high cost of recruiting.

The platform helps them source the right talent needed for their particular duties as the companies make profits eventually.

Gooreo is also unveiling a token referred to as OREO coin. The coin will enable users on the platform to carry out employment-connected transactions. By leveraging the blockchain technology, the utmost security of the data and records being shared by job seekers and the employing organizations will be guaranteed, thanks to the tamper-proof nature of blockchain.

In our today’s review, we’ll talk about finding jobs and job seekers, and how the blockchain can help us here. Yes – it’s all about the labor market and its current problems, with an emphasis on Arab countries, since this is where our project comes from.

Gooreo is a decentralized Ethereum-based platform that is based on blockchain technology and allows you to combine job seekers with those who are in search of work. What does it do so transparently and truthfully than ever before . Why? Let’s try to figure it out.

How does Gooreo work?

So imagine a student who graduates a higher education in a particular specialty. On the one hand, broad prospects open up before him, on the other hand, labor market offers are often limited. This is both regional affection and the lack of a unified platform, which makes it difficult to choose an applicant.

It also limits the choice of employers, who seem to be ready to hire a young specialist, but how can you draw attention to yourself, if you are not a global corporation, what is known to everyone?

And today, fake accounts are flourishing. Even in LinkedIn, which is a social network that specializes in searching for vacancies, very often applicants skip off with false information. Even if the previous place of work is indicated, even if according to the documents it is indicated everywhere, where is the guarantee that this applicant was not dismissed from the previous place of work for systematic violations? And nowhere.

I don’t even indicate fake diplomas and other information that many different organizations and people are now ready to fake.

Now imagine that the whole career path of a young specialist was initially prescribed in the blockchain, where, as is known, nothing can be changed and everything can be traced. All professional assessments from employers and skills from previous jobs. All this is written and remains in the resume of the applicant.

Agree that you are more likely to get a job in this case than your competitor, who for some reason declines to participate in this network.

Blockchain and Gooreo can completely change the current labor market. Allowing to receive only tracked information, only true ratings. The same applies to potential employers – estimates within the platform work in both directions.

Well, I think that the idea and concept has been revealed enough, now we can proceed to the ICO review.

Gooreo uses the now popular concept of “blockchain improves all walks of life.” And it is difficult to disagree with them. If we have a transparent and truthful labor market, vacancies and employers present in one place, regardless of countries and continents, this will be much more convenient than it is now. It remains only to hope that all the plans of the team to be implemented. I will follow, and traditionally leave you links to information resources of the project below.

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