GreenCoin (GNC)

GreenCoin (GNC) is a blockchain ecosystem community worked to enable financial specialists to discover and take an interest in clean vitality extends the world over rapidly and effectively.

GreenCoin project is relied upon to address the issue of the engineer’s capital preparation and the capacity to turn the capital of speculators.


The primary objective of the undertaking is to make a beneficial situation, self-sufficient, decentralized and business-arranged network, utilizing blockchain technology to dispersed Networks that will help handle the fundamental issues that individuals confront today. This is guaranteeing the utilization of such vitality sources that won’t be drained, and, in particular, won’t convey mischief to the earth.

The GNC Ecosystem community will be the principal decentralized worldwide market where purchasers can purchase green Networks or items straightforwardly from the producer, exploiting low and straightforward costs.


Natural issues: Our condition is continually evolving. There is no denying that. Be that as it may, as our condition changes, so does the need to end up progressively mindful of the issues that encompass it. An unnatural weather change has turned into an undisputed truth about our present vocations; our planet is warming up and we are certainly part of the issue. In any case, this isn’t the main natural issue that we ought to be worried about. The whole way across the world, individuals are confronting an abundance of new and testing ecological issues each day.

Sustenance: One of every seven individuals on the planet go hungry, this being the fundamental worldwide test of our occasions. Notwithstanding the enduring of a great many individuals without nourishment, hunger is likewise keeping down advancement in territories, for example, wellbeing and training.


A definitive objective is to make a gainful situation, an independent, decentralized and business-centered network utilizing the intensity of blockchain technology for the dispersion of Networks that assistance the practical improvement of the planet, interfacing green Networks producers and Establishment organizations or confirmed people straightforwardly with purchasers around the globe that will help battle the primary issues that people confront today

Exploit different wellsprings of vitality that are our ally which are sustainable quite a long time, don’t debilitate, and furthermore don’t contaminate the earth.

The GNC ecosystem system will turn into the main decentralized worldwide market where purchasers can purchase green Networks or items specifically from the producer, getting a charge out of low and straightforward costs.

Greencoin project comprises of two principle parts: Blockchain and Brilliant contracts

Advantages for Members

Advantages TO Purchasers

Top notch green Networks and items.

Networks and items purchased online effortlessly and advantageously.

Access to nearby Networks installers.

Refreshed on new Networks, strategies, and technologies.

day in and day out help group

Advantages To Producers And Installers

Full control of item or administration evaluating and posting.

A bound together prepared to-utilize interface

Showcasing and advancement specifically to purchasers

Showcasing costs decrease

Quick and definite client input

Installment comfort

GNC WEB and Application

Purchasers Site and Applications

Makers interface

Installers interface

Concentrating on web based business and online markets, GNC platform will incorporate the most recent Blockchain technologies to drive “shrewd business contracts”

Extension PLAN

We have solid designs and groups prepared for an extension. We will likely vanquish all the promising markets for the utilization of green Networks, with our business system and strategies we will make a positive chain arrange response where our accomplice organizations will get more clients and more requests

GNC Tokens

Type: Pre-ICO

Category: Energy

Verified team: Yes (Members: 2)

A whitelist of investors: Yes

KYC of investors: Yes

The goal of funding (Soft cap): 10.000 ETH

The goal of funding (Hard cap): 60.000 ETH

Tokens for sale: 30.000.000 GNC

Token price: 1 GNC = 0.002 ETH

Minimum purchase: 0 ETH

Airdrop program: Yes

Bounty program: Yes

Have escrow agent: No

Have working prototype: No

White paper: Open

Currencies: ETH, BTC

Platform: Ethereum

Token type: ERC20

Location: United States of America

Restricted areas: United States of America, Singapore, China


2018 Nov 16th 0 9 : 0 0 : 0 0


Development 27.00%

Marketing 38.00%

Legal 5.00%

Expansion 16.00%

Local Offices 1.00%

Admin undefined Operations 12.00%

Contingencies 1.00%

End time 2018 Dec 15th 2 3 : 0 0 : 0 0


Pre-ICO: 15%

ICO Platform 1: 10%

ICO Platform 2: 5%

ICO Platform 3: 0%


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