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Hi a good readers, see again with me and with my recent article. The world cryptocurrency at this very developed and very rapidly. Because Cryptocurrency thriving very rapidly so a lot of the new project also in the world cryptocurrecy ,, the name of project is Gooreo Project

Since Cryptocurrency came to the existence of in 2009 until today. Since it has been very volatile in nature. Have a lot of people who have started to know and understand about the invested need. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized, anonymous and electronically. The world crypto lovers very happy to be know’s and assume that’s a right way to investment in the future .. even they called as money in the future.


Gooreo is a platform developed for the purpose of helping students who have graduated quickly to find jobs that suit their specialties easily and will be able to work as soon as possible or as permanent employees in management. This is a good opportunity for students who have just graduated, so there is no need to spend a lot of money to get a job that fits our field. Because this application was created for young generation who are talented, full of imagination and have a high selling power in the community, so that it will provide a large contribution to the country’s economy.


Each applicant is required to register themselves on a platform, and write his professional resume, the company will publish this type of work online or locally based on the expertise of each participant. And after that the field of work will be distributed directly by the company to all participants who have registered themselves with platforms throughout the world simultaneously. And after going through a selection process, an announcement of a decision from a selection results whether the applicant is accepted or not, everything will be announced through social media, especially [Linkedin]. And after the a applicants have been accepted as employees in the company, as results of their work while serving in a company will be assessed by a company who will eventually be given a certificate as proof of experience when they are serving in the company.

Gooreo Project simply it’s a decentralized Career platform which built on the blockchain this project mainly is the cryptocurrency name of Gooreo project ,targeting the fresh graduated each by his specialty in order to simplify the method of finding a suitable job opportunity Oreo


Aided by high technological advancements, Oreo aims to help solve work problems globally. Through the application that was created, Oreo will prove to the world through the feature features that are displayed, will provide fast service to applicants quickly, and easily, anytime and from any country they come from. As long as they register first on the platform, they will still be able to access and be able to feel the service from Oreeo. Because it serves fast-paced customer requests, and this is the goal of Oreeo. And all of this is in order to provide maximum service to every user. So that this is realized through the features of advanced features produced and through new innovation innovations that will provide decentralized and autonomous students and existing Business Organizations.


Provide participation to every young man in solving problems in the field of work with unique applications and features offered by Gooreo, and this application is made for young people who have high achievements in all fields they are engaged in.


providing the right job to each student according to his expertise, this is a  mission of Gooreo himself. Because this aims to provide an assessment to each company about a talents that each student has, according to their respective expertise. So the company will be very easy to put them in what section.




As in Goreeo, will to give benefit students who have joined the platform. Because with this Goreeo, companies can find out from each of the specialties of each student, so that the owners of a company will easily give certificates to each of a students, based on a capabilities of each field. And the company will provide proof of certificate to students who have given a best title when working in the company, and this is proof of your experience.


Employers will very easily find experts in all fields, and depending on what field they need. Because the Gooreo Platform is very easy to find talented people in their respective fields. Entrepreneurs do not need to pay too much to find these experts. Only by registering on the platform, entrepreneurs will be very easy to find the experts they are looking for. Complete with certificates that can be trusted, accurate and which are highly skilled


The benefits that are greatly felt by the community, namely, with Gooreo, the community will easily find jobs, so that it will help the economy of the community itself. Because the more difficult it is to get a job that is in accordance with our field, then Gooreo comes to provide solutions to the problems currently being faced.


  • Coin Name: OREO Coin
  • Symbol: OREO
  • Code: ERC233
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Decimal: 18
  • Contract Address:



  • June 2018: Project idea and startup.
  • September 2018: Issuing the smart contract and writing whitepaper.
  • 18 November 2018 – 15 December 2018: Pre-ICO.
  • 15 – 28 February 2019: Release the Alpha version for Gooreo platform

including Android and iOS App.

  • 23 February 2019: Release of the new Bounty Campaign
  • 15 March 2019 -30 April 2019: Launch of the main ICO sale.
  • 01 May 2019: Listing OREO on 3 major exchanges (Latoken, IDCM and


  • 15 May 2019: Distribution of the bounty tokens for the old and new


-Basol Envor,CEO

-Ahmad Alahmad,CEO

-Mahmoud Alahmad,Marketing Manager

-Halid Ja Public,Relation Manager

-Abdolla Abbass,Operation Manager

-Ali Alwawi,Blockhain Developer

-Lorin Lauran,Content Manager

-Bilalal Hasaneen,Full-Stack Developer

-Mohamad Ziya,Software Developer

-Mustafa Alw,Public Relations

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