Greencoin Token Project

The concept behind the project is one of a kind in the blockchain industry and the objectives for caring out this reliable project to their development road map. Relevant links and resources have been provided beneath this article for further readings and inquiries. The principal decentralized platform dependent on supportable green system to take care of genuine issues on the planet, associating green system producers and local Installation company or confirmed people directly with purchasers.

Greencoin platform is concentrating on interfacing green system producers and Installation organizations or ensured people directly with buyers around the globe that will help battle the principle issues/problem that people encounter in daily basis, a learning exchange platform on interest with a decentralized market empowered for little and huge companies/organizations. The platform streamlines the age of potential clients and B2C communications through the organization of an offer/ask for ecosystem, decentralized Escrow support dependent on Blockchain and the usage of guidelines and principles built up to work together through savvy contracts.

Our planet experience a few changes each year. Tragically, generally – this is a negative change. The effect of our items on the earth is hindering to us all. Mankind grows, an ever increasing number of new instruments are made to make our lives simpler. In any case, the results don’t come soon. Researchers presently see an unnatural weather change as the most concerning issue, sadly, this is only one of the numerous essential factors that we have contrarily influenced. Bear in mind about customer shortages. One of every seven individuals on the planet is eager, and this is a noteworthy worldwide issue in our day. Notwithstanding the enduring of millions without nourishment, hunger likewise keeps down advancement in zones, for example, well being and training.

However, shouldn’t something be said about fuel utilize – this is an essential issue for mankind as well. This is pitiful, however we are dependent. In any case, the time has come to encourage ourselves as well as nature. Consistently, individuals start to ponder Mother Earth. Also, that gives trust. Greencoin project is a platform created by fans who are not unconcerned with ecological issues. It is the main decentralized platform dependent on supportable green system to take care of genuine issues, associate green system of makers and nearby establishment organizations or guaranteed people straightforwardly with clients. The fundamental objective of the project is to make a profitable domain, self-sufficient, decentralized and business-situated network, utilizing blockchain innovation to dispersed frameworks that will help handle the primary issues that individuals confront today.

This is guaranteeing the utilization of such vitality sources that won’t be drained, and, in particular, won’t convey damage to nature. The GNC Ecosystem will be the primary decentralized worldwide market where purchasers can purchase green frameworks or items straightforwardly from the maker, exploiting low and straightforward costs. Natural issues. Our condition is continually evolving. There is no denying that. However, as our condition changes, so does the need to wind up progressively mindful of the issues that encompass it.Global warming has turned into an undisputed certainty about our present occupations; our planet is warming up and we are unquestionably part of the issue.

In any case, this isn’t the main ecological issue that we ought to be worried about. All over the world, individuals are confronting an abundance of new and testing natural issues each day. Sustenance. One of every seven individuals on the planet go hungry, this being the primary worldwide test of our occasions. Notwithstanding the enduring of a large number of individuals without sustenance, hunger is additionally keeping down advancement in regions, for example, wellbeing and training.

A definitive objective is to make a beneficial situation, a self-sufficient, decentralized and business-centered network utilizing the intensity of blockchain innovation for the dispersion of frameworks that assistance the practical improvement of the planet, interfacing green frameworks makers and Installation organizations or confirmed people straightforwardly with purchasers around the globe that will help battle the fundamental issues that people confront today. Exploit different wellsprings of vitality that are our ally which are sustainable a seemingly endless amount of time, don’t deplete, and furthermore don’t contaminate the earth.

The GNC environment will turn into the main decentralized worldwide market where purchasers can purchase green platform or items specifically from the producer, getting a charge out of low and straightforward costs. Makers distribute their items or frameworks to the Web/App.Users purchase items or frameworks pay in (Fiat, BTC, ETH or GNC) currency.Manufacturers send items to buyers.Manufacturers give specialized help to users.Buyers can enlist neighborhood Installers.Uses the GNC token as methods for customer dependability program rewards.

Advantages to purchasers
Astounding green frameworks and items.
Frameworks and items purchased online effortlessly and helpfully.
Access to nearby frameworks installers.
Refreshed on new frameworks, strategies and advances.
Day in and day out help group.
Advantages to makers and installers.
Full control of item or administration evaluating and posting.
A brought together prepared to-utilize interface.
Advertising and advancement straightforwardly to purchasers.
Advertising costs decrease.
Quick and nitty gritty client criticism.
Installment accommodation.

Greencoin GNC Tokens
Name: GNC
Type: ERC20 Ethereum Blockchain
Total Supply: 50 000 000 tokens
The GREENCOIN (GNC) token is an essential component of the Greencoin ecosystem and is designed to facilitate all types of operations that make the token an integral part of the ecosystem and the key factor of its economy.

Token Distribution
1% Bounty
9% Advisors, rewards to initial supporters
15% Reserve fund
15% Reserve fund
60% ICO

July 2017: The beginning of the idea in the Blockchain
August 2017: GNC concept created
August 2018: Development and integration of ICO smart-contract
November 16th, 2018
November 16th,2018 9:00 California Time (PST) Start date of Token Sale
March 15th, 2019
March 15th, 2019 23:59 California Time (PST) End date of Token Sale
Q2, 2019: Appearance of GNC token on the crypto-exchanges
Q3, 2019: Development of the GNC platform
Q1, 2020: Beta release of the GNC platform
Q2, 2020: Global Marketing Campaign
Q3, 2020: Launch of GNC Platform
Q1, 2021: Geographical expansion and ecosystem growth

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