As the digital currency advertise and the items created on the blockchain stage achieve a pinnacle, the opportunity has already come and gone to characterize benefit delivering resources from the phony ones. The media has always broadcasted the profits created by the digital money advertise without covering the misfortunes endured by financial specialists. The greater part of the speculators keep running behind the publicity made by online networking and different sources and begin contributing their well deserved cash on these plans. This outcomes in loss of assets for the financial specialists. The million dollar question is – Is there a stage or a store that can produce returns on an underlying venture for the financial specialists? Presently envision you have put resources into a specific resource just once. This specific resource works its enchantment and guarantees to hand over a payout to you toward the finish of consistently. Truly, you read that right! Be that as it may, doesn’t it sound pipe dream? All things considered, it’s here and it’s going on.

Greenishcoin Project has concocted a best in class progressive resource administration framework where the financial specialist needs to contribute just once and appreciate payouts for a lifetime! Financial specialists who put resources into the Greenishcoin Project are naturally offered 2% enthusiasm on their holding sum toward the finish of consistently. This is to be sure an astounding procedure that amplifies the arrival on speculation of the financial specialists.

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GREENISH is the world’s first Fixed Monthly allowance plan platform bonding with cryptocurrency assets, powered by smart contracts and advisory group. The Greenish coin project providing the alternative way to earn monthly instead of pension or retirement plans. We are creating decentralized Fixed Monthly allowance to Greenish users on the blockchain, built by and for the people, creating a safer financial future for humanity.

Uses Blockchain technology
This allows ensuring the security of all information and transactions on the platform. The information is protected by 256-bit encryption

An easily accessible
the platform is available everywhere, as it is an online platform, which you can also access at any time

Support for game
Developers can improve their games by using the feedback they receive on the platform from gamers

The platform offers rewards to gamers, and developers get the best games. Awards in the form of tokens can purchase gaming devices, vouchers and prepaid cards on the platform

In the diagram below, the interaction of all participants of this product is quite clearly shown:


The sale of Greenish tokens (GREE)

The main task of the token and its priority is the internal mechanism of interaction on the platform. Earnings from referral and motivational programs are paid for in the Greenish markers. Like most internal services, they also rely only on these tokens.

The Token is built on ERCE 20’s blockbuster Ethereum. A total of 200 million tokens will be released. The distribution model is based on fees. It is for both soft cap and the hard cap. With the distribution of tokens for these options, you can see the infographics below:



Details of the crowd sale

As for the very Krausefile, the pre-sale will last from May 28 to June 10 with the sale of 30 million tokens. The main sale from June 20 to July 10 with the sale of the remaining 170 million. The base price of the token $ 0.10 excluding bonuses. On pre-sale bonus will be in the range of 50-35%, at the main stage 30-5%. Now for registration in the office of the project, immediately credited 50 GREE, which can be deduced after Crowdsale.

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