GPCC: The Decentralized Network To protect Original Creations With Certified Copyright Licensing Usi

Hi friends, let me let you on an incredible new.. it’s GLOBAL PROTECTED CRYPTO COPYRIGHT – GPCC!!!

Global Protected Crypto Copyright(GPCC) is a decentralized service that covers original creators by providing copyright protection and the possibility of selling their work on the international market. The platform, based on blockchain technology, comes with a few advantageous features listed below.

Copyright Confirmation

To confirm their ownership, authors need to buy GPCCT tokens. Once confirmed their copyright is unchangeable and secured on the Blockchain ecosystem. This confirmation will serve as a proof of the first uploaded work on the GPCC network, where authorship information and upload time will be specified.

Extended Copyright Validation

This feature refers to the service that checks originality by preventing the risk of publishing the author work of other people as your own. Users can get extended verification of copyright when they want to sell their author work on the marketplace. This validation will be effectuated by a self-learning network which will perform and analyze large datasets in the shortest time possible.

Smart Transfer of Use Rights

Through smart contracts, creators will be able to transfer their author copyright to other users. The exchange of ownership between creator and buyer is made possible with GPCCT tokens. This transfer applies together with the issuance of license which could be: single-use, package (multiple uses) or unlimited uses. This issuance of a license is fixed on the blockchain, which will enable users to check the history and the validity of a specific license.

Collective Projects on Smart Contracts

GPCC offers another great feature which allows authors to upload a cooperative project. When you sign up, you just need to specify the authors and their contribution to the work. Moreover, authors copyright will also be applied in the marketplace. So, when the creators sell their digital content, the funds received will be automatically distributed to all of them with the help of smart contracts. Furthermore, this feature also comes with a multi-signature system that helps authors to protect even better their copyright. Therefore, in the event of one account being hacked, the others will need to confirm access to copyright licenses.

Donating to the author

At GPCC, a donation consists of a crowdfunding campaign for creative people. For example, if you are a well-known author and you’re planning to create a big project but don’t have enough funds to fulfill your dream, you can ask for a donation or organize a crowdfunding event. The participants involved in GPCC crowdfundings are donors and contributors who support creators with money or other resources. All donations within the platform are made through smart contracts, and these can be of different types:

standard donation

donation to a collective project

crediting of tokens – for a limited period

donation made once a month/year

crediting of tokens at the end of the project


GPCC (Global Protected Crypto Copyright) aims to support creative people around the world by protecting their original work and providing at the same time a place where they can transfer their intellectual property to others. This project has a solid vision founded by a team with extensive business knowledge. If you would like to see their roadmap or to simply find out more about GPCC, head to the official website at


Token Utility

GPCCT internal token is built on Ethereum platform, and it authorizes payments for all GPCC app services. For instance, to confirm the copyright of an author work, a user will need to buy GPCCT tokens. Another example is when issuing a license with a smart transfer, tokens will become available to creators after the buyer received the author work. In addition, with one of the features provided by GPCC to make donations, users can be credited with tokens by donors within a specified period or after they complete a project.

Token Sale

The pre-sale is already live until 31 March 2018, and it is followed by a main token sale event that will be announced soon. If you’re interested in this project, you should note that there are 166 million tokens available for the main sale (83% of a total supply of 200 million GPCCT).

GPCCT is an Ethereum token which authorizes the usage of all GPCC app services. Token generation means generation and exchange of GPCC between token sale participants. Tokens will be released and distributed within 10 days after the token sale closure.

Global Protected Crypto Copyright (GPCCT) is a token created on the basis of the ETH standard ERC-20. This standard guarantees that the token created on the basis of the ERC-20 standard will work in the ETHEREUM ecosystem in a predictable manner, and conforms to the security standard. Based on this standard, more than 8,000 tokens have been released.

• Token : GPCCT

• PreICO Price : 1 GPCCT = 0.1 USD

• Price : 1 GPCCT = 0.1 USD

• Bonus : Available

• Bounty : Available

• Platform : Ethereum

• Accepting : ETH, BTC

• Hard cap : 14,000,000 USD

• Country : UK

The first stage, pre-ICO, will be held from January 15th, 2018 to February 15th, 2018. In total, up to 2 million G-Global tokens will be sold. These funds will be used to launch MVP of some critical parts of the protocol, preparation for the integration of the payment system and gateways, essential integration of the token, financing of advertising and marketing of the subsequent stages of the ICO. The main ICO will be held from March 1st, 2018 to April 30th, 2018 after carrying out preliminary marketing activities and publicly announcing the project.


GPCC believes that with a solid and reliable team and system, GPCC can provide Users with a secure and transparent copyright protection service, and provide users with various advantages and convenience within their own copyright protection. The GPCC team also believes that with systematic and professional development, the GPCC Team can build a better platform than similar platforms.

Be a part of this incredible project! And please don’t forget to check out the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but an enthusiastic supporter of this incredible project.


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