Today I was going over the newest posts and wondered why posts that included food were so popular. I reviewed many of them. It came to me that we are drawn to food post for the same reason that we are drawn to food. It’s a primal instinct. We crave food so we crave anything about food. Don’t they tell you that you should never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.

Look at advertisements, they make the food the sell look huge. They tell you they offer ‘bottomless’ fries or drinks, to get you to come eat at their restaurant. This plays on people’s insatiable appetite. Another tactic is to cook / bake the food so the aroma can waft out and grab the potential customer by their sense of smell. I recall that a realtor told me that when you are trying to sell your house to bake a batch of cookies before they do the ‘open house’. This plants a seed in the potential buyers how they could eat in this home or the house would be a good place for them to eat.

I guess I will give more thought to feeding this craving.But first you need to know Grabameal


GrabAMeal is the first decentralized meal-serving network built on blockchain that connects meal providers (Sellers) with guests (Buyers).

GrabAMeal enables a diverse ecosystem that allows heterogeneous stakeholders to transact on the platform and add value to their own business and to the network. The idea is to find the type of food one wants to eat from the options available within a specified radius of presence. The listed families, can receive the order and prepare the food for buyers on time.




Meet the team who shares great passion and committed to make a difference in meal sharing economy through grabameal


I wrote articles about more than 150 ICOs in last six months and spent hundreds of hours reading and thinking about them. I must say that I am impressed with everything about GrabaMeal project, from their website, promotion video, idea, already established business, a ton of documents and papers with use cases and business plans for the future and of course people behind this project. This is how you prepare a project for ICO and present it to the public and potential investors, and all future ICOs could learn from GrabaMeal. Big respect from me

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Bitcointalk profile link:;u=1925101

DISCLAIMER:This post was brought to you by Opeyemi being my personal project on Grabameal campaign project


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