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Good afternoon, my dear crypto-enthusiasts, and today I want to tell you about the wonderful and promising GoWithMi and its advantages.

About project

GoWithMi is building the world’s first complete decentralized location-based services (DLBS) infrastructure. It aims to provide a complete trusted geospatial value exchange service for large-scale commerce from data, computing, personal terminal to commercial ecological, and making value flows multidimensional, safer and smarter, complement the last key component of the blockchain to empower the real economy application.

GoWithMi’s geospatial consensus ecological network consists of geospatial consensus data production, spatial computing power network, self-organizing geospatial asset node, and business application sharing support platform. Integrated DLBS, super oracle, and consensus map platform, based on the algorithm consensus to motivate participation and achieve benefit for everyone, cross-chain supports all blockchain platforms, one-stop support for all applications that retrieval location-based services, enables offline business to leap into the new era of programmable business, and enters an on chain and off chain Turing’s complete self-circulation business ecology.


GoWithMi gives a total start to finish area benefit arrangement that does not depend on any focal end, as pursues:

General Blockchain Underlying Technology Driver

The agreement instrument is basically an amusement framework that ensures the stable execution of the framework through a one-for-one punishment. There are a few weaknesses in the current agreement systems. In the present specialized setting, accord calculations that are too exhaustive are not accessible. GoWithMi right now chooses the DPOS arrangement as the essential agreement calculation as per the real situation of the business application to meet the execution necessities of the a huge number of DAU items. Be that as it may, in the future, a pluggable agreement instrument will be embraced to accomplish similarity with different agreement calculations, and the essential parts will be completely incorporated into the blockchain world.

Technology: Spatial Consensus

Notwithstanding the agreement component, the GoWithMi Consensus additionally incorporates a special decentralized guide agreement generation and upkeep, and an all inclusive high caliber, nearly zero-cost continuous guide that cooperates with worldwide clients through a gaming instrument to guarantee the supreme protection of client area, alongside the Common Consensus innovation, it shapes the area based administration office for the cutting edge Internet.

Economy: Location-Based Profit Sharing

Advantages are an everlasting subject and a key factor in the accomplishment of blockchain ventures. Bitcoin’s achievement originates from the plan of mining and excavators’ expenses that have made the world insane to join the accounting. GoWithMi utilizes a space-sharing instrument for full-enthusiasm sharing.

Economy: Space Co-Governance

GoWithMi embraces the administration structure of the money shares, and the activity is completely network driven, including the co-administration of both on the beneath the chain. The co-administration part on the chain is dictated by the network to cast a ballot as indicated by the measure of Token holding. The co-administration part underneath the affix has a place with GoWithMi’s unique co-overseeing component: in view of the standard of “mountain and shape”, it uniformly partitions this present reality into a coordinated correspondence with GoZone. GoZone is the GoWithMi environmental basic spatial affirmation endorsement that speaks to the proprietor’s future salary creating rights to the district. In the meantime, GoWithMi will likewise resource the GoZone space, ensure the worldwide course of GoZone, and consider the interests of present moment and long haul holders of GoZone.

GoWithMi Ecology

Customary guide items have just information esteem for biology, and GoWithMi is situated as a vertical chain for area administrations, with one-stop eco-business bolster abilities. GoWithMi situating is a vertical administration of area administrations, furnishing industry clients with the essential practical shut circle and multi-scene adjustment capacities, which can share the advantages of the whole biological GMV and can totally take care of the issue of single income of customary guide items. Additionally, we trust that just the highfrequency DApps that are entirely identified with the genuine economy are probably going to wind up the genuine executioner applications in the blockchain world. So GoWithMi centers around two primary headings: decentralized sharing economy and O2O.

GoWithMi’s unique aim is to restore each esteem maker such that squares with rights and benefit sharing, not exclusively to guarantee all inclusive guide administrations, yet additionally to secure client protection and reestablish information power to people. Subsequently, it will prompt an increasingly equivalent, more astute, self-advancing information certifiable society in which everybody has the privilege to profit by the esteem they make, and everybody has the privilege to profit by the monetary development they contribute.

The Distribution Plan of Token

Private pre-sale 15% 2235000000
Public sale 5% 745000000
Founding team 10% 1490000000
Early supporters 8% 1192000000
Market and commerce 15% 2235000000
Community incentives 30% 4470000000
Foundation reserve 17% 2533000000


