Green X “Most Sophisticated Green Energy Network”

Green X is a Blockchain ecosystem which allows its users (individual and institutional investors) to discover and invest in lucrative low-risk renewable energy projects from different parts of the world.

Green X; The World’s Most Sophisticated Green Energy Network.
The Green energy market is all about the production renewable energy and is rapidly gaining more attention. This has led to a higher demand and consequently, an increase in investment and capacity.

Back in 2009, the total renewable energy generated by the whole world was 99 Gigawatts. This is no longer the case. According to a data collected in 2016, renewable energy generation has hit 2011.3 Gigawatt, contributing 24 percent to the total electricity produced that year.
Yes, renewable energy is enjoying an unprecedented growth and the demand is still increasing. However, there are some problems faced by different players in this market. These are;
• The Green Energy Developers
• Institutional Investors
• Individual Investors

The developers have problems with getting investors to fund their renewable energy project. Especially because the capital could cost as much as hundreds of millions in US Dollars. And if they manage to secure funds, there are usually unfavourable economic conditions often imposed by big investors to consider.
The problem at the investor’s end is different. The institutional investors that are involved in green energy development often find themselves exposed to few mega-projects. And the timeline of the renewable energy projects (takes too long) makes most of them reluctant to participate.
On the other hand, individual investors do not have the opportunity to invest. The minimal contribution is almost always too much for them.
Well, all that is about to change. Thanks to Green X, all the problems outlined above are about to be addressed. That means more money for all the players involved and a greener planet for the world in general. Let’s start from the beginning;

Green X is a Blockchain ecosystem which allows its users (individual and institutional investors) to discover and invest in lucrative low-risk renewable energy projects from different parts of the world.
Now, to solve some of the challenges faced by investors and developers, this platform intends to build an ecosystem which consists of two global marketplaces. These are;

The Green X Capital Market
The Green X Global Exchange
The former is a crowdfunding platform that is based on Blockchain technology, while the latter is a global energy investment marketplace that works round the clock. To gain a better understanding of the Green X ecosystem, there are other participants you should know about.
Outlined below are the major participants of the Green X Ecosystem;

These are the developers that join the ecosystem with the goal of raising fund for their renewable energy project. The joined with the intention of enjoying the benefits associated with fundraising on the platform. Such benefit includes;
• Assess to global capital pool
• Low cost and commission
• Streamlined Investment procedures

Individual investors will be able to invest on the platform. They will have the option of investing in various green energy projects around the world. The platform is expected to be free of limitations on investment. This includes size and geographic location.
Furthermore, investors will be able to quickly and conveniently liquidate their investment through the Green X Global Exchange.

This network includes accredited individual investors and institutional investors who have established a close relationship with Green X. These syndicates will have the opportunity of minimizing their risks through the diversification of investment.

Aside from the individual investor’s fund, there is also a Green X investment fund, which comes from the profit generated through the daily operations of the platform. Another percentage of this fund is expected to come from proceeds of the token sale after factoring in the cost of building this ecosystem.

The platform is expected to be optimized such that, fundraising, investing, and trading is fast, secure and effective. The process begins with the project origination, i.e. the idea of the project itself. This is the stage in which the project is listed on the platform.

The project developer is expected to submit a detailed investment proposal which will undergo due diligence. This is in two stages; the Green X DD team and AI analysis.
The Green X Due Diligence team will work with the developer to publish a comprehensive project risk report. This includes;
• The financial prospect of the project
• Expected returns
• Cash flow projections
• Break-even timeline

Thereafter, the AI analysis is expected to provide a more detailed risk profile of the project. It conducts a comparative risk analysis with similar projects in the past through big data and machine learning algorithm.
On completion of the due diligence, the project investment proposal is listed on the Green X Capital Market platform. Interested investors can participate by simply sending Green X tokens to the project’s smart contract address. A certificate which is tradeable on the secondary market will be issued to the investor.
This fund is released to the investors in stages to ensure a strict adherence to the timeline. When the developer completes the project, profit is divide and collected by Green X. Of course, that happens after factoring in the cost of the project.
The smart contract automatically distributes investor’s fund back into their wallets.

This is the most important part of the Green X ecosystem. It’s what makes the whole business model possible. This makes it necessary to organize a token sale through smart contract. Investors will be required to register on the site to participate in this event.

The Green X token, whose ticker is GEX will have a total supply of 375,000,000 GEX, and 60 percent of this supply will be used for the token sale. According to the whitepaper, the funding target is $30,000,000 and the accepted cryptocurrency is Ethereum.

Please note that there are countries from which contributions cannot be accepted due to regulatory constraints.
These include;
• The United States of America
• Singapore
• Iran
• North Korea
• Sudan
• Syria

As said earlier, 60 percent of the total supply will be used for the crowd sale, while another 16 percent will be used for business development. Advisors and partners will receive 7 percent of the token and 4 percent will be used as bonus fund for community programs.
The remaining 10 percent will be reserved for referral bonuses, bounty services, and crowd sale rewards.

According to the whitepaper, 80 percent of the proceeds will be used for the development of the ecosystem. This includes marketing and operations. Another 10 percent will be used for the promotion of the token.
The remaining 10 percent will be divided. The first half will be used to solve legal and financial matters and the other 5 percent will be used for team development.



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