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GYM Ledger is a very unique sportsband that is specifically built to support the GYM Rewards App which has also been equipped with an integrated hardware wallet to protect your cryptocurrency assets. GYM Ledger has two different roles. It functions as a healthband that is capable of carrying out cardio monitoring activities and also functions as a hardware wallet to protect your cryptocurrency.

GYM Ledger can store your multi-cryptocurrency safely and easily and is used to detect your heart rate when you exercise.
The idea of ​​this project is that when participating in sports in the gym, participants will receive tokens, which can later be converted into cryptocurrency, monetary compensation.

Cryptocurrency mining generally uses a hardware device such as GPU and Antminer. But GYM Ledger has made a new innovation breakthrough that can mine cryptocurrency just by using our body. With exercise we will get an LGR Token for free. In accordance with activities during exercise. This application will be available on your mobile.

GYM Ledger also has a superior product in the form of a bracelet that we can use every day. With a very modern and elegant design, we can use it not only when exercising but we can also use it when we travel. Look at the picture below,

Very modern and elegant isn’t it? This bracelet is believed to make you understand more about your body’s health, and make you diligent in exercising so that you will get your own cryptocurrency from exercising. Healthy and also profitable isn’t it? Seeing technological progress like this certainly makes us very excited to do it right? How to? We are obliged to participate in the sale of the GYM Ledger token before the ICO GYM Ledger expires. Because this bracelet will connect to your smartphone by using a connection from Bluetooth.

The Gym Rewards mobile application is now fully functional and available for on AnroidOS and iOS. Application that can read from the bracelet, measure the level of physical activity and store tokens.

This bracelet functions as a wallet like Trezor or Ledger. and can detect heart rate.
Exchange tokens from GymBase Exchange. The Gym Award is designed to provide a convenient opportunity for users to sell tokens that are obtained quickly and easily during exercise.

Explanation regarding the sale of GYM Ledger tokens.

GYM Ledger Tokens will be sold to the public as much as 20% of the total inventory tokens. And the achievement of their minimum token sales is 4% of the total inventory tokens. There is a total inventory of 100,000,000 tokens. 20% of 100 M Tokens are 20 M Tokens. So don’t run out. The Token purchase period is,

Pre-sale: October 1 — October 15
Token Sale I: October 16 — October 31
Token Sale II: November 1 — December 31

Token LGR
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20

PreICO price 1 LGR = 0.0014 ETH
Price in ICO 1 LGR = 0.002 ETH


Currently developers have launched a bracelet campaign, and will continue to be involved in continuous updates of the application and will add new placements based on partner mapping data.

For those who regularly engage in sports, this will be a great opportunity to make money from their energy while exercising or at the center of GYM.

If you want to participate in ICO Gym Ledger, then the time is right because it’s still very early and the opportunity is great.

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