Grabity — New Paradigm of Internet

Grabity is an open Blockchain venture, for the change of the Internet worldview from concentrated system to a circulated system. Current equipment execution has enhanced drastically, sufficiently even for cell phones to have preferred execution over past servers. In any case, it doesn’t utilize 100% of storage room or processing power. Anybody can share PC assets through officially had inactive gadgets, for example, cell phones, tablets, and PCs, and clients can get compensates as much as they give assets, and DApp designers can utilize the mutual PC assets to work administrations at a lower cost. At the point when the Grabity venture achieves the commercialization arrange, anybody will have the capacity to make the utilization of dispersed hubs to switch the Internet worldview.

The Orbits Network is Grabity’s decentralized principle net that draw a genuinely disseminated P2P arrange by using all wired/remotely associated inert PC assets. Exchanges from Orbits Network are overseen productively through utilizing Genesis Hoisting innovation, which can process exchanges at the same time and rapidly. Furthermore, Smart Contract and asset documents can be put away in independent bits into each by utilizing the conveyed stockpiling innovation and Defrag Function innovation that can review each part and execute in a gushing organization.

System layer: P2P-based overlay organize. Check and after that spread the exchanges between hubs through the layer. The vital is to make the most utilization of fundamental system data transfer capacity.

Information Layer: Blockchain information structure and physical storage room. Incorporates Merkle Tree, Hash Function, Data Block, advanced sign and so forth that store squares and DApp records containing the exchange history.

Accord Layer: Node that creates an exchange straightforwardly checks its very own exchange, and the exchange that has been confirmed by larger part of certain close-by hubs is produced as a square. This is appropriated to different hubs, and if there are any hubs that is resolved to be malignant assaults, the exchange subtle elements are introduced and synchronized to the checked exchange points of interest.

Application Layer: Provide the application interface over the Blockchain. Brilliant Contracts, virtual machines, DApp, and so on are incorporated and specifically connected between the information clients.

Administration Layer: Toolkit and SDK are given to shape the improvement of biological system and found the outsider.

The Grabity biological community comprises of hubs, network, DApp, and stages, and each establishment adds to the environment dependent on the token economy. We present the token economy and different necessities for the biological system to work and create as pursues.

Demand for GBT

Consumers who need computer resources should purchase GBT.

Need to purchase GBT to participate the in the ICO on the Orbits Network-based DApp

GBT is DApp’s main currency, and if DApp’s users increase, demand can increase.

The reward for providing computer resources after the main net launch can be expected to increase the demand for GBT, determined from the additional computer resources and GBT.

Supply of GBT

The initial 10,000,000,000 GBT for the development and operation of the project are issued from the Ethereum network. The ERC20-based GBT will be replaced with the Orbits Network-based GBT after the main net launch. In addition, since the main net, GBTs are issued in addition to consideration of the inflation rate for the purpose of compensating computer resource providers. The rate of inflation can be flexible, but will be determined in a way that does not exceed 5% to protect token holders and ecosystem participants.

GBT ecosystem entry incentives

The consumers of computer resources can use the Orbits Network using GBT for less than the cost of building or maintaining existing servers, and the provider of computer resources can obtain GBT by providing Orbits Network with idle resources or extra devices of their own devices.

Token Sale

Total Token amount: 10,000,000,000 GBT

Token Token sale amount: 7,000,000,000 GBT

Percentage of sales Token from total Token: 70%

Hard cap : 30,000,000 USD

Soft cap : 10,000,000 USD

Tokens except for the pre-sale and public sale are sold in private rounds.

Unsold tokens are due to be incinerated.

Pre Sale

Token Sale Rate:20%


Public Sale:

Token Sale Rate:30%


Token Distribution


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