Ein Liquid Venture Fund auf der Blockchain

Der HACK-Fonds ist ein liquider Fonds an der Blockchain. HACK-Token ist das Ethereum-basierte Token, das an Anleger ausgegeben wird.
Hackers / Founders (H / F) ist eine Organisation, die durch ein ausgedehntes globales Netzwerk in Top-Startups investiert hat. Das H / F-Portfolio von 55 Technologie-Startup-Unternehmen hat in nur fünf Jahren sieben Exits hervorgebracht, darunter Akquisitionen von Facebook und Cisco.
Hacker / Gründer (H / F) haben HACK gegründet, um den erfolgreichen Ansatz der Blockchain zu verbessern und die Zugänglichkeit und Liquidität für Investoren zu erhöhen.

Was ist HACK?

Der HACK Fund ist ein von Hackers / Founders (H / F) gegründeter Venture-Fonds, der die Blockchain-Technologie nutzt, um den Anlegern eine beschleunigte Liquidität zu bieten. Geld, das während des Token-Verkaufs aufgebracht wird, wird in Top-Technologieunternehmen investiert, die weltweit skalieren.

Warum HACK?

HACK nutzt die Blockchain – Technologie, um Startup – Investitionen für Menschen rund um die
Welt und wer sind auf allen Ebenen des Investierens.
Those who want to get involved in supporting tech startups can do so without having a high income. The cost of 1 HACK token is $1 USD, and during the token sale, this minimum gains the holder entry into the fund. Also, investors can profit from startups that, up to now, would have been neglected because they are located in areas of the globe that are harder to reach due to regulations, markets, and other factors. Because blockchain technology is decentralized, capital which might have been left on the table can now be used to increase value for investors.
HACK also offers risk diversification. Until this moment, it has been nearly impossible to get exposure to a diversified portfolio of startup equity without having a great deal of wealth. Most importantly, HACK is liquid, and offers investors the ability to realize gains without having to wait a decade.
Hackers/Founders, creator of HACK, has run a proprietary startup program that yielded growth of 30% year over year for the past five years, and has had seven exits out of fifty-five companies from around the world.
In addition, the H/F team will be contributing $1 million worth of stock from existing H/F Funds 1 through 4, so that investors can buy into HACK without having to wait for the fund to acquire strongly performing assets.

HACK Token

HACK is a new Ethereum-based token issued by HACK fund, and can be bought, sold and traded through online exchanges as a liquid transaction.
HACK is based on the ERC223 protocol. ERC223 solves issues with the ERC20 standard 1 while remaining backwards compatible with ERC20-compliant wallets. HACK is a tradeable digital token that can be used for participation, representation, proof of membership in H/F or any other suitable purpose.
KrowdMentor, ​a strategic investment and advisory firm empowering blockchain investors, funds, startups and entrepreneurs, developed the token. KrowdMentor also provided smart contract development, smart contract management systems as well as through other advisory roles in support of HACK.

Hack Fund

HACK will benefit from the same processes, community and experience that resulted in seven Hackers/Founders portfolio exits over the past five years.
With the use of blockchain technology, HACK will make it more possible for people at every level and in every part of the world to invest in startups. In addition, the liquidity of HACK means investors will be able to reap the rewards of a diversified startup portfolio without having to wait for years.

Fund Overview

Targeted number of investments: 30 for every $10M raised.
Typical initial investment by HACK: $100k-$250k Seed, $500k-$2M Series A.
Investing in startups seeking to have their own token sale as well as those growing towards traditional exits.
Types of companies we invest in:
The fund returns value in the following ways:

H/F Fund 1 through 4 Buybacks

Buybacks connect past H/F funds and HACK. HACK will purchase shares in the existing, well-performing H/F Funds 1 through 4 that are owned by the General Partner and previous investors. This buyback will comprise up to 10% raised by HACK. In this way, HACK can begin investment soon after the token sale, rather than having to wait until new startups are engaged.


HACK will utilize 100% of returns from exits to reinvest into new or existing portfolio companies. Reinvestment ensures the fund continues to create value over time. H/F has a track record of 30% growth in its funds for each of the last 5 years .
HACK will engage an independent service such as eShares to publicly report the aggregate valuation for portfolio startups. Public reporting will take place two times a year.
For example, if you have a portfolio of 200+ companies that, on average, are growing revenues and profits 30% year-over-year, the value of HACK tokens/HACK should in theory grow 30% year-over-year.


For every $10M raised in the token sale, HACK will invest into approximately 30 existing or new portfolio companies. Fund investments will be Seed and Series A.
H/F’s existing services-for-equity business model may also be used to obtain additional equity in individual companies. Taken together, equity ownership of startups will range from a minimum of 1% to a maximum of 30%.
Startups accepted into the portfolio go through a proprietary vetting process that utilizes the wisdom of the H/F network of experts, partners and peers to select the best companies.

Portfolio Company Token Sales

HACK investors will have access to presale pricing for token sales launched by portfolio companies. Companies must utilize H/F services to execute their launch. This service will be offered by H/F to portfolio startups that have product, are growing rapidly and need more than $2M in capital to continue scaling.

Token Sale Terms

Notice: HACK fund reserves the right to repurchase HACK tokens if it is in the best interest of our token holders.
Token Presale
Presale Phase 1 begins
Wednesday 15 November 2017 at 12:00AM PST
Visit hackvc.hf.cx for more information or buy.hf.cx to participate
Token exchange rate
$1 USD = 1 HACK
Currencies accepted: ETH, BTC
Minimum transaction amount: purchase of 1 HACK
(US Citizens have a higher minimum due to existing laws. Contact us for more details)
Presale Bonuses

Token Sale

Token Sale Launches Once Phase 2 Cap is Reached
Token exchange rate
1 USD = 1 HACK
Currencies accepted: ETH, BTC
Minimum transaction amount:
purchase of 1 HACK
Minimum Investment
US: $50K
Rest of the world: $1
Hidden Cap
Disclosed when ​80% reached
Token Sale Bonuses 

Token Allocation

70% ​Token Sale
8% ​Operational & Advisors
78% Total Token Sale
18% ​Company Reserves
2% ​Portfolio Founders
2% ​Community Development
22% Company + Misc.
78% of all tokens will be allocated for sale, with 8% of that going towards operational overhead. Any additional operational costs will be borrowed out of the remaining 70% and will be paid back at a rate of 5% interest per year.
Die Reserven des Unternehmens werden für weitere 18% aller Tokens angerechnet. Das Unternehmen wird für alle Token, die an das Team ausgegeben werden, eine 4-Jahres-Weste mit 1-Jahres-Cliff erzwingen. 2% werden an Gründer von H / F-Portfoliounternehmen verteilt und 2% werden für die Entwicklung von Gemeinden verwendet.

Für mehr Informationen :

Webseite            :  https://hack.hf.cx/
Telegramm         :  https://t.me/hackvc
Twitter             :  https://twitter.com/thehackfund
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Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1953415

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