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Most of us travel. But because of the considerable distance it is necessary to resort to air flights. Of course, this is incredibly shortening time, but many of us are afraid to fly on airplanes, and some have even such a phobia. I certainly agree with this idea, but the world does not stand still and new technologies replace the old technologies. One of them, and, in my opinion, the most interesting is the GSC Aviation project.
What is the GSC Aviation platform? This is a union of people who intend to take care of flight safety. That is, they assume that in the near future (approximately one year from now) we will be able to make long air flights absolutely without risk. In addition, I can not help but note that only to focus on air transport, representatives of the project GSC Aviation do not intend. As soon as their idea is introduced into this mode of transport, they will deal with the problems of the automotive sphere and railway transport.
It is worth saying that the GSC Aviation platform is designed for both customers and the manufacturer. Despite the fact that the air navigation sector is developing at a rapid pace, there are still moments that are holding back this process. In particular, I would mention the approach to the selection and delivery of components and parts for aircraft. At the moment, only large companies with a solid budget can make a choice in the direction of a proven supplier. And despite the eminence of the supplier, they still test and verify the acquired part. However, not everyone has such an opportunity.
The GSC Aviation project is designed to facilitate and reduce the cost of this process due to its innovative solutions. Such a solution will be the introduction of blocking technology. This will contribute to better tracking of components and parts, logistics. Each part will be entered in the register, which will also contain information on the date of its manufacture, installation, modernization and repair, as well as the end-use time. All these data are constantly monitored, and in the case of a date approach to one of the periods, an alert occurs. So no small detail will not be left without attention. Safety, first of all.
And what will change for us, that is, those who use air transport? Here improvements are even greater.
Airlines search.
If earlier we just found a company providing air flights by its name, now it will be possible to study its activity thoroughly. No secret information and deceit on their part – everything is transparent.
Quick search.
The creators of GSC Aviation offer us to use a special module that will quickly find an air carrier in close proximity to you.
If earlier you chose an air carrier, now the airline will be interested in attracting more customers. Competition is growing, which means that the requirements for air transport users are increasing.
Data optimization.
Each self-respecting airline, interested in high-quality transportation of passengers, will acquire an identification card. These cards will be stored in a special cell, where each of the interested customers will have access.
Tracking companies.
Each client will receive information about the carrier and its cooperation with other carriers. What does this give us? This will allow us to save time on searching for a carrier and make the flight process cheaper.
The introduction of a new system for air carriers will take place in 2019. This will be preceded by many tests.
The main goal of GSC Aviation is to simplify the processes of interaction with the creator of components for air transport, their delivery and maintenance. For this, powerful technical tools are created to help the service personnel.
I have never used an airline for travel. I will not hide that there is fear, but having read the plans of GSC Aviation, I will use their decision, because its implementation is not far off. Why did I make such a decision? This is all due to the fact that representatives of GSC Aviation will secure the movement through the air. This will be facilitated by quality supplies of parts, their operation and monitoring of their condition. Also, you can not fail to note the reduction in transportation costs. Innovations in air travel are what I’ve been waiting for a long time.



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