GREENBIT – The First Blockchain CRYPTOAGRO Ecosystem

The world is going green and is sincerely driven towards the usefulness and gainful needs of which going green provides. This has lead to the eruption of the Greenbit decentralized blockchain platform on the cryptocurrency paradigm. Greenbit is here and now first and only definitive green platform that equips and presents all users such as those in the agro-based sectors. It is noted that the Greenbit stands as the first blockchain cryptocurrency agro-based currency on the decentralized crypto market. The platform is created with the futuristic node and prospects of bringing together farmers, agro merchants, agro-grocery stores with computational sequence involving the agro-allied industries and consumers. The platform is created in a manner that defines and balances the very framework of a reliable, transparent and flexible eco-system generally. The platform is configured by design as the only agro-based blockchain to harness the physical entity trading framework and node on all its operations. The platform represents the classic case of physical entity trading on the agricultural sector for investors and all users despite their caliber.
The Greenbit platform is basically all about meeting farmers, agro-grocery stores, merchants and agro-allied industries with a transparent cryptocurrency for physical transaction operations in a more managed and less passive medium. The Greenbit Token is set to revolutionize and disrupt the agro-allied based sector. it comprises of the worlds most traded agricultural sector with more than a billion employees and progressive profiting ecosystem. The platform’s ecosystem is built to provide a decentralized payment system. Furthermore, it also provides a limitless possibilities for removing borders differences on the market. This it achieves through the blockchain technology.
The Greenbit platform is built into a wide range of features and framework templates. This templates are to create and make the greenbit platform more functional in all context. Firstly, Greenbit has the unique features of its central farm network tool. This tool provides a safe trading place and ground for value traders and token traders. This tool validates, value-dates, and replicates all farm asset boundlessly around the world. Secondly, Greenbit provides swift and efficient payment operations in milliseconds for all direct transactions. This is achieved through its hypercube routing and aided speed node which makes the Greenbit structure immensely flexible. Thirdly, Greenbit’s platform is very scalable which implies that it can handle multi-million transactions in split seconds. This makes it very flexible for users to trade, purchase and transact limitlessly. The scalability framework is unique and profound. The last Greenbit feature is outstandingly flexed, simple, accessible and smart-user friendly. it implies that all users can easily access Greenbit on their own without issues of hindrances or difficulties. It also means that Greenbit is flexible for use whether in a case of trading,direct purchases and payments etc.
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The Greenbit platform offers all farmers, agro-allied traders and industry operators token values limitlessly. The Greenbit platform’s token details are as follows; Pre-ICO token value stands at $1,000,000,000 with its Token units or units of token for 3,333,333,333.33. Thus,the average price range is “0.0006ETH = 1GBIT 0.0000428BTC = 1GBIT 0.000375BCH = 1GBIT” ( Furthermore, the Greenbit airdrop is 300,000,000 at an early bird node of 533,333,333.3 as a 40% Bonus.
The ICO Stage;
ROUND one (1) will yield 1541,666,666.65 at a 30% Bonus range.
ROUND (2) will be 2541,666,666.65 at 20% Bonus.
ROUND( 3)will be 3541,666,666.65 at 10% Bonus with its
Final Round yielding 541,666,666.6 at 50% Bonus range.
This ICO is set upon for ease and functional flexible of token value options on the Greenbit platform.
NB: Greenbit are traded using Bitcoin and Ethereum coinage nodes.
The Greenbit platform roadmap is detailed in the image below
Image 1_ GREENBIT.roadmap (image credit;
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