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Hi, If you want to join the GraphenTech project we recommend reading reviews that can help you get information that can help you visualize their vision and mission.
GraphenTech was founded by experienced HP specialists who are also one of the founders of the company for the production of electric vehicles. The head office of GraphenTech is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The company plans to offer graphene hardware worldwide and receive revenue from its products through the crypto 77G currency.
In the near future, all urban transportation will only be based on electricity, which means there is no environmental pollution, noise, and a better atmosphere. This vehicle can be recharged at home for 5 minutes without burning bags, for example, when fuel prices have reached an unprecedented level. Maybe over time, traveling from London to New York will take half of the flight time currently on the plane, because they are more weatherproof, safer, more aerodynamic and lighter at the same time. It may also be that someday all of our famous gadgets in everyday life will become thinner and faster and work longer hours. Medical improvement can help people recover faster with better understanding and control of biological processes. Now imagine an affordable technology that provides access to millions of people with clean and safe drinking water. All of these science fiction ideas will soon become part of the reality with graphene development, also called miracle material.
Graphene is a material with a carbon form consisting of layers of carbon atoms arranged in hexagonal squares and forming two-dimensional nanomaterials first created by researchers. Scientists have had theories about graphene for years, but in 2004, they finally isolated graphene sheets with atomic graphite (raw material) and the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010. Graphene is the thinnest and strongest material known today. Electricity is more than 200 times faster than silicon and is truly carbon, which is the fourth largest in the world.
Graphene has the potential to be the most promising material and is the biggest step of electronic technology for years.
Graphene is a modification of allotropic carbon, which consists of layers of carbon atoms in a hexagonal grid. This is the most important structural element of many other carbon nanotubes, such as graphite, diamonds, coal, carbon nanotubes and fullerenes.
Graphene unusual properties
– the strongest and most frequently tested material, efficiently perform heat and electricity, are almost transparent and have diameters of large and non-linear diamagnetism.
graphene market in millions:
2012: $ 9 -> 2020: $ 126
Study of LUX
2020: $ 310.4 -> 2025: $ 2100
BBC studies
Growth in the graphite battery market:
Estimated growth rate is 38.4% from 2014 to 2022
Research Allied market

Grave Semiconductor Market  :
$ 70 billion at 2030
McKinsey & Company
While graphene offers opportunities for technological innovation, substantial material supply is far from sufficient due to rapid demand growth. In 2014, more than 75% was used for graphene research and prototypes for research institutions, universities and private companies. This includes well-known companies such as Nokia, Samsung, Intel, IBM and others. Every day, new businesses start learning how to use graphene to improve their products. Lux Research said that in 2012, the graphene market would reach $ 126 million, compared with $ 9 million in 2012. Other experts are very excited about the global graphene market value in 2025 compared to $ 1 billion dollars.
According to BCC Research, the global market for graphene products in 2015 was $ 1.5 million. According to them, the market will still grow by $ 310.4 million. United States in 2020 to 2.1 billion. In 2025, with cumulative annual growth (CAGR) of 35.61%. If you look at certain markets, such as the graphene battery market, projections show that in 2022 the global market will reach $ 115 million, recording a CAGR of 38.4% in the 2014-2022 year period (Study of the Allied market). Finally, a recent report by McKinsey & Company in April 2018 prospects for using graphene semiconductors, such as materials that replace silicon in 2030, estimate that graphene semiconductors are 70 billion. Dollar. USA.
At the GraphenTech chemical department, the team has been promoting Graphene technology for more than two years. Team work focused on two main products: graphene oxide (GO) and reducing graphene oxide (GRO). These are the two most popular forms on the market. They can be used in various fields of electronics, energy storage, mixed materials, medicines, etc. D. High quality products have higher purity (carbon concentration ≥ 98% / pH 5). In the second step, nanolayers and polymer fibers will be developed to diversify the market with the help of www.GraphenTech. Industrial production will be patented, as shown in the road map. Later, from
Blockade  BLOKCHEYN  core technology not only prevents theft and protects business relationships, but also simplifies business, reduces errors, speeds up the process and eliminates third party recruitment.
For example, sending cross-border payments can be a challenge for international companies such as GraphenTech, because costs are often expensive, and transfers take a long time due to the fact that many banks and intermediaries are involved in the process. The use of crypto currencies makes it possible to move money around the world quickly and cheaply and efficiently and transparently, where the money is at any time the transaction. The blocking book can serve as the main book for various parties involved in the supply chain. Thanks to key technology,  you can track products and transport data faster and more accurately so that transit product owners can transfer the entire life cycle of the supply chain from hand to hand. Smart contracts in the supply chain can automatically and seamlessly integrate business transactions and agreements.
77g is a chip that is compatible with ERC-20, which ensures price stability by encouraging token owners. legal experts seek to comply with international law. Technical documents will be updated as and when processing.
Minimum sales are $ 37 million. At the end of the ICO, if it is not possible to return, if the virtual store is not reached, the exchange rate will be calculated for refunds. The maximum tariff limit is $ 133 million and contributions will be at ETH, BTC, XRP, EUR, and USD. Initial total chip shipments consisted of 19,000,000,000 chips produced by 77G, and chip distribution in first order. It is expected that chips will be listed on several major platforms for cryptocurrency exchange. The minimum amount of participation in personal sales is 10 ETH.
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