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Hello friends, on this occasion I will introduce the Grabity Project and to find out the benefits of the Grabity Project, let’s look at my following article

In the world of technology that is developing at this time, especially in the field of information, which is growing rapidly every day, of course a lot of helping human activities every day, therefore there are many impacts or benefits that can be obtained from a technology.

Grabity is a public Blockchain project, to transform the Internet paradigm from a centralized network to a distributed network. Current hardware performance has increased dramatically, even enough for smartphones to have better performance than the previous server. However, it does not use 100% storage space or computing power. Anyone can share computer resources through mastered devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs, and users can receive as many awards as they provide resources, and DApp developers can use shared computer resources to operate services at lower costs. When the Grabity project reaches the commercialization stage, anyone will be able to use distributed nodes to change the Internet paradigm.

The Orbits Network is a Grabity decentralized main network that describes P2P networks that are truly distributed by utilizing all idle computer resources that are wirelessly connected. Transactions from Orbits Network are managed efficiently through the use of Genesis Hoisting technology, which can process transactions simultaneously and quickly. In addition, Smart Contracts and resource files can be stored in separate parts to each of them using distributed storage technology and Defrag Function technology that can remember each part and execute in streaming format.

Because the current Blockchain structure is growing over time, the size of distributed storage that accumulates at each node increases, Network networks can be reduced by scalability of nodes. However, so that many nodes are free to commercialize the Blockchain. Genesis Hoisting is available for this purpose. Genesis Hoisting is a technology used to connect nodes into the spaces of each node reaching a certain number. The term Genesis Lifts for the process of overwriting files after calculation gives a higher index number than the one in the process of overwriting files after calculation.

The Grabity Ecosystem consists of nodes, communities, DApp, and platforms, and each institution contributes to the ecosystem based on economic tokens. We present the token economy and various requirements for the ecosystem to function and develop as follows.

  • Network layer: P2P-based overlay network. Verify and then spread transactions between nodes through layers. The principle is to use the most basic network bandwidth.
  • Data layer: Blockchain data structure and physical storage space. Including Merkle Tree, Hash Function, Data Block, digital sign and others that store blocks and DApp files that contain transaction history.
  • Agreement Layer: Nodes that generate transactions directly verify transactions themselves, and transactions that have been verified by most of the closest nodes are generated as blocks. This is distributed to other nodes, and if a node is set to be a malicious attack, transaction details are initialized and synchronized with verified transaction details.
  • Application Layer: Provide an application interface on the Blockchain. Smart contracts, virtual machines, DApp, etc. Included and connected directly between data users.
  • Layer of Management: Toolkit and SDK are provided to form ecosystem development and place 3rd Parties.


Economic Tokens from Network Orbits provide values through tokens and nodes, such as computers, user platforms, ICO participants, nodes that want more, and resource providers and GBT as gifts. Customers who use computers can use the Orbits Network using GBT for less than the cost of building an existing server or server, and can also support GBT by providing a network with them.

Token Sale

Total Token amount: 10,000,000,000 GBT
Token Token sale amount: 7,000,000,000 GBT
Percentage of sales Token from total Token: 70%

Hard cap : 30,000,000 USD
Soft cap : 10,000,000 USD

Tokens except for the pre-sale and public sale are sold in private rounds.
Unsold tokens are due to be incinerated.

Pre Sale
Token Sale Rate:20%
Public Sale:
Token Sale Rate:30%

Road Map

2018 Q4
Smart contract Deploy
ERC20 based Token issue
GBT Pre-Sale

2019 Q1
Network Layer Development
(P2P-based overlay network)
Planet Wallet Launching
GBT Public-Sale

2019 Q2
Data Layer Development
Consensus Layer Development

2019 Q3
Testnet Launching
Toolkit & SDK Development
Block Explorer Development

2019 Q4
Application Layer Development

2020 Q1
Management Layer Development

2020 Q2
Orbits Network Launching
GBT-based DEX, DApp Store Launching

Team Member


If you want to know more about grabity, Below are some useful links where you can find more pieces of information



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