Greenbit Revolutionizing Global Agriculture with Blockchain


GREENBIT is revolutionizing the economic and agricultural sectors of the world with blockchain innovation. This is the world’s first blockchain-powered internet platform with token acquisition in the form of profitable investments. Investments in Bio-Gas and GREENBIT Crypto Investment Platform are up and running.

The GREENBIT platform offers investors a lucid and transparent blockchain based reward system and achievement tracking. It is also a distinctive tool for businesses to shapen global economic and agricultural needs. GREENBIT token is backed by a real entity or company. This only of its kind platform is powered by the decentralized blockchain technology and a physical asset called the CENTRAL FARM NETWORK.

The GREENBIT Vision And Journey

  • Vision

To uniquely create value that attracts rewards through the use of decentralized, fully secured investments and a distinctive one-world agro trade platform.

  • Journey Since 2015

The GREENBIT voyage involves many different facets, such as creative thought process, technology development, operational infrastructure installment, signing partnerships and launching marketing initiatives. The preliminary roadmap is presented below. Dates and activities may be subject to modifications.

Our goal is to create the principal decentralized agro-marketplace used by global citizens by maintaining a thriving ecosystem of users willing to buy everyday products and carry out speedy, easy and secured transactions at lower prices and, manufacturers looking to sell directly and surpass existing retail chains. Our main role is to develop the open source technology required for running the platform and to create a successful model to incentivize all investors/sponsors/partners/participants.


The first milestone is the implementation of the decentralized GREENBIT platform. We always welcome feedbacks from the community regarding the specifics and plan to continually improve the platform to make it fully secure and transparent.

After the ICO period, all contributors will receive the ERC20 compatible GREENBIT token on the Ethereum network. After launching the GREENBIT platform on own blockchain platform or a blockchain platform that will be chosen from the list of suitable alternatives, a token native to that platform will be deployed. The ERC20 compatible GREENBIT token will be exchanged 1-to-1 with a native GREENBIT token.

The main part of the decentralized platform will be implemented as a set of smart contracts carrying out the behaviours described in the GREENBIT platform section of this document.

The official smart contracts will be published as open source software on GitHub and includes implementation for:

● Basic functionalities like trading tokens between addresses

● Products publishing

● Fulfilment process reporting

● Reward mechanisms

The GREENBIT Ecosystem

Project Funding And Investment

GREENBIT is funded and fully backed by a real entity called the Central Farm Network (CFN). The network is a synergy of a great pool of creative ideas and funds from the GREENBIT expert team of developers, partners, sponsors, traders, participants, manufacturers, facilitators, consumers and other investors.

GREENBIT platform, called the GREENBIT Crypto Investment Platform [GCIP], is a full Virtual Farm investment portfolio management and secured trading scene with profit generation and leveraging on value growth of GREENBIT Coin in the market and activities within the network.

GREENBIT creates the GREENBIT tokens, platform and technology. GREENBIT is focused on releasing open source cryptographic technologies that enable operations in the GREENBIT ecosystem. For the avoidance of doubt, the GREENBIT tokens do not provide token holders with any ownership or other interest in GREENBIT. Token holders are not entitled to any guaranteed form of dividends, revenue distributions and voting rights.

To become an ecosystem participant, the user creates an account on the GREENBIT platform. During registration, the system will create a user profile and a wallet. Each participant of the ecosystem will be provided with a wallet that preserves all data in the decentralized database and interact with other parties, utilizing smart contracts. We plan to place the GREENBIT token on cryptographic token exchanges, giving an opportunity to openly buy them.


It is a platform and network for full facilitation process in the following contracts and transactions which must be speedy and secured:-

1) Exchange of goods/products/values and services

2) Trading of currencies and commodities

3) Exchange of fiat currencies to crypto currencies

4) Running of portfolio on Virtual Farm investment options

5) Exchange of crypto-currencies

6) Executing consistent upward drive in GREENBIT coin value

7) Attracting huge investment pool for expansion


Coin Production And Distribution



Token Value: ====================$1,000,000,000

Unit of Tokens: ===================3,333,333,333.333

Average unit per holder: ==============833.333333332

Token Distribution

GREENBIT Token Launch & Distribution:

Distributed to Community: =============65%

Project Funding: =====================15%

Team: ==============================8%

Partners: ============================5%

Campaign: ===========================5%

Advisors: ============================2%

Expected Annual Coin Growth upon Launch:

333 Billion Dollars in 5 Years

Pre- ICO


To pilot the development and full implementation of the GREEENBIT platform and brand, we have assembled a kick-ass core team of Creative Minds, Software Engineers, UX (User Experienced) and Design experts, supported by a board of experienced advisors in cryptocurrency, cyber security, venture capital, Agricultural banking, and smart business transactions.

In order to realize this grand project and bring this Minimum Viable Product (MVP) from concept to market, we gathered an awesome team of diverse experts, from web tech, mobile tech, digital payments, finance, crypto markets, UX and smart business worlds. This unique idea of GREENBIT can only be processed by distinctive minds which have graced our team.

As a unit, we leverage our combined experiences in other ventures to make this project a reality. Want to know more about the GREENBIT team? We encourage you to keep visiting our website team section and check the complete profiles of our core team of experts, founders and advisors as we keep you updated with more information in this regard.

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