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This time ane will memngulas a platfrom that is Greenx. To know more and understand what it is GreenX yuk go ahead read ya kelar and do not forget if agan interested in this project visit the website.
GreenX is a blockchain ecosystem that allows individual and institutional investors to find and invest in profitable, low-risk renewable energy projects worldwide. Developers of renewable energy projects often find it difficult to raise funds for their projects as these projects are generally capital intensive and require substantial capital investment. On the other hand, institutional investors in renewable energy projects often face enormous risks of having to invest in one to several mega projects because the liquidity limits with their investment funds as the length of the project development timeline can be long. Other than that,
GreenX solves the problems of both developers and investors by building an ecosystem that includes two global markets – GreenX Capital Markets and GreenX Global Exchange. The GreenX Capital Market is a crowdfunding platform built on blockchain technology, while GreenX Global Exchange is a global energy investment market. Listings in the GreenX Capital Market are subject to an independent due diligence process along with AI-based comparative risk analysis. Furthermore, GreenX is amis to bridge the gap between crypto and real world platforms by establishing GreenX subsidiaries listed in their respective country projects along with joint cash accounts with developers, through which all their investments and profits are channeled. On the other hand,
The purpose of GreenX sales is token to fund the development of our ecosystem, from which we aim to create sustainable business. The success of GreenX as a company, with recurring sources of revenue and growth, will ensure that our tokens improve our values ​​and usage, and will then bring financial benefits to our ICO investors
In the medium term, GreenX’s revenues will come from the following sources:
|| Investment Commission: we charge a small fee from companies wishing to list their projects on our platform. These costs include due diligence fees and other fees.
|| Return from Investment: as mentioned, we are committed to investing in our ecosystem with money earned from ICO. GreenX will arrange investment vehicles and co-invest with our platform users. This ensures that we have the motivation to help project developers meet their development plans to generate cash income for all involved investors.
|| Legal Services: GreenX creates a JV entity to bridge the gap between the world of cryptocurrency and the real world. our JV entities act as commercial partners with energy developers, track the release of funds, and control cash income from funded projects. JV GreenX separate entity from other green energy ICOS and need money to set up. We charge a reasonable cost project developer to operate the subsidiary.
|| Project Consulting Services: The GreenX team has extensive experience in evaluating and developing energy projects. Therefore, we offer consultancy services for green energy developers. These include project development services, legal services, and technical consultation.
|| Trade Commission: GreenX operates GreenX Global Exchange, a secondary exchange for green energy investment projects. Investors can buy and sell project shares in this exchange to liquidate their positions or to include existing projects.

Energy Market GreenX The green energy market includes the production of renewable energy and grows at a stable level in terms of investment and capacity. In 2007, the world produced only 99 Gigawatt (GW) of renewable energy. However, in 2016, production hit a record high 2011.3 GW. green energy sources accounted for 24% of the electricity generated by 2016, mostly consisting of hydro power, followed by wind and solar. Although much has been achieved, government policy continues to drive innovation and capacity building. Some cities like Las Vegas have made the switch to 100% renewable energy supply and others trying to achieve the same goal. Various countries have set goals that are in line with the Paris treaty and actively fund various green energy projects. Germany, for example,

GreenX Energy Challenge 
Despite having significant potential, the green energy market is facing several problems. institutional investors, individual investors, and green energy developers all face different challenges when participating in this market.
Green Energy Developers
Often find it difficult to increase funding for their projects, especially if they come from less developed financial markets. Renewable projects involve high investment in infrastructure and equipment and can cost several million USD to hundreds of millions USD. Therefore, developers are forced to run long and expensive fundraising campaigns. Even when funds are available, there are usually some big investors who, through high negotiating power, uphold unfavorable economic terms for developers.
Institutional investors 
Engaged with the development of green energy often find themselves having huge exposure to one or several mega-projects. Many fund managers have a mandate on cash liquidity and can not participate in renewable projects due to long development time. For green focused energy funds, the origination deal is a problem because high overhead has multiple origination teams. As a result, these funds are limited to the geographical location of their offices.
Individual investors 
Can encourage renewable investment by bringing a large collective pool of capital. However, most of them have not been able to participate in this market. The slim size of renewable projects makes it impractical for individual investors to participate directly. Some green energy funds also have minimal contributions, sometimes as high as $ 100,000, leaving most individual investors. In addition, individual investors do not have the resources to conduct due diligence and are exposed to unnecessary risks.
Greenx Solutions 
To address the above challenges for both investors and developers, Green X’s mission is to build an ecosystem consisting of two global markets – GreenX Capital Markets and GreenX Global Exchange. Capital Market GreenX is a crowdfunding platform built on blockchain technology, while GreenX Global Exchange is a global energy investment market operating 24/7 globally.
GreenX Token 
GreenX Token is the center of the GreenX ecosystem. tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain and traded under the abbreviated name “GEX” in popular exchanges. The GreenX Token grants its holder the ability to participate in the GreenX platform and does not represent GreenX’s shares as a legal entity.
Importance of Token 
GreenX Token is the most important aspect of the GreenX ecosystem. Without it, the overall business model will not work. tokens allow the use of intelligent contracts, global operations, and value transfers. It is required that GreenX runs on a GEX token to ensure network liquidity and stability.
GreenX Token has all the attributes that a typical cryptocurrency has. these attributes include:
|| Peer-to-peer, decentralized network
|| high transaction speed
|| the system is secure and unhackable
|| high level of anonymity
|| Not controlled by any government organization or entity
However, the GreenX token is unique in that it is the only cryptocurrency received on our platform – GreenX Capital Markets and GreenX Global Exchange. Using tokens, GEX holders can invest in selected green energy projects worldwide to earn passive cash flow or equity trading projects.

Allocation of Token

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