Restoran Terdesentralisasi dari Rumah di Blockchain

GrabAmeal platform involves 4 categories of people in the workflow process. These are sellers, who will cook and sell the meals; buyers, who will buy the foods, independent auditors, and suppliers and associates to the sellers. Each category of recipient has their unique benefits of GrabAmeal enlistment, seller benefit is an obvious factor here.
How to coordinate seller’s fashion?
It is a global platform where sellers can list their whereabouts for the preview of the food buyers. Professional chefs and other cooking experts can enlist their name as seller. Initially the sellers will be verified by GrabAmeal checklist and usual KYC process.
Unadulterated data
Sellers will submit their profile and the data will be stored in the blockchain. These data neither can be tampered nor the information will get lost. People from all over the world will get to know the seller’s name and activity profiles and the territory where he /she is interested to supply his/her food business.
Verification and trust for building profile
The GrabAMeal platform shall validate each and every seller through a process of verification and trust, by implementing a blockchain based review and feedback mechanism which is completely online. GrabAMeal may enable an independent audit mechanism involving 3rd party volunteers and food experts, who will confirm seller’s’ offerings and also participate in dispute resolution processes set by the GrabAMeal platform.
Smart contract mechanism
The GrabAMeal course aims to enforce trust in the system through a process of immutable smart contract mechanism for all reviews and ratings provided by users to arrive at a composite rating on an ongoing basis. The system will not allow any modifications of review and feedback submitted in order to wrongly influence the rating of a user, thereby ensuring delivery of better quality and trusted behavior from all participants.
Single point coordination
The sellers will be strongly monitored via the GrabaMeal Identification Protocol processes to maintain the veracity of all reviews, ratings and other activities conducted. The seller will be identified and rated according to their activities and their interactions with the network.
Professional and unbiased review system
A seller will be reviewed and assessed completely unbiased. Lowest category sellers have open chance to promote themselves into premium sellers, which is definitely an advantage. The platform GrabAmeal will help a seller to establish his/her business identity in a smooth and transparent process.
You may eliminate middle men
Sellers can contact buyers directly and there is no involvement of intermediaries. This helps in managing cost efficient deal and considerable amount money. Better profit helps a seller to increase his food sharing business on the platform.
Payment is secured
All the transactions will be done by using GAM via GAM wallet. There is no risk of defaulter payment.
Seller On boarding Process at GAM platform
These are the benefits of seller enlistment on GrabAmeal. If you wish to know more about GrabAMeal advantage, Read Our White Paper and One Pager
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