HACK VC could be a liquid venture fund on the blockchain. HACK is the Ethereum-based token issued to HACK VC investors. Hackers/Founders (H/F) is a corporation that has been investment in prime startups through AN expansive international network. H/F’s portfolio of cardinal technology startup corporations has made seven exits in just 5 years, together with acquisitions by Facebook and Cisco.
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Hackers/Founders (H/F) created HACK VC to bring its prospering approach to the blockchain, increasing accessibility and liquidity for investors. Traditional startup investors will solely understand gains once a corporation is purchased or goes public. Liquidity events, like acquisitions or IPOs, seldom happen in Silicon Valley, and even less thus elsewhere. As a result, investors rarely profit, and ought to wait roughly a decade to search out if they created an honest investment call. However, HACK VC is liquid. Investors in HACK VC should buy, sell and trade tokens during a fund that derives worth from H/F’s pool of well-performing startups. HACK tokens act like digital stock certificates.

ICO Information & Team

Allowing people to participate in the building of Ethereum based application, the HACK Token sale is conducted. 78% of total tokens are being used for public sale. The funds will be utilized for the development of the platform and marketing activities. They started a tech entrepreneur group which has found massive acceptance in the startup community.

The team behind HACKERS/FOUNDERS is experienced in the field of startup investment, technology and Marketing. Their motivation is evident from the kind of investment they have in the different companies.


The safe nature of investment is one of the core features of the Platform. H/F have been in the startup investment ecosystem for years, and now they wish to transform that experience into a sustainable platform based on blockchain technology. Liquidity is the key concern for investors and H/F has tried to bring an innovative solution to it.

In the coming years of technology development and rapid disruption, we are bound to be flooded with an information and decision gap. H/F platform will be one of the top groups in the era of latest technology providing liquidity in the market. We can hope to see many such platforms which help us in the investment decision. I think we can find best companies to invest in the H/F platform with an easier option for liquidity.

To know more visit:

Website: https://hack.hf.cx/

Whitepaper: https://hackvc.docsend.com/view/x6nmm5y

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