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Hello everyone here, as I always do I welcome you guys once again to my little world that I always used to share my views about blockchain projects and startups. In this post, the project that I will be sharing with you guys is Gowithmi and I will try all my possible best to summarily share what you guys ought to know about this project. There’s no time to waste, let’s ride on.

Since Cryptocurrency came to the existence in 2009 until today, it has been very volatile in nature. A lot of people have started to know and understand about the need to invest in cryptocurrency because it is decentralized, anonymous and can be used electronically.

A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets.

Cryptocurrencies use decentralized control as opposed to centralized digital currency and central banking systems.The world of crypto lovers are very happy and assume that it’s the right way to investment in the future .. some call it _The future Money._

The decentralized control of each cryptocurrency works through distributed ledger technology, typically a blockchain, that serves as a public financial transaction database.



GoWithMi is building the world’s first complete decentralized location-based services (DLBS) infrastructure. It aims to provide a complete trusted geospatial value exchange service for large-scale commerce from data, computing, personal terminal to commercial ecological, and making value flows multidimensional, safer and smarter, complement the last key component of the blockchain to empower the real economy application.

In addition, GoWithMi’s geospatial consensus ecological network consists of geospatial consensus data production, spatial computing power network, self-organizing geospatial asset node, and business application sharing support platform. Integrated DLBS, super oracle, and consensus map platform, based on the algorithm consensus to motivate participation and achieve benefit for everyone, cross-chain supports all blockchain platforms, one-stop support for all applications that retrieval location-based services, enables offline business to leap into the new era of programmable business, and enters an on chain and off chain Turing’s complete self-circulation business ecology.

GoWithMi’s decentralized location service (DLBS) functions cover a complete set of location-based systems for map search, search and query, route navigation, peripheral search and traffic information search, intelligent spatial data mining, etc. All data and services run on innovative technology in the world of GoWithMi. First “Spatial computing blockchain of the Gaia network”. Gaia can implement the storage of complete chain data, takes into account the decentralization of prisoners of war and the high efficiency of the EOS, access to mining with equal rights and the ability to withstand the “control of the mining pool”. Consequently, allowing the decentralized operation of a location-based service system to never end.


1. Global map service imbalance: global map service coverage, real-time, and update presents regional imbalances. Emerging countries with a population of 4 billion cover 60% of the world, or small and medium-sized cities in developed regions, they all lack high-quality maps. GoWithMi’s consensus collaborative production and consensus incentive mechanism can just mobilize users in these regions to jointly build a high-quality map and form a new map economic ecology of “everyone for me, I am for everyone”.

2. Privacy and business lifeline are controlled: Google Maps and other centralized platforms force collection and occupation of user geographic data and customer business information, GoWithMi uses “storing full data on the chain, storing full services on the chain, user private key to control the data” to return data rights and value income to users and businesses.

3. Smart contracts lack spatial oracles: blockchain networks like Ethereum and EOS have no direct way to obtain trusted location-based information outside the chain. This requires a “spatial oracle”. The GoWithMi super spatial oracle can be invoked by various blockchain platforms and smart contracts to help it be mass deployed in businesses such as clothing, food, housing, and transportation.


1. DLBS: GoWithMi is the most element of the web system, geolocation services are often shared across the board to form it as a basic element of all block network networks, and are freely known by different rankings of web applications and block chain networks. GoWithMi’s Location-Based Service Capabilities (DLBS) include systems such as map location, search and request, route navigation, environmental and traffic search, and spatial intelligent mining. All data and services are running in the modern world of GoWithMi. The main “chain of blocks for Gaia computing area”. Ge will store all the data in the chain and can succeed in “control of the mining pool”.

2. Oracle Super Space: The implementation of all block blocks in reality can make the last problem, such as how to connect the “untrusted” world outside the block chain to the “trusted” world on the block chain. it requires a “reliable gate mechanism”. GoWithMi provides reliable access mechanisms. Oracle’s super spatial GoWithMi provides the original block chain “trusted entry mechanism”, which requires all contracts related to location-based services, and connects two different worlds to through a “trusted” chain mechanism.