March 2017 – The project is launched.
May 2017 – Indonesia’s local operations team established.
August 2017 – The map data mapping platform based on image data completed. It can automatically generate high-precision road network, topography, building outline, etc. based on satellite images and images by unmanned aerial vehicles, solve the cold start problem of batch map data and lay a foundation for low-cost and rapid replication in the future worldwide.
September 2017 – Indonesia’s basic map data is completed.
October 2017 – The mobile map beta version IOS) was launched online and began to acquire seed users.
December 2017 – The “map auto-compilation engine” alpha version based on the latest studies in the industry was completed in research and development. For the first time in the world, the full automation of map data is achieved without any human intervention, laying the foundation for all map production on the chain in the future. This method can greatly reduce the map production cost (expected to reduce the traditional centralized collection cost by up to 98%) and improve the map update speed (GoWithMi currently reaches the update speed in “days” and
can reach an update speed in “minutes” in the future), laying the foundation for realizing “global real-time maps”.
January 2018 – Received millions of RMB “angel round” investment from Manzi Venture Capital.
April 2018 – Mobile Map Android 1.0 was launched online;
Received millions of RMB “angel round” investment from Z Ventures Group, the world’s largest geographic information professional investment institution.
May 2018 – Completed the reserve of basic map data throughout Southeast Asia;
Prototype of consensus data acquisition technology based on symmetric game mechanism completed.
June 2018 – The map of Indonesia is launched online, providing real-time traffic information guidance. The data collection is based mainly on 3D architecture and POI mission reward.
July 2018 – Received 10 million-level PreA round funding from Kresna Investment, the largest IT listed group in Indonesia, and jointly started the development of a local JV company
August 2018 – For the small islands in Southeast Asia, the world’s first “blockchain island spatial land rights” pilot auction held in Hong Kong, 20 islands sold out within 1 day; System of multi-source data road condition fusion launched, integrating UGC, PGC and industrial data production road conditions, the quality of road conditions had improved; The customized version of the Asian Games launched online. During the Asian Games (August 18th to September 2nd), accumulated more than 300,000 downloads.
September 2018 – Deep arrangement of basic data for Jeju Island in South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore completed; Token (GMAT) based on Ethereum ERC20 launched; Downloads of mobile phone product exceeded 1.1 million, and DAU exceeded 20,000.
October 2018 – Based on consensus collection, the density of POI collection in the inner ring area of Jakarta has reached 97.95/km2, which is more than twice the data density of Google map for the same region; After a rigorous examination by a first-grade car supplier, GoWithMi’s Indonesia data has reached the accuracy of car navigation level and began to receive orders from international automobile manufacturers such as Honda.
November 2018 – The Beijing team cooperated with the Silicon Valley team to complete the system architecture design of Spatial peer-to-peer computing network system, and to overcome the application challenges of “impossible triangle” of the blockchain industry, enabling the storage of full data on blockchain and full data productions on the blockchain; Alpha version of POI query and route navigation function completed in research and development; developed and designed a universal location-based service for C-terminal users who drive logic for the underlying layer with “consensus production and decentralized computing”; Map in Jeju Island in South Korea launched online; Hong Kong map is ready; map mining function will soon begin.
December 2018 – So far, the “GoWithMi” mobile 3D map App has been updated with 10 Android versions and 6 IOS versions.
December 2018 – March 2019 – Token Raising initiates, fundraising target is $4 million – $15 million.
Q1 2019 – Singapore, Taiwan area map launch; Road condition forecast product launch; Mobile map products add features of POI query and traffic navigation; Landing on the first exchange;
Product DAU reaches 50,000.
Q2 2019 – Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand map launch Spatial peer-to-peer computing network beta version launch; Self-owned public blockchain(Gaia) beta version launch; DAPP test (space sharing and car sharing direction); Local business pilot access; Product DAU 150,000.
Q3 2019 – Southeast Asia full coverage; Spatial peer-to-peer computing network officially launch;
Map commercial API beta version launch; Super spatial oracle machine pilot launch; Mainland China tourism map launch (pilot area); Self-own public blockchain officially launch to complete the Token; migration. Local business access 1000 businesses; DAPP expands to 100 (shared economy & O2O); Product DAU 400,000.
Q4 2019 – East Asian coverage; Map commercial API official version launch; Root node global campaign and deployment; Super spatial oracle machine officially launch; GoWithMi provides capabilities to support cross-chain; Local business access 10,000 businesses; DAPP exceeds 300 (shared economy & O2O); DAU exceeds 1 million.
Q1 2020 – Beta version for unmanned and high precision map products; India map launch;
Local business access 50,000 businesses; Dapp exceeds 1000 (shared economy & O2O);
DAU 2 million.
Q2 2020 – South Asia map coverage; Local business access 200000 businesses; Dapp exceeds 2,000 (shared economy & O2O); DAU 4 million.
Q3 2020 – Africa map launch; Local business access 500,000 businesses; Dapp exceeds 5,000 (shared economy & O2O); DAU 6 million.
Q4 2020 – South America map launch; High-precision map official version launch; Local business access 1,000,000 businesses; Dapp exceeds 10,000 (shared economy & O2O); DAU 10 million.


For more information, please visit the Link below :

Website: http://gowithmi.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.gowithmi.com/whitepaper/index.html

Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5090322

Telegram: https://t.me/gowithmi_en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gowithmi.global

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoWithMi_GL

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZna_eTs_eLBEjtvpTexMvw/featured

Github: https://github.com/GoWithMi

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