HackVc : A Liquid Venture Fund on The Blockchain


Hacker / Founder manages the post-product portfolio of technology companies, and provides services in return for equity. Equity is combined into funds and offered to investors. Four H / F funds have produced seven exits in five years.
H / F launched the first group of technology entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, and over the past decade, the community has grown to more than 300,000 people in 128 cities and 47 countries. This unique network is the key to sustainable H / F access to high-quality startup for its portfolio.


HACK VC uses blockchain technology to make startup investments available to people all over the world and who are at all levels of investment. Those who want to get involved in supporting tech startup can do it without high income. The cost of 1 HACK token is $ 1 USD, and during the token sale, this minimum gain goes into the fund. In addition, investors can benefit from beginners who are now abandoned because they are in a difficult world to reach because of regulations, markets, and other factors. Due to the decentralized blockchain technology, the capital that may be left on the table can now be used to increase the value for investors.

HACK VC also offers risk diversification. Until now, it was almost impossible to gain exposure to diversified startup equity portfolios without much wealth. Most importantly, HACK VC is a liquid, and offers investors the ability to realize profit without having to wait a decade. Hacker / Founder, creator of HACK VC, has run a proprietary startup program that generates 30% year-over-year growth over the last five years, and already has seven out of fifty-five companies from around the world. In addition, the team will donate $ 1 Million of shares from the existing H / F Fund 1–4.

HACK Token

HACK is a new Ethereum-based token issued by HACK fund, and can be bought, sold and traded through online exchanges as a liquid transaction.

HACK is based on the ERC223 protocol. ERC223 solves issues with the ERC20 standard 1 while remaining backwards compatible with ERC20-compliant wallets. HACK is a tradeable digital token that can be used for participation, representation, proof of membership in H/F or any other suitable purpose.

KrowdMentor, ​a strategic investment and advisory firm empowering blockchain investors, funds, startups and entrepreneurs, developed the token. KrowdMentor also provided smart contract development, smart contract management systems as well as through other advisory roles in support of HACK.

Hack Fund

HACK will benefit from the same processes, community and experience that resulted in seven Hackers/Founders portfolio exits over the past five years.

With the use of blockchain technology, HACK will make it more possible for people at every level and in every part of the world to invest in startups. In addition, the liquidity of HACK means investors will be able to reap the rewards of a diversified startup portfolio without having to wait for years.

HACK will utilize 100% of returns from exits to reinvest into new or existing portfolio companies. Reinvestment ensures the fund continues to create value over time. H/F has a track record of 30% growth in its funds for each of the last 5 years .

HACK will engage an independent service such as eShares to publicly report the aggregate valuation for portfolio startups. Public reporting will take place two times a year.

For example, if you have a portfolio of 200+ companies that, on average, are growing revenues and profits 30% year-over-year, the value of HACK tokens/HACK should in theory grow 30% year-over-year.

For every $10M raised in the token sale, HACK will invest into approximately 30 existing or new portfolio companies. Fund investments will be Seed and Series A.

H/F’s existing services-for-equity business model may also be used to obtain additional equity in individual companies. Taken together, equity ownership of startups will range from a minimum of 1% to a maximum of 30%.

Startups accepted into the portfolio go through a proprietary vetting process that utilizes the wisdom of the H/F network of experts, partners and peers to select the best companies.

Portfolio Company Token Sales
HACK investors will have access to presale pricing for token sales launched by portfolio companies. Companies must utilize H/F services to execute their launch. This service will be offered by H/F to portfolio startups that have product, are growing rapidly and need more than $2M in capital to continue scaling.

For more information please visit the Official Website: https://hack.hf.cx/

Whitepaper : https://thehackfund.docsend.com/view/x6nmm5y
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/thehackfund
Twitter : https://twitter.com/thehackfund

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