Science and technology is more of a blessing to this present dispensation. It has brought about a great turn around in civilization and also influencing the lives of many in a more reasonable way on like from the beginning of times, where one has to go through series of process just to get one thing done. Among the great things that science brought to us, one of the most greatest invention is the mobile phone.

It is a small invention that is turning the world into a different place. The first mobile phone was simple and less sophisticated, but more effort was put in to the project to make it what it is right now. Why am am I talking so much about a mobile phone, you ask?, here’s the reason why; Via the invention of mobile phone so many mobile apps has come into being. As it is now, so many industries has developed their own very apps and DAPPs to help make communication with their users easy and faster. Its like a serve yourself service, where you access whatever you need through your mobile phone.

Another wonders of science is digital currency and cryptocurrency, this feature has drastically changed the financial status of so many countries. Digital assets and digital currencies should be managed well and protected from the prying eyes of so many sophisticated digital hackers. So many platforms have been aboard to help manage this, but has met with a dead end.

It is not just enough to find out the problems that surrounds a feature but should be able to find a working solution and to also build a solid wall that will repel impending problems. Due to this an innovative platform has come to make things much different and help logistic services make money and manage their money too. That platform is none other than the GOOSE-Q platform.

Problem overview

As mentioned above, the Republic of China has one of the most important shipping systems in the world. However, this milestone will be marred by many problems in the industry.

At the top of the list are a large number of traffic accidents involving many trucks on their way to deliver products to consumers. In 2016, the number of trucks in the country exceeded 13.5 million. In the same year, 48.23% were reported dead and 27.81% injured. Figures show that truck accidents are increasing.

Another problem in this industry is the lack of relevant data that can help the authorities solve the problem. Don’t worry, GOOSE Q-Blockchain has a number of features to fix this problem.


Blockchain technology continues to grow, reaching many industries. It gets a new dimension. The focus is on using the GOOSE Q-Blockchain to solve many problems in the Chinese transportation industry, especially those related to logistics.

Extended driver assistance system (ADAS)

This system is designed to assist GOOSE Q-Blockchain in gathering sufficient data about the lifestyle of truck drivers. Ideally, the platform delegates hardware and software to registered trucks. In this way, tools with IoT connectivity can “provide” a blockchain with enough information / data about driver activity at work.

For example, in this environment, the blockchain can decrypt if the driver becomes sleepy. Such behavior causes accidents when the driver loses control of the vehicle. The ADAS feature can also help drivers maintain the right lane to avoid collisions while driving.


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The use of the Goose Q DAPP blockchain technology can provide high-performance IT support for the logistics industry. The logistics industry is very large and the centralized model cannot effectively solve the problem of mutual trust throughout the industry. In combination with the decentralized blockchain function, it is possible to bring together partners at various levels of the logistics industry, increase system stability and avoid lack of full service, because one center is affected.

Blockchain technology uses several advanced digital encryption technologies to ensure data security and significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access to data. All partners who join Goose Q are certified with real IDs to ensure that they have the right to send and display data throughout the chain. The hardware devices connected to Goose Q are checked by the software environment to ensure that hardware device data is correct. The following support for the logistics industry can be provided with Goose Q.

  • Provide mandatory reviews on state multimedia media. Reliable data based on close monitoring ensures accurate reporting for the logistics industry.
  • Logistics industry associations can conduct data collection and mining research and training to increase the level of industrial development.
  • Control the supply chain process through smart contracts, reduction of human interaction, Reducing failure problems and increasing industrial efficiency.


In conclusion, There is no doubt that Q-Blockchain GOOSE is positioning China’s logistics industry for the better. In the future, we hope for extraordinary improvements that will help strengthen this industry.

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