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DLBS, GoWithMi will completely decentralize the core component of the Internet ecosystem——geolocation service, making it the core component of the entire blockchain network, and can be freely invoked by various upper-layer applications of the Internet and blockchain networks. Super Spatial Oracle, When all blockchains are applied to reality, they will encounter an ultimate problem: how to connect the “untrusted” world outside the blockchain to the “trusted” world within the blockchain? This requires a \”trusted gateway mechanism.\” GoWithMi provides such a trusted gateway mechanism. Consensus Map, In the world, there is 60% of the regions and 4 billion populations still unable to enjoy the same quality map services as the developed regions. The reason is that the scale of map data has traditionally relied heavily on global employment collection, which is a high cost that even Google can\’t afford.
Based on the characteristics of distributed, anti-tampering and traceability, the Blockchain will build a new trust mechanism, which will accelerate the digital circulation of production value, change the way of value transfer, and promote the intelligent allocation of social entity resources to achieve the consensus of the common governance and sharing. The combination of the real economy and the decentralized location-based service that necessarily match the characteristics of the Blockchain will provide a basic guarantee.
GoWithMi is building the world’s first complete decentralized location-based services (DLBS) infrastructure. It aims to provide a complete trusted geospatial value exchange service for large-scale commerce from data, computing, personal terminal to commercial ecological, and making value flows multidimensional, safer and smarter,complement the missing last key component of the application of blockchain to the real economy. GoWithMi’s geospatial consensus ecological network consists of geospatial consensus data production, spatial computing power network, self-organizing geospatial asset node, and business application sharing support platform. Integrated DLBS, super oracle, and consensus map platform, based on the algorithm consensus to motivate participation and achieve benefit for everyone, cross- chain supports all blockchain platforms, one-stop support for all applications that retrieval location-based services, enables offline business to leap into the new era of programmable business, and enters an on chain and off chain Turing’s complete self-circulation business ecology.
The challenges of traditional centralized map services include high data cost, poor real-time update, oligopoly, weak privacy guarantees, revenue models that entirely neglects the end users, and the lack of trusted location-based services for blockchain business applications. We are building a cross-chain and cross-platform decentralized location-based service infrastructure that we believe will correct current shortcomings of mapping services. GoWithMi provides an innovative “three-in-one” solution: spatial consensus, location-based profit sharing, and space co-governance. Our spatial consensus layer will drive the production, distribution, and management of spatial information from participants of the system, mapping the world in real-time. To ensure that all participants are adequately incentivized, we introduce the construct of location-based profit sharing whereby each type of participants will have clearly defined ownership rights. We understand the critical role of governance and believe our space co-governance model ensures a healthy ecosystem going forward.
GoWithMi’s original intention is to return every value creator in a way that equals rights and profit sharing, not only to ensure universal map services, but also to protect user privacy and restore data sovereignty to individuals. Consequently, it will lead to a more equal, smarter, self-evolving data affirmative society in which everyone has the right to benefit from the value they create, and everyone has the right to benefit from the economic growth they contribute.
Cross chain interoperability provides an immediate scaling solution today, as well as providing the technological flexibility to deploy the best tools on the most appropriate Blockchains. As such, GoWithMi is building smart contracts across multiple Blockchains to leverage the benefit afforded by cross-chain deployments. This will have the added ability to create an entire mapping ecosystem complete with location intelligence and fully realizing potential commercial applications. The GoWithMi team believes that having a decentralized mapping ecosystem will give developers and other businesses the tools to build services on top of such as food, clothing, housing, and living facilities, reshaping the mapping ecosystem, and empowering hundreds of millions of local SMB around the world to leap into the new era of location intelligent business.
On the path of implementation, GoWithMi will give priority to developing countries such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, South America, and Africa, where 4 billion people are in desperate need of more equitable basic location services. Currently, GoWithMi has reached the world’s fourth largest populous country, Indonesia, and will soon cover major Southeast Asian countries, proceed to the next step it will cover the whole world and accelerate the coverage of the global blockchain to the real economy.
Hasil gambar untuk GoWithMi ICO
ICO Details
ICO token supply: 14,900,000,000 GMAT
Total tokens for sale: 745,000,000 GMAT
Soft cap: 4,500,000 USD 
Hard cap: 4,500,000 USD 
ICO Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: Only accredited Investors not in the U.S.
Registration country: Singapore
Registration year: 2017
Office address: 17-01FZL
Token info
Ticker: GMAT
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 GMAT = 0.006 USD
Accepted currencies: USD, ETH, BTC
Token distribution:
20% – Token Contribution
10% – Founding Team 
8% – Early Investors 
17% – Foundation 
15% – Market Business 
30% – Community Incentives
Funds allocation:
30% – research and development of technology
25% – marketing operation
20% – reserves
10% – business cooperation
10% – reinvestment
5% – safety and compliance
GoWithMi Roadmap
Preparatory Period 2017Q2 – 2017Q4
Local requirement (SEA) Product Prototype Indonesia Team Setup Baseline map production platform from satellite image
Product Period 2017Q4 – 2018Q2
Indonesia baseline map Product beta(iOS) Seed user operation Map auto compile platform release
Trial period 1 2018Q2 – 2018Q4
1.0 update weekly Trial operation Consensus data collection prototype release SEA baseline map data
Trial period 2 2018Q4-2019Q2
Token release Jakarta Asian Games version Taiwan/Korea/Singapore/HongKong map Token Rasing Token launch the first exchange
Project team
Oliver Dong Li
Simon Yi Ren
Marina Yuna Wei
Iwan SP
Dr. Jeff Flowers
Dr. Jerry Fuqua
Chuang Tao
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