Our world and our planet in general experience several changes every year. Unfortunately, for the most part – this is a negative change. The impact of our products on the environment is detrimental to all of us. Humanity develops, more and more new mechanisms are created to make our lives easier. But the consequences don’t come soon. Scientists now regard global warming as the biggest problem, unfortunately, this is just one of the many important factors that we have negatively affected. Don’t forget about consumer deficits. One in seven people in the world is hungry, and this is a major global problem in our day. In addition to the suffering of millions without food, hunger also holds back progress in areas such as health and education. But what about fuel use – this is an important problem for humanity too. This is sad, but we are addicted. But the time has come to help not only ourselves but also nature. Every day, people begin to think more often about Mother Earth. And that gives hope.

The Greencoin project is a platform developed by enthusiasts who are not indifferent to environmental issues. It is the first decentralized platform based on sustainable green systems to solve real-world problems, connect green systems of manufacturers and local installation companies or certified individuals directly with customers.

The main goal of the project is to create a productive environment, autonomous, decentralized and business-oriented community, using blockchain technology to distributed systems that will help tackle the main problems that people face today. This is ensuring the use of such energy sources that will not be depleted, and, most importantly, will not bring harm to the environment.

The GNC Ecosystem will be the first decentralized global market where buyers can buy green systems or products directly from the manufacturer, taking advantage of low and transparent prices.

What is the principle of the Greencoin ecosystem?

The essence of the work is very simple and clear:

  • Manufacturers publish their products or systems on the Internet/application.
  • Users buy goods or systems in currency (Fiat, BTC, ETH or GNC).
  • Manufacturers supply products to customers.
  • Manufacturers provide technical support to users.
  • Buyers can hire local installers.
  • Uses the GNC token as a means of encouraging customer loyalty programs.

Greencoin is an on-demand knowledge sharing platform with a decentralized market, accessible to small and large companies. It simplifies the creation of potential customers and B2C interactions by administering the offer/request ecosystem, decentralized support for Blockchain-based Escrow, and implementing the rules and standards established for running a business through intelligent contracts.

The platform will be very convenient for buyers and has its own advantages. Like the provision of only the highest quality products and systems, online purchases, the ability to call the competent installers, the constant updating of systems and technologies, the provision of around the clock technical support.

Of course, manufacturers also have several advantages:

  • Providing full control over pricing.
  • Convenient interface that will be built on a single principle.
  • A marketing program that is designed for direct buyers.
  • Reduced advertising costs.
  • Convenient and fast feedback and payment methods.


Token Sales

The GREENCOIN Token (GNC) is a fundamental component of the Greencoin ecosystem. Its purpose is to facilitate all types of operations performed on the platform.

Token symbol – GNC

Type: ERC20 Ethereum Blockchain

The total amount of tokens issued: 50,000,000

Accepted currencies – ETH, BTC

The cost of a token on PRE-ICO: 1 ETH = 500 GNC

Minimum investment – 0.1 ETH

Hard Cap: 60,000 ETH

Soft Cap: 10,000 ETH

Bonus on PRE-ICO – 15%. Also 5% for joining the White List.

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