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Gric Coin is an Agricultural, Crypto Currency, Blockchain and Investment Project


The Gric Coin vision is to create a decentralized open-source currency before the end of 2019, that is focused on improving agricultural practice and increase agricultural output globally with the major focus on Africa.

Agricultural in Africa

With more than 60% of its 1.166 billion people living in rural areas, Africa’s economy is inherently dependent on agriculture. More than 32% of the continent’s gross domestic product comes from the sector.

However, agricultural productivity still remains far from developed world standards. Over 90% of agriculture depends on rainfall, with no artificial irrigation aid. The techniques used to cultivate the soil are still far behind from what has been adopted in Asia and Americas, lacking not only irrigation, but also fertilisers, pesticides and access to high-yield seeds. Agriculture in Africa also experiences basic infrastructural problems such as access to markets and financing.

Singapore is proving to be an engaged ally in the process of changing this reality. Some big players in the agricultural sector with their headquarters in Singapore, are investing heavily in Africa. Technology and skills are being transferred to smallholder farmers and the large-scale producers are cooperating, playing a fair game that will help develop the sector and make it more sustainable.

Agriculture in Africa: An overview

In Africa, agriculture accounts for two thirds of livelihoods and food accounts for two thirds of the household budgets of poor people. It makes up a very important part of the lives of African people, but in spite of it, it apparently receives very little attention from the governments.

The low productivity levels of agriculture in Africa have resulted in a worrisome scenario: it does not meet the growing demand for food from urban centres. The region is increasingly dependent on food imports. For a continent with such a vast area, a booming young population and tropical climate, it is surprising that Africa is not a net exporter of agricultural products. In the 1970s, Africa provided 8% of the world’s total agricultural exports. Today this number has dropped to a negligible 2%.

Africa spent US$35bn on food imports (excluding fish) in 2011, only 5% of it related to trading within the continent. An increase in productivity, matched with the right set of policies and investment, could revert this situation. Africa could replace these imports with their own produce, which would in turn reduce poverty, enhance food and nutrition security, and provide sustainable growth to the respective societies.

How does agricultural development trigger economic growth?

Agricultural growth was the precursor to the industrial revolutions that spread across the temperate world, from England in the mid 18th century, to Japan in the late 19th century. At that time, a better understanding of the use of soil and techniques, such as irrigation, use of horsepower in the fields, and seed selection, improved crop yields. Consequently, livestock could be better fed during winter times, increasing the size of herds. These changes in agriculture made it possible to feed all the people attracted to the industrial centres as factory workers, triggering the industrial revolution and leading to higher economic growth.

More recently, we see examples of economic transformation linking better agricultural productivity to industrial growth in countries such as China, India, and Vietnam.

Talking about the development of agriculture in Africa, a platform called Gric Coin is here to answer various challenges that have yet to be resolved. This project focuses on agricultural development using blockchain technology. Using blockchain technology, Gric Coin is able to create a reliable and modern agricultural platform.

Gric Coin will improve our platform, make an application for it and make it available to investors to invest in live agricultural projects with Gric Coin, get local farmers to do hard work and repay investors their initial investment and agreed return on investment. And In the 2nd quarter of 2019, our Blockchain website should be ready for use in product verification and prevention of imitation and food fraud.

Gric Coin Features

  • Gric Website and App: Gric website and app will provide accurate and reliable information to the buyers and sellers about the food products as well as about the market conditions.
  • Quality: Our users will be able to get the genuine and standardized food products providing the best quality and value for money.
  • Trustworthy Database: Gric has a decentralized and transparent database on the immutable blockchain where the information is impossible to fraudulently modify and can be relied on over time
  • Gric Records and Reports: The information collected by Gric will be used to create transparent and reliable records that will be available for the farmers and consumers.

Why should invest in Gric coin

Good Returns

You can use your Gric coin as payment in our Utility Project and earn good returns on your investment.

Future of Agriculture

By purchasing Gric Coin, you will be investing in the future of agriculture.

A Good Step

Your purchase of Gric Coin will help create employment for hundreds of farmers that will be employed on our farm.

Continuous Return

Every year Gric Coin holders will receive 20% of the Gric Coin Project net profit which includes the Farm / block chain site, farmpartner project and the adoption project.

Token Sales

GRIC token aims to function as a convenient digital currency with limited amounts of speculative trading due to an intrinsic value derived from its steady future revenues. Therefore, GRIC token is much less likely to be subject to the same degree of price volatility which characterizes other coins/tokens in the cryptocurrency market.

GRIC tokens are used to run the GRIC platform and network. A portion of the minted GRIC tokens will be sold to the GRIC community in a public sale. Before the public sale, a pre-sale will occur.


Name: Gric Coin (GC)

Exchange Rate: 1 GC= 0.007 USD

Currencies Accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC, ETC, XRP

Minimum Purchase: 2500 GC

Starts: November 1 (00:00 GMT)

Ends: November 31 (23;00 GMT)

Soft Cap: 1,000,000 USD

Hard Cap: 25,000,000 USD


70% Core Token sales

2% Air Drop and Bounties

19% Bonus and Reserve

3% Project Team

5% Partners and Advisors


30% Land Purchase and Infrastructure

25% Processing Activities

15% Land Prerpration /Labour

10% Branding and Marketing

15% IT Infrastructure

5% Legal Finance and Overheads


August 2017

Conception Of Farmpartner Site Idea

December 2017

Completion Of

January 2018

First Farmpartner investment commence

April 2018

Commencement Of first live farm

May 2018

Gric Coin Agricultural Blockchain Project concept

June 2018

Setting up of Gric Coin GC project social networks and ICO website Design

July 2018

Gric Coin White-paper design

2nd Half Of 2018

Pre-sale and ICO

1st half of 2019

Purchase of farm land and pre farming activities

2nd half of 2019

Setting up of processing factory and Gric Coin Project Blockchain site, App and Updated Farmpartner platform.

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