Gooreo: A unique Decentralized career platform

How does it work?

  • Each student registers his own account in the application and writes his professional resume.
  • The company will publish the job application and write the required competencies and determine whether the job is local or online.
  • The letter will go directly to all students studying in the same field (and in the same country if the job is local) to be applied to companies seeking employees.
  • Applicants are accepted through the same site and applicants can be accepted to social networking platforms, especially (LinkedIn).
  • After completion of the work period given to students obtain a certificate that is authorized by the site and company and give it a degree (good, average, very good).
At this point, it’s no secret that sites like Linkedin or Glassdoor are the leading authorities in the recruitment industry.However, these products have losses that cannot be avoided by conventional technology stacks. Experienced hackers and bad people can bypass all security measures to get what they want. The latest data leak this statement because it is increasingly difficult to store your online personal data in a reliable way.
In addition, companies that want to recruit new personnel must start a crusade to seek and verify the validity of candidate claims on their resumes. This usually requires sunk costs which can be easily used in other areas to grow companies in sectors that most need financial assistance.
Individuals also know the struggle of having to adjust resumes for certain job applications that in the end, they may not get it and thus the cycle never ends until they find suitable work through their own intelligence. This complex process can be significantly simplified thanks to a pile of revolutionary technologies called the Blockchain!
Gooreo Platform: A decentralized recruitment platform where everyone wins!
Thanks to its decentralized nature, users who decide to use the Gooreo platform can feel confident that no hackers can get their personal data because it is stored in a distributed ledger that cannot be hacked.
Employers can use the power of the platform to find the next employee knowing that valid store credentials and store information are supported by blockchain authorities. With the help of OREO Coin, companies can even create passive income streams by guaranteeing their employees and the characteristics and credentials of former employees.
Individuals and Graduates looking to find work in the field they will find at Gooreo a department store for all their career needs. By registering a profile on the platform and validating all their data, they can immediately apply it to the work posted by the company directly at Gooreo. AI agents will also help match candidates with jobs that best suit their preferences.
Implementation in the future will also allow receiving payments for Oreo Coins work thanks to Smart Contracts technology. When this platform is used by more people, the value of Oreo Coins will increase because of the increasing organic demand for it.
Token Information
Coin Name: OREO Coin 
Symbol OREO 
ERC20 Code 
Total Supply 1,000,000,000 
Decimal 18 
Contract Address 0xfb71ab03d371c43f5e2f3747e5f790370399e778
Budget Allocation
45% Development of Product Development 
product according to the roadmap.
25% Marketing & partnerships 
Burden to attract business owners, partnering with universities.
12% of operations 
Operating costs, salary of non-tech staff.
the establishment of a Legal Company, contracts with business owners, the development of legal contracts to use services and many other legal works.
15% Management 
C level executive salary.
June 2018 
Project ideas and start. 
November – December 2018 
Pre-ICO and ICO 
February 2019 
Core Platform Development and Testing alpha and beta versions. 
July – September 2019 List 
coins on the exchange as much as we can. 
September 2018 
Publish smart contracts and write whitepapers 
January – February 2019 Registration 
Coin up to 3 Exchanges 
May 2019 
Release the platform
Gooreo’s added value as an application
The opportunity to participate in a decentralized system where students can make resumes in the future and validate all their competencies 
Systems that target applications based on their specialization and location preferences (remote or in place) 
Trusted certificates from sites and companies by giving students a degree (good, average, extraordinary) after the completion of the job. 
Gooreo is a universal service list platform for customers in one application and uses geolocation technology to connect people. 
Easy and fast access for graduates who are looking for work and organizations around the world. 
Secure transactions through the Blockchain and an efficient recruitment process.
The Gooreo application has been developed and is ready for use. The current version of the application will be enhanced by feedback received from the community and will be constantly updated with new technologies and features



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