GreenCoin (GNC) ICO – The best solution for energy projects

GreenCoin (GNC) is a blockchain ecosystem built to help investors find and engage in clean energy projects around the world quickly and easily. The GreenCoin project is expected to address developer capital mobilization and the ability of investors to make use of it.

The main components of the GreenCoin ecosystem include: Green energy developers, individual investors,  Benefits of GreenCoin

GreenCoin is a highly transparent and safe ecosystem: the use of blockchain technology that is protected by investor privacy. Sensitive information such as KYC / AML is encrypted and stored outside the blockchain (data outside the chain). At the same time, the investment provisions will be kept in the chain. 

natural problems. Our condition develops diligently. There is no reason to damage it. In any situation, when our situation changes, so too is the desire to be vigilant and alert about the problems that accompany it. The increase in temperature throughout the Earth has become the undeniable authenticity of our current vocation; Our planet is getting warmer and we are really part of the problem. However, this is not a fundamental biological problem that we must underline. Throughout the trip around the world, people face a large number of problems that arise every day.
Subsistence  One in every seven people on the planet is hungry, which is an important general misery of our events. Apart from the perseverance of a large number of people without food, hunger continues to grow even in areas such as prosperity and orientation.


The decisive goal is to create a benign, free, decentralized and business-oriented system, using the power of developing a blockchain to disperse structures that benefit from the sustainable development of the planet, a green system producer. Partners and individuals subtly insist. with buyers from all over the world who are going to fight the main problem facing people 
today, they face special partners Adventure, which is practically a measure of time that seems endless, not tiring and also not polluting the Earth. The CNG organic framework will be a vital global decentralization market where buyers can buy ecological systems or products directly from producers, recognizing low and clear costs.

How do platforms work?

Benefits of GreenCoin  
GreenCoin is a direct and safe organic network: the use of blockchain technology guarantees guaranteed budget authority. Information that is fragile, for example, KYC / AML is mixed and safe outside the block chain (offline data). Meanwhile, the theoretical provisions will be safe in the chain. 
GreenCoin uses artificial thinking (AI) to conduct research with the ultimate goal of offering the best judgment to teachers regarding money.

About GreenCoin The GreenCoin Token  
(GNC) can be purchased in two structures: between the time dedicated to offering association tokens and free markets after the closing of the ICO. Inventory tokens budget experts can obtain CNG by sending ETH to address GreenCoin contract specifics.

Benefits for buyers

Large frames and green objects.

Frames and articles purchased online are easy and cost effective.

Access to the closest frame installer.

Updates on the framework, strategies, and developments that arise.

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Name of CNG tokens: GNC

Tipo: ERC20 Ethereum Blockchain

Function: GREENCOIN Token (GNC) is an important component of the Greencoin ecosystem. This is designed to facilitate all types of operations that make it an integral part of the ecosystem and a key factor in its economy.

Total offer: 50,000,000 chips.

Distribution of  
1% in extra chips.

9% of counselors, prizes for early supporters.

15% reserve fund

15% reserve fund

60% ICO

Roadmap for  
July 2017

The beginning of the idea on the blockchain.

August 2017

The GNC concept was created.

August 2018

ICO intelligent contract development and integration.

November 16, 2018

November 16 2018 9:00 am California time (PST) Start date for chip sales

March 15, 2019

March 15 2019 23:59 California Time (PST) End date for chip sales

Q2 2019

The appearance of the GNC token in an encrypted exchange.

Q3 2019

Development of the GNC platform

T1 2020

Beta version of the GNC platform.

T2 2020

Global marketing campaign

T3 2020

Launch of the GNC platform.

Q1, 2021

Geographical expansion and ecosystem growth.

For more information, click the following link:  
Website: Technical
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