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Hack Vc Investment with Various Advantages


HACK VC uses blockchain technology to make startup investments available to people all over the world and who are at all levels of investment.

Those who want to get involved in supporting tech startup can do it without high income. The cost of 1 HACK token is $ 1 USD, and during the token sale, this minimum gain goes into the fund. In addition, investors can benefit from beginners who are now abandoned because they are in a difficult world to reach because of regulations, markets, and other factors. Due to the decentralized blockchain technology, the capital that may be left on the table can now be used to increase the value for investors.

HACK VC also offers risk diversification. Until now, it was almost impossible to gain exposure to diversified startup equity portfolios without much wealth. Most importantly, HACK VC is a liquid, and offers investors the ability to realize profit without having to wait a decade.

Hacker / Founder, creator of HACK VC, has run a proprietary startup program that generates 30% year-over-year growth over the last five years, and already has seven out of fifty-five companies from around the world.

What is a Hacker / Founder?

Hacker / Founder manages the post-product portfolio of technology companies, and provides services in return for equity. Equity is combined into funds and offered to investors. Four H / F funds have produced seven exits in five years.

H / F launched the first group of technology entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, and over the past decade, the community has grown to more than 300,000 people in 128 cities and 47 countries. This unique network is the key to sustainable H / F access to high-quality startup for its portfolio.

What is Hack Vc
HACK VC is a business fund in blockchain. HACK is a Ethereal-based token issued to HACK VC investors.

Hacker / Founder (H / F) is an organization that has invested in top startups through an expansive global network. The H / F portfolio of five startup technology companies has produced seven exits in just five years, including acquisitions by Facebook and Cisco.

Hacker / Founder (H / F) created HACK VC to bring its successful approach to blockchain, increased accessibility and liquidity for investors.

Fund Source Hack Vc

HACK VC will benefit from the same processes, communities and experiences that resulted in seven Hacker / Founder portfolios out of the past five years.

With the use of blockchain technology, HACK VC will enable people at every level and in every part of the world to invest in startups. In addition, HACK VC liquidity means investors will be able to reap the rewards from a diversified startup portfolio without waiting for years.

Fund Review
1.Target investment amount: 30 for every $ 10 million increase.
2.The typical initial investment by HACK VC: $ 100k- $ 250k Seed, $ 500k- $ 2 million Series A.
3.Invest in beginners who want to have their own token sales as well as those that grow toward the traditional exit.

The types of companies we invest in:

Fund returns in the following ways:

H / F Fund 1–4 Buyback

Buyback connects past H / F funds and HACK VC. HACK VC will purchase the existing H / F Funding shares 1 to 4, owned by the General Partner and the previous investor. This repurchase will consist of up to 20% submitted by HACK VC. In this way, HACK VC can start investing immediately after token sales, rather than having to wait until new beginners are involved.


HACK VC will use 100% profit from exiting to reinvest into new or existing portfolio companies. Reinvestment ensures that funds continue to create value over time. H / F has a track record of 30% growth of funds for each of the last 5 years.

HACK VC will engage independent services such as eShares to report aggregate overall valuations for portfolio beginners. Public reporting will take place twice a year.

For example, if you have a 200+ portfolio of companies that on average earn 30% revenue and profits from year to year, the HACK / HACK VC token value should in theory grow 30% year on year.


For every $ 10 million raised in token sales, HACK VC will invest around 30 existing or new portfolio companies. Fund investment will be Seeds and Series A.

The current H / F equity service business model can also be used to earn additional equity in each company. Overall, the ownership of the beginner’s equity will range from a minimum of 1% to 30%.

Startups are accepted into the portfolio through an exclusive process of inspection utilizing the wisdom of an expert network / H / F partners, experts and co-workers to choose the best company.

Token Sales Requirements

Notice: HACK VC reserves the right to buy back the HACK token

Token Presale

Presale Phase 1 begins
Wednesday 15 November 2017 at 12.00 PST
Visit hackvc.hf.cx for more information or to participate

Token exchange rate
$ 1 USD = 1 HACK

Currency received: ETH, BTC
Minimum transaction amount: purchase 1 HACK
(US citizens have a higher minimum due to existing laws Contact us for more details)

Bonus Presale

Token Sale
Token Sale Launches After Cap Stage 2 Reached

Token exchange rate
1 USD = 1 HACK

Currency received: ETH, BTC
Minimum transaction amount:
buy 1 HACK

Minimum Investment
US: $ 50K
Rest of the world: $ 1

Hidden Caps
Closed when 80%

Token Sale Bonus

Allocation of Token

70% Token Discount
5% Operational & Advisory
75% Total Token Sales

20% Reserve Company
Founder Portfolio 3%
2% Community Development
25% Company + Misc.