3. Map of Consensus: There is an hour in the world and four billion people still can not get satisfaction from map services with the same quality of developed countries. it is often as a result of the ancient dimension of map knowledge being too obsessed with the various types of jobs in the world. this is often a high price that Google can not afford. The GoWithMi Map accord has adopted a substitute way to create the “spatial agreement mechanism” that allows people in every corner of the planet to keep the “world map knowledge” together without limitations. we overwhelm most of the problems in map mining as well as cooperative production, automated administration.

**Component Platform**

1. Distributed mapping: With a series of spatial integration mechanisms and protocols, GoWithMi encourages geospatial data planets to move to planetary block chains to create world conquest, newcomers weather and weather, geospatial data on block blocks.

2. Proof of Mapping (PoM): GoWithMi displays different data and production as a “game space repair process”. under the game-controlled game mechanism, it coordinates the collection and validation of each participant through a series of economic actions such as tokens tokens, gifts, gambling and prizes.

3. Spatial Bancor Protocol: GoWithMi uses the Bancor Protocol area to dynamically manage different data and balance supply and demand relationships between different data and payment tokens to help you manage your data. linking a price data from different data and supply to the needs of general knowledge dimensions.

**Distributed computing**

1. GoWithMi has revolutionized the Ge, the world’s first “calculations network block of calculations network” because of its main chain, and the Twin Chain Sharding Double Space’s creatively designed. the chain of Ge will pay more attention to hiding all the data in the chain, taking into account the high resistance warfare and potential Eos, which provides many scenarios in the situation rather than IPFS, achieving both mining rights for everything, and “mining of different controls” decline. The main chains of the Gaia networks include: (Gaia is the god of this planet, mother of gods of ancient Greek mythology, the main creature born in chaos.

2. GeoMesh Sharding is based solely on organizational mechanisms: GoWithMi is configuring location-based technology design services, starting with the lowest layer of technical data design goals, to be compatible with the technology framework of blockchain. it is often associated with all the data used in ancient mapping services to try and do GeoMesh Sharding. The map knowledge layer is represented as a GeoMesh data network admired by normal centralized information. The size of the GeoMesh block data is adjusted to the default point-to-point blockchain network protocol. A GeoMesh works separately and may provide multiple times of service features throughout the location.

3. Spatial Root Chain: GoWithMi created its own automatic machine of writing material for map data. This compilation engine is the world’s first map data that completely changes the map’s knowledge while there is no human intervention. support this latest technology, “space chains” can make “chain data generation chains”. The special root chain uses the DPOS Pipelined Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) agreement for supernode synchronization. The special root chain is focused on implementing good production of contract production data, changing geographic spatial data books, and creating and distributing GeoMesh data.

4. Spatial Peer-to-Peer Computing Network: each node on a peer-to-peer computing network is special in geo mesh data synchronization with each location service required and geomesh data generation from the spatial root chain open to peer-to-peer networks resulting in new computing networks. supported by the Geo Mesh parallel area decoupling capability, all devices will cache more than one GeoMesh, allowing the CPU, memory, hard disk, and network of all things to participate in peer-to-peer spatial mining mining to supply Geoesh area services to make full service Toll-based financial benefits.

5. Random Sharding Protocol Spatial Multiparty Sharding: The Random Spatial Multiparty Sharding Protocol supports GeoMesh sharding rules that incidentally connect to multiple nodes to create Oracle “Sharding Chain”. Protocol “block chain clerk and excellent contract execution, real service scene. The sharding mechanism ensures high performance requirements in the business category by completing block production between giant nodes of equality and preventing centralized defects such as the Eos super node method. Introducing “random multiparty” construction, the problem attack will increase exponentially to reach the “1% Attack”.

**Shared organization**

This refers to a map of the data retention community, which mainly focuses on spatial digital terrestrial rights, through the creation of imported digital spatial land rights in particular the work of storing data. by way of increasing revenue for community members such as landlords, miners, users and merchants, the world’s autonomy is built from the chain to the chain to market the two-way cycle and therefore development of property inside and outside the ecosystem of GoWithMi.

Digital Spatial Land Rights (GoZone Asset): GoWithMi shares spatial assets in the digital world by planting a permanent land in a real place. in particular, areas dependent on giant spatial data (spatial integration algorithms, cluster analysis, etc.) are largely divided into useful freelance areas such as residential areas, workplaces and districts of the shopper. GoZone is an Associate in freelance digital nursing area space which includes useful space by scaling and maintaining highly centralized business prices. various GoZone benefits are natural and natural.

