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  • Blockchain technology is already experiencing rapid growth so that emerging technology development and development based on technology in all fields of business and technology, so many investment models offered to support the success of a project or development. Investing in the aviation world is becoming a new breakthrough because, GSC Aviation is a combination of database effectiveness that has been tested for query processes with blockchain technology security to provide a reliable and reliable platform for updating information such as vendor financial strength, quality standards, and data MRO. In the background, a large and decentralized computer network records every transaction made by each member of the supply chain in a continuous and updated blockchain in real-time. GSC Platform Company is located in South-West, France.
  • We think the growth in the Aviation Sector can be combined with the traditional approach to managing the supply chain. There are new technological solutions that can secure the supply chain and streamline corporate processes. We believe and believe in the evolutionary potential that blockchain can provide in the tracking, logistics, and buyer processes. The GSC platform will improve safety and reduce costs in the Aeronautical supply chain sector. Our goal is to improve flight safety and enable economies of scale for aerospace industry players by optimizing the overall supply chain.
  • Advantages in the GSC Aviation platform
  • Quick Search
    Thanks to this search module, the GSC aviation platform allows you to find suppliers close to you. Using a rating system indexed by search engines, top-ranked vendors appear first in your results.
  • Centralized Tender
    In accordance with the needs of goods and services, select the suppliers and criteria that determine your choice and bid for the tender in a few clicks.
  • Discoverability Can Be Optimized
    A very important identity card can be stored in the database allowing you to access each supplier’s information very quickly.
  • Tracking Regular and Efficient Suppliers
    The GSC platform gives each buyer a list of dashboard information about their previous supplier and collaboration. The easy-to-use technical tools for buyers enable them to save time and concentrate on strategic purchases and higher value-added tasks for their companies.
  • GSC Aviation function uses Blockchain technology
  • Control And Tracking
  • To manage obsolescence in a planned equipment, this information can be stored and secured in the GSC Aviation Blockchain. Blockchain can remind MRO, Airlines, and CAMO customers for inspections and tests to be performed on each part. The visibility of this information also makes it possible to anticipate ordering parts at the end of potential and thus to achieve an effective source with optimal purchasing conditions.
  • Blockchain GSC Aviation technology is used to store and secure the entire life cycle of the flight pieces. From manufacturing to aircraft installation, through general inspection, repair or repair at the workshop, it is possible to consult all the procedures undertaken. Thanks to the excellent Blockchain technology and traceability of aerospace parts, aircraft are safer and passengers and crew safety are enhanced.
  • To understand what GSC Aviation is, please watch this short video

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