HACK: Hackers/Founders Fund Token

As attaining parts with the timelines of absence with the records of work as the managing business of finance with the top rank technology startups, HACK developer comes with the offers as applying strategy with the blockchain technology as improving the better chance of entry with the business as widening scale and scopes of network as those relying within the ERC20 administrative system.

Providing use of tools and application to work with the utilization as the manage of qualification, HACK developer gives with the delegitimation as extending challenge as clients to compete with the market on supports of 300 expert from the Silicon Valley.

Offering different option of instrumentation to gives as clients to work on decision with personal investment strategics, the modest of the blockchain to elevate leverage as widening scale and scopes of network to improves growth of liquidity with the building of business system.

HACK is predicated on the ERC223 protocol. ERC223 solves problems with the ERC20 commonplace whereas remaining backwards compatible with ERC20-compliant wallets. HACK could be a tradeable digital token which will be used for participation, illustration, proof of membership in H/F or the other appropriate purpose.

KrowdMentor, a strategic investment and informatory firm empowering blockchain investors, funds, startups and entrepreneurs, developed the token. KrowdMentor conjointly provided good contract development, good contract management systems in addition as through different informatory roles in support of HACK VC.

Unlike different programs, founders will speak with investors before formally connexion the H/F program. it’s a chance for candidates to achieve priceless recommendation on markets, fundraising and usefulness.

H/F sources investors from a info of over three,000 angel investors, venture capitalists, family workplace managers, institutional investors and different money professionals, all United Nations agency give their time.

Interviews ar conducted via in-person meeting or video conference. Afterward, investors share their scores with H/F. If a corporation scores to an adequate degree on capitalist and knowledgeable review boards, H/F opens a dialogue with the founders concerning whether or not their company would be a decent suited the Hackers/Founders startup program.

Token Sale

Token Sale Launches once Cap Stage two Reached

Token charge per unit

1 USD = 1 HACK


Currency received: ETH, BTC

Minimum group action amount:

buy 1 HACK

Minimum Investment

US: $ 50K

Rest of the world: $ 1

Hidden hat

Revealed once eightieth achieved

Token Sale Bonus

Allocation of Token

70% Token Discount

5% Operational 75% Total Token Sales

20% Reserve Company

Founder Portfolio third

2% Community Development

25% Company + Misc.

75% of all tokens are going to be allotted purchasable, with five-hitter of the number resulting in operational prices. Any further in operation prices are going to be borrowed from the remaining seventieth and can be paid back at five-hitter interest once a year.

The company reserves can calculate a further two hundredth of all tokens. the corporate can impose a 4-year vest with a 1-year geological formation for each proof issued to the team. third are going to be distributed to the founders of the H / F portfolio company and a couple of are going to be used for community development.

Token Distribution
hack distri.png

hack team.png

More Information:
Website :https://hackvc.hf.cx/

Whitepapper :https://docs.google.com/document/d/19gNjTd1pdikcGJ8laLC7-8DuSji2wcvIeDr_0qRs9pE/edit

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