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Most of us travel. But because of the sufficient distance it is necessary to use air flights. Of course, it greatly reduces time, but many of us are afraid of flying, and some even phobias. I certainly agree with this idea, but the world does not stand still and new technology replaces old technology. One of them, and, in my opinion, the most interesting is the GSC Aviation project.

What is the GSC Aviation platform? This is a union of people who intend to maintain flight safety. That is, they assume that we will be able to make long-term flight costs absolutely no risk in the near future (about one year). Also, I can’t help but note that only focus on air transportation, representatives of the GSC Aviation project will not. Once they introduce ideas in the form of transportation, they will be involved in the automotive and railroad sector issues.

It should be said that the GSC Aviation platform is designed for customers and manufacturers. Despite the fact that the air navigation sector is developing very rapidly, there are still times that hamper this process. In particular, I will mention the approach to the selection and delivery of components and parts for aircraft. At present, only large companies with a solid budget can make choices towards proven suppliers. And despite the superiority of suppliers, they are still testing and verifying the parts obtained. However, not everyone has an opportunity like that.

The GSC Flight Project is designed to facilitate and reduce the cost of this process because of its innovative solutions. Such solutions are the introduction of blocking technology. This will contribute to better tracking of components and parts, logistics. Each section will be included in the list, which will also store information about the date of creation, installation, modernization and repair, as well as the end time of use. All of this data is always monitored, and in the case of a date approach for one period, a warning occurs. So no small details will be left without attention. Safety, first of all.

And what will change for us, those who use air transportation? Improvements here are even greater.

Search for Airlines. If previously we just found a company that provides air flights with its name, it is now possible to study its activities thoroughly. There is no confidential information and deception from them – everything is transparent.

Quick search. The creator of GSC Aviation offers us to use a special module that will soon find an airline near you.

Tender. If you previously chose an airline, now the airline will be interested in attracting more customers. Competition is growing, which means that the requirements for air transportation users are increasing.

Optimizing data. Every self-respecting airline that is interested in high-quality passenger transportation will get an identity card. These cards will be stored in a special cell, where each interested customer will have access.

Tracking company.

Each client will receive information about the operator and cooperation with other operators. Does this give us? This will allow us to save time in searching for operators and make the flight process cheaper.

The introduction of a new system for airlines will take place in 2019. This will be preceded by many tests.

The main purpose of GSC Aviation is to simplify the process of interaction with the creators of components for air transportation, shipping and maintenance. For this, a strong technical tool was created to help service personnel.


I have never used an airline to travel. I will not hide that there is fear, but after reading the GSC Aviation plan, I will use their decision, because the implementation is not far away. Why did I make a decision like that? This is all due to the fact that representatives from GSC Aviation will secure movement through the air. This will be facilitated by quality parts supply, their operations and monitoring of their conditions. Also, you cannot fail to record a reduction in transportation costs. Innovation in air travel is what I’ve been waiting for for a long time.

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