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Only truth shall prevail. It is the force of circumstances that makes us invest in the particular area. Investment is as old as humans. we have traded and invested in the right opportunities at the right time, to get the right results. We are sincere creatures who have been working on ways to improve our nature of working. People invest in the companies and startups but actually, they don’t. They invest in the idea, they invest in people who will work relentlessly to execute the idea. What drives a person to invest in a small startup is the potential of that idea.

There is also an element of making a good fortune to justify their decision in the idea. But, given the circumstances of today’s startup world, it is a very long wait for the investor before he can finally reach the conclusion about his investment. The exits are becoming less frequent, which makes investors a little worried about the future.

Solution Offered

HACKER/FOUNDERS have proposed an innovative solution to the chronic problem faced by the investors. It is a company which has years of experience in the investment. Currently, they have more than 50 companies in their portfolio. The HACK platform aims to bring liquidity to the market. It allows people to buy tokens of HACKER/FOUNDERS, and trade on the exchange for liquidity. The HACK token is the central key for all the transaction on the platform.

The token is based on the ethereum Blockchain. It is an ERC-223 standard which is updated version of the ERC-20. A fund will be created named HACK where anyone can invest in multitudes of sectors. The selection of industry for investment is decided by the Global community of HACK. The open nature of the platform allows users, founders and investors to exchange and share their solutions easily on the HACK ecosystem.

Every $30 M raised in the token sale, Hack will invest in 30 new company portfolios. The equity from these companies will be used as a liquidity fund. H/F portfolio has grown 30% year on year for 5 consecutive years. Meanwhile, the venture capital funds in the Silicon Valley are able to achieve only 15-20%. Since H/F looks for the performance in the company, the biases like race, gender and age are not collected.
Unlike other companies, the founders of the startups can speak with the investors of H/F program. H/F has the list of investors from the database of more than 3000 angel investors. Interviews will be conducted and the investors will share their experiences with the board members of H/F. If the company has the right match of investor, then H/F opens with the founders of the company whether the company will be a good fit for the Hackers/Founders startup program.
The token sale has started from the second week of November. H/F will accept the bitcoins and Ether as the crypto currencies for taking part in the token sale. H/F has announced bonus package of 40% for the investors buying the token in the phase 1. The bonus package of 30% is announced for the investors taking part in the phase 2.

Team and their portfolios
The board members comprise of the founding person, Christopher who is also the CEO of Gloebit which is a digital currency web service. The other members are also from the diverse fields of Finance and management. The main portfolio is to cultivate a large network of tech founders around the world. With its liquidity, the returns will be reinvested and this further increases the chances for future returns. This creates more opportunities for profit. Hack gives exposure to the investors of any tier and therefore anyone who sees the idea of the startup to be interesting can monetize and earn profit from them.

To know more visit:

Website: https://hack.hf.cx/
Whitepaper: https://hackvc.docsend.com/view/x6nmm5y

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