GrabAmeal: a transparent way to explore quality food at reasonable price

Finding a good and comfortable accommodation or hiring a sharing cab is easier for an individual when you are away from home. But finding homemade tasty meal according to personal tang is a difficult task because meal sharing has not become that easily available today, rather finding the quality venue for meal sharing is not widely open till date unless you use GrabAmeal platform.

What is GrabAmeal?

GrabAmeal is the peer-to-peer network, which is empowered by blockchain. Due to blockchain integration, transaction on this food market platform is completely safe and transparent. Here food sellers (hosts) can contact buyers (guests) for service fresh homemade meal and buyers can buy quality foods at their discretion. It is an immaculate business opportunity for food sellers no doubt from home, it is a mega opening for food buyers wanting to buy homemade quality foods, which is hardly available.

How the buyers work here?

The buyers have to be profile conscious here because they need to open an account on blockchain so that they can access the hosts’ database by random search. The buyers can do their search area wise as well as food cuisine wise. The food can be brought at home, or a buyer can visit the host’s place to have the meal shared. This is a beautiful way to share meal, which is a great way to extend friend and acquaintances in completely a new city.

The review and rating system of GrabAmeal about food sellers is an additional resource for buyers in finalizing their hosts. Before ordering a meal to the shortlisted hosts, the buyer should check the business details of the buyer. GrabAmeal works like a filter where all sellers’ data can be viewed for buying homemade meals from him.

GAM wallet is the way to transact

Everybody can become a host on GrabAmeal: however you need to maintain a crypto-wallet with certain GAM token balance in it. There is no involvement of middle men and that makes the price always cheaper than food sold from quality hotels or inns. Once you have enjoyed the food at the seller’s place, you can review the cook for his culinary performance.

The buyers can join their hands in dispute resolution protocol of GAM. The contribution of casting vote will attract earning of GAM token, which is an additional benefit of the buyers for joining GrabAmeal platform for quality homemade food search and enjoying the same.

Want to know more exciting opportunity offered by GrabAmeal? GAM is offering their franchise opening all over the world.


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DISCLAIMER:This post was brought to you by Opeyemi being my personal project on Grabameal campaign project


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