75% of all tokens will be allocated for sale, with 5% of the amount leading to operational costs. Any additional operating costs will be borrowed from the remaining 70% and will be repaid at 5% interest per annum.

The company reserves will calculate an additional 20% of all tokens. The company will impose a 4-year vest with a 1-year cliff for every evidence issued to the team. 3% will be distributed to the founders of the H / F portfolio company and 2% will be used for community development.


Hacker / Founder has 4 funds available (numbered 1 to 4) which will be given token to a certain percentage through HACK VC. After HACK VC starts investing into a company that uses token sales, the equity of the company will be held in the same legal entity as the fund. All portfolio companies, whether receiving services for equity or investments through HACK VC, will be served by the H / F Portfolio Service.

Track record

The hacker / founding portfolio of fifty-five technology startup companies has produced seven exits in four H / F funds, including acquisitions by Facebook and Cisco.

The H / F portfolio has grown 30% every year for 5 years. The best venture capital fund in Silicon Valley is between 15–20%. In addition, member startups have raised about $ 100 million.

H / F Portfolio Service

Hacker / Founder helps technology startup in Silicon Valley and global scale by providing services for justice. Services include:
Branding Consultation
Token Sale Consulting
Connection to Traditional Funding
Marketing strategy
Post-it Party — exclusive workshop for beginners
Office room
Housing & Relocation
Lunch, Special Events + Speakers
A full list of services provided by H / F to beginner members is available in the appendix.

How Hackers / Founders Choose a Portfolio Company.

Groove H / F

Hacker / Founder finds top startups through unique and worldwide networks. H / F events have been held in 128 cities and 47 countries. The flow of offers results from ongoing engagement with hundreds of technology, developer and professional developers around the world through our community.

Startups are referred to through members of our community worldwide, or refer themselves via the web. H / F takes year-round applications from startups around the world.


Companies in various sectors like web, mobile, fintech, cleantech, health care, blockchain and hardware apply to be part of the H / F program for beginners.

H / F looks for grit, talent and performance in every company, and realizes that the bias can decorate the image. That is why applications for Hacker / Founder startup programs are blind.

Race, gender, age and other identifiers are not collected. Choosing to exclude this information means that every startup can be evaluated based on its own strengths and potentials, rather than wanting to judge a template for past successes.


H / F refers to the wisdom of its global community to choose startup companies.
Entrepreneurs and experts from the extensive H / F network are grouped into diverse review boards. Reviewers print individual applications submitted by beginners, and also provide written comments about products, products and more. Startups that are well switched to the next stage. Those who will not get meaningful feedback in the form of scores and compiled comments, which can help them improve their vision and re-enforcement.

Investor Review

Unlike other programs, the founders can talk to investors before formally joining the H / F program. This is an opportunity for applicants to get valuable advice on the market, fundraising and usability.

H / F source investors from a database of more than 3,000 angel investors, venture capitalists, family office managers, institutional investors and other financial professionals, all of which contribute their time.

Interviews are conducted through private meetings or video conferences. After that, investors share their score with H / F. If a company has a good enough value on the advisory board of investors and experts, H / F opens a dialogue with the founders about whether their company will be in accordance with the Hacker / Founder startup program.


The community-generated selection process translates into high-quality startups in the H / F program, and these portfolio companies tend to outperform similar companies in other funds or accelerators. Unlike others, H / F individually adjusts its program to meet the needs of each startup. The result is the H / F portfolio has seven out of fifty five companies in four funds.


The extraordinary project is a project in which there are people who are in a team that is compact, intelligent, has extensive experience, and of course has the expertise of each is not in wonder anymore, so do not be surprised if Hack Vc will success.


To let alone you stay silent, let’s join Hack Vc, of course you will not be disappointed and certainly profitable for your future to invest in Hack Vc.!

For more information Please Visit:

Website : https://ico.hackers%20/%20Founders.com/
Whitepaper : https://hackvc.docsend.com/view/x6nmm5y

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