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About GoOreo

GoOreo can be an exceptional platform built to greatly help a freshly graduated college student to locate tasks appropriate with their own specialty readily and additionally provide proprietors of employers that the chance to becoming talented pupils or younger pupils to do the job permanently or forever within their companies. GoOreo has been now Platform a stage to simplify the project hunting approach for undergraduates and pupils that are fresh, consequently bettering their profession considerably. Corporate businesses may also be heavily profiting from our stage since there clearly was minimization or whole eradication of high-cost recruiting solutions to provide the appropriate gift needed to their particular functions thereby optimizing gains from the future.

Its distinguishing features include:

  • The chance to take part in a decentralized network by which students will cause a future-proof resume and also reevaluate most of their competencies.
  • Devices that aim software predicated on their own specialty and location preference (remote or on-site).
  • Trustless certificate of the website and company by giving the student a degree (good, average, excellent) right after the conclusion of the job.
  • Gooreo can be just a worldwide platform record providers for clients within one software and employing geolocation technology to connect people.
  • Effortless and quick availability for pupils searching for work and businesses throughout the world.
  • Safe trades throughout the blockchain and productive hiring procedure.
  • Gooreo app is already developed and ready to be deployed. The current version of the app will be improved by the feedback received from the community and will constantly stay up to date with new technology and features.

Benefits For Students College

College students will confirm they have worked inside their specialty readily and receive an accredited certification in the website and also the organization right after the conclusion of the job to confirm the ability.

For Employers

College students will confirm they have worked inside their specialty readily and receive an accredited certification in the website and the company after the completion of work to prove the experience.

For Modern Society

With all the aid of all GOOREO, the modern society will gain out of the young insights and inventions which certainly will save a lot of money in building opportunities for the freshly graduated.

how does it work?

  • Every student enrolls their or her own accounts around applying and composes his or her professional resume.
  • Companies will print work software and compose the mandatory nuances and learn if the project is online or local.
  • The correspondence goes direct into most pupils studying at an identical discipline (as well as at an identical country in the event the occupation is currently neighborhood ) to employ to this organization trying to find staff members.
  • Applicants are approved through an identical site and also the candidate could be admitted towards the social media platforms, notably (LinkedIn ).
  • After the Conclusion of this interval of job Offered for the student gets a certification Licensed from the Website and that the Organization and give him a degree (good, average, excellent).

Coin Name:OREO Coin

Symbol OREO

Code ERC20

Total Supply 1,000,000,000

Decimal 18

Contract Address 0xfb71ab03d371c43f5e2f3747e5f790370399e778

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