GUARIUM e-Commerce Automation Una plataforma de ventas en línea totalmente automatizada

Greetings to all the comund, I am passionate about the crypto coins and a follower of good projects. In this new publication I would like to present the GUARIUM project. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crytocurrencies, ICO … but GUARIUM blockchain is the coolest, and for more details we’re going to the following topics:

If we observe how society has evolved, from tribal societies we have moved to a different social structure in the modern world where people work in a specialized way and can do so in a global environment, from anywhere in the world due to the advent of technology and Internet.

GUARIUM e-Commerce Automation A fully automated online sales platform

Imagine that there is a system in which all those who want to start their online business do so without any obstacle when entering their email address on the website to become the owner of their own online store. And, literally, it only takes a short time. The store is equipped with categories with millions of products (the free version is limited to a thousand products). By moving the different tiles, they create a category design and, therefore, each store becomes a unique and unparalleled store, almost immediately ready to sell products on the web.

Each owner of a store of this type changes their logo and configures it according to their own assumptions. Regardless of age, regardless of whether you have just graduated from school or if you are 85 years old, if you want to do something valuable in life and like to sell, you can run the store thanks to our platform and without advanced knowledge online. The owners of the stores need today.

The fully automated logistics system will make the ordered product shipped directly from the warehouse to your customer. You do not have to deal with that! All you have to do is verify the sales profits that accumulate in your account and that’s it. Well, you have to promote it a bit, but thanks to the dedicated trainings available in the system, you’ll know how to do it in a professional and effective way.

But that is not all. Due to the advanced membership application, each store owner can recommend a store or someone else’s product. That makes printing a natural behavior in social networks. The spam effect will finally disappear, as everyone will recommend only one thing and one link.

And what would happen if the client that was assigned to him once became his client forever in the whole system and not just in a store? If you buy products in any other store of thousands of stores around the world, being part of the electronic commerce automation system, you would receive commissions every time the money entered by the same customer enters the system.

Imagine that throughout the e-Commerce Automation system we introduce our own currency in circulation for the exchange of value. It’s GuarCoin. Imagine that we allow you to use it in hundreds of thousands of e-commerce stores. It is amazing how we are going to change not only the entire e-commerce industry, but also move the affiliation systems on several levels, which offers greater opportunities for cooperation and winning with us. It is very important that the commissions you earn can be paid in Bitcoin, Ethereum, GuarCoin or USD.

Scheme of general system

This is your chance
-You can buy GUAR Tokens before they officially go into circulation. We know perfectly well that the future of purchases belongs to the Internet and, thanks to the appropriate e-Commerce Automation infrastructure that we are building, we will significantly influence the way people shop online.

5 TN: (trillions) of dollars
value of the e-commerce market in Europe
0.01: value of GUAR tokens in presale
10%: from GUAR tokens to be distributed in the Pre ICO phase
35 MLN: dollars
objective for the Pre ICO phase
Guar Coin price in previous sales: 0.01 GUAR – Every purchase today is additional: 100%.

How to buy Guarcoin Tokens?

Road map

Plan for the launch of the project and the implementation of individual stages

– JANUARY 2016 Infrastructure planning Preparation of the entire concept and creation of a business plan for the entire structure of e-Commerce automation.

– MAY 2016 Creation of affiliated engines An advanced differential differential affiliated engine was created to distribute commissions of sold products connected to the entire system. The system tests were carried out in a group of more than 15,000 customers.

– APRIL 2017 I STAGE – a database system A database system was created to support the flow of several million product and order bases.

– DECEMBER 2017 Integration with wholesalers The first wholesalers connected to the central storage system. A database of more than 140,000 products of various types was imported.

– JANUARY 2018 The visual part of the data exchange system The completion of the construction works of the platform for the exchange of goods, being a connection between producers and wholesalers with the owners of online stores

– APRIL 2018 Pre ICO Phase The first 10% of tokens is available for distribution to determine the price of ICO in order to raise funds for the completion of the project. A total of 3.5 billion chips of Guar coins. The estimated proportion of value in the Pre ICO phase is 35 million dollars.

– JUNE 2018 System integration and payment gateways The last phase of system integration in a bidirectional communication system to provide the flow of goods and orders between wholesalers and owners of online stores.

– OFFER OF INITIAL COINS IN JULY OF 2018. 30% of the tokens are launched for purchase in order to raise capital for further development. It will allow us to create a modern exchange system for digital currencies based on the Blockchain technology and prepare the entire electronic commerce automation system to internationalize.

– AUGUST 2018. Pre-launch and online stores. Pre-launch phase of the entire electronic commerce automation system in the first country to identify people who want to manage their own online stores, free of cost and maintenance.

– OCTOBER 2018 Official start of the automation of electronic commerce A fully automated sales network is launched that connects manufacturers and wholesalers with a huge and powerful affiliate network that turns people who manage their own online stores into a lever to sell products.

– DECEMBER 2018 Virtual Shopping Malls – 3D Shop View Launch of PREMIUM solutions for producers who want to stand out and create innovative sales solutions in relation to the entire electronic commerce automation system.

– MARCH OF 2019 Start of work in its own market of cryptocurrencies. Creation of our own online chip exchange system. The official launch of Guar Coin to external circulation outside the e-Commerce Automation network.

– APRIL 2019 International expansion The beginning of the works aimed at introducing the entire electronic commerce automation system in other countries to take over a large part of the 5 billion e-commerce market in Europe alone.

– AUGUST 2019 Hard Fork Guar Coin The beginning of the work in our own infrastructure for GuarCoin as an independent digital currency with its own blockchain technology.

DECEMBER 2019 BLOCKCHAIN WAS DURATION We will continue working on the development of the entire electronic commerce automation organization, as well as on the application of the possibility of increasing the value of GuarCoin with the use of blockchain technology.

Structure of the Token
How do you see the distribution of the GuarCoin card?

The distribution of tokens has been divided into several phases, the first is Pre ICO, where users can obtain Guar Coin at a price that will allow them to obtain the best results by increasing their value.

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