Digital Land Rights Rights: Digital Area Rights Rights is owned by GoWithMi digital area assets. The owner (owner) is the subject of all interest in the GoZone area and contracts that are good at distributing the financial benefits directly generated. GoZone’s benefits include original or province revenue decision-making data, location and revenue, business search revenue, transaction costs, business selling dividends, and GoZone audit benefits.

We share the economy as a one-stop response that provides basic spatial data, location-based services, spatial computing, excellent location contracts, and token payments for shared systems globally distributed units a unit that can be widely used in the GoWithMi ecosystem itself and original O2O services. Car insurance, which relies on services, personal money services, proper personal location advertising, car webs, API maps, etc., actively promotes blockchain to support a reasonable political economy, and Offline business is a period of programmable business change.

GoWithMi Mobile Application: The GoWithMi application acts as a cellular terminal for key chains and Ge mapping runs, combining full mapping service features, plotter tools, GMAT payments, GoZone management, views of electricity and mining transactions.

DLBS API / SDK: API / SDK provides all options such as location, search and navigation path of query, around search and traffic, and spatial intelligent mining. All knowledge and services are running in a networked chain designed by GoWithMi.

Oracle Super spacial API / SDK: GoWIthMi spatial data and Oracle Oracle Super space trusted space supports giant data, we have a tendency to thoroughly consider all the distributed business situations, which provide a mix. trusted fencing, electronic fencing, anti-security, reliable lines, and excellent business areas that enhance your offline business system in a fully programmable and trusted business system.

Visual Area good Contracting Template: Setting the filter model for real traders supports trigger conditions for a good contract with GoWithMi Map. Set trigger conditions and, but not limited to, different locations, target locations, target client properties, duration and coupons. no minimum cost of Teaching, make a good contract quickly and build a “smart business” in the hands of the merchandiser itself. Maximize the benefits of your business.

About The GoWithMi Token

The GoWithMi ecological token name is “GoWithMi”, referred to as GMAT. GMAT is the digital crypto token of GoWithMi distributed smart map ecological public chain. The original form is Ethereum ERC-20 smart contract token, which will be one-to-one converted into GoWithMi network native crypto digital token after the main line of GoWithMi is launched.

Token Details

Ticker: GMAT

Platform: Ethereum

Token Type: ERC20

ICO Price: 1 GMAT = 0.006 USD

Available for sale: 2,980,000,000 GMAT (20%)


Mar 2017: The project is launched.

May 2017: Indonesia’s local operations team established.

Sep 2017: Indonesia’s basic map data is completed.

Oct 2017: The mobile map beta version was launched online.

Jan 2018: Received millions of RMB angel round investment.

Apr 2018: Mobile Map Android 1.0 was launched online.

Jul 2018: Received 10 million-level PreA round funding.

Sep 2018: Token (GMAT) based on Ethereum ERC20 launched.

Dec 2018: Token Raising initiates, target is $4-$15 million.

Jul 2019: Southeast Asia full coverage.


Oliver Li: Founder & CEO

Simon Ren: Co-founder & CTO

Marina Wei: Founding Partner & CMO

Yuanyuan Pan: Founding Partner & CPO

Iwan Sp: Founding Partner & COO in Indonesia

Charles Xue: Investor & Advisor


Jeff Flowers: Blockchain Advisor

Jerry Fuqua: Blockchain Advisor

Chuang Tao: Investor & Advisor

Congwu Cheng: Investor & Advisor

Lijie Wang: Investor & Advisor


A wide range of speculation will be made workable for the Investors. It may be dynamic or detached relying upon them and this will be improved by the GMAT token. Numerous potential financial specialists in reality will because of that think that its engaging come and be a piece of the record framework.


For more information, please visit:

Website: http://gowithmi.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.gowithmi.com/whitepaper/index.html

Telegram: https://t.me/gowithmi_en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gowithmi.global

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoWithMi_GL

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZna_eTs_eLBEjtvpTexMvw/featured

Other: https://github.com/GoWithMi

Download the application: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gowithmi.mapworld .

Download the application: https://itunes.apple.com/ng/app/gowithmi/id1294086705?mt=8








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