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Greentoken – mine cryptocurrency with free “green” electricity for life, based on an endless waste recycling plant.

At present, planet Earth is experiencing misfortune. This is related to various different factors. One of these factors is ecumenical contamination. Every day tons of monumental waste is thrown away, which has a damaging effect on the environment. Ideally, it would be better if each company independently recycles the waste they produce themselves. This is what the Greentoken project does. Thus making the project environmentally friendly. 
Greentoken is a very large mining mine in Central Asia with free electricity predicted in garbage-free waste processing plants. 
Features of the Greentoken platform:
• Free electricity. Syngas generates 10 MW / hour of electricity, of which 4 MW / hour is used for the company’s own needs. The remaining 6 MWh is transferred free to Grentoken mining. 
• 100% recycling of waste. Greentoken in the German pyrolysis reactor recycles 100% of organic waste, such as: plastic, rubber, paper, wood, bone in synthesis gas, from which electricity is generated. 
• Mining mining is very large in Central Asia. A business that is simple and easy to understand for investors, is based on 100% environmentally friendly electricity that is environmentally friendly.
The Greentoken team project has found a place for involute. This should be located in Astana, where the Kazakhstan Regime plans to allocate 54 hectares of land with landfills. The Greentoken team accused what had to be done with the waste of the Kazakh capital. Tests conducted in Germany aim to determine the reactor output that utilizes solid waste that is adjusted to Astana’s resources. And the reactor does its job, perfectly recycling 100% of the waste.
Garbage is processed in a reactor without access to oxygen at temperatures up to 1300 ° C without the release of dioxin, furans and large and strong metals into the atmosphere. When recycling 75% of waste is processed into synthesis gas, 25% of residue is charcoal, pure carbon, which is used as fuel for industry and sold as a separate type of raw material. 
Greentoken is not only a waste recycling plant, but a whole complex that not only can process MSW, but also produce a variety of products. For example, synthesis gas, energy sources and various kinds of chemical products.
Greentoken is an advanced project to process unsorted household, industrial and medical wastes. The aim of this project is to make recycled waste using innovative German technology – a pyrolysis reactor.
To ensure funding, Greentoken decided to use an eccentric approach – electricity derived from syngas was used to maintain the smooth operation of 6,000 cryptosystems. Cryptomining is a fairly popular practice that has developed over the past few years. This is a factory that produces bitcoin. The main difficulty is that such activities require high energy costs, making them most prevalent in countries with low caliber electricity prices. However, Greentoken solved this problem – because electricity is processed in a waste treatment plant, you can forget about energy consumption. 


  • Free electricity – Syngas produces 10 MW / hour of electricity, of which 4 MW / hour is used for the company’s own needs. The remaining 6 MW / hour is transferred free to the Greentoken mining farm.
  • 100% recycled waste – Greentoken in a German pyrolysis reactor recycles 100% of organic waste such as: plastic, rubber, paper, wood, bone in synthesis gas from which electricity is produced.
  • Biggest Mining Mining in Central Asia – A business that is simple and easy to understand for investors, based on 100% free, environmentally friendly electricity. We do what will work for you for decades.
  • GTN Token – provided with crypto currency TOP 20 – Mining Farm Greentoken on GPU / CPU produces TOP-20 cryptocurrency.

Details of  
ICO Token Token: GTN  
Number of tokens raised: 500,000,000 GTN  
Token fee: $ 0.07  
Pre-ICO period from 15/09/2018 to 15/10/2018  
Total number of tokens allocated for pre-sale: 50 million  
GTN Bonus:

Token Distribution:







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