HackVc — A liquid venture fund on the blockchain

What is Hackers/Founders ?

Hackers/Founders manages a portfolio of post-product stage tech companies, and provides services in exchange for equity. Equity is combined into funds and offered to investors. H/F’s four funds have yielded seven exits in five years.

H/F launched its first tech entrepreneur group in Silicon Valley, and over the past decade, the community has grown to over 300,000 people in 128 cities and 47 countries. This unique network is key to H/F’s ongoing access to high-quality startups for its portfolio.

What is HACK VC ?

HACK VC is a venture fund created by Hackers/Founders (H/F) that uses blockchain technology to provide accelerated liquidity to investors. Money raised during the token sale will be invested in top technology companies scaling globally.

HACK VC uses blockchain technology to make startup investing available to people around the world and who are at all levels of investing.

Those who want to get involved in supporting tech startups can do so without having a high income. The cost of 1 HACK token is $1 USD, and during the token sale, this minimum gains the holder entry into the fund. Also, investors can profit from startups that, up to now, would have been neglected because they are located in areas of the globe that are harder to reach due to regulations, markets, and other factors. Because blockchain technology is decentralized, capital which might have been left on the table can now be used to increase value for investors.

HACK VC also offers risk diversification. Up to now, it has been nearly impossible to get exposure to a diversified portfolio of startup equity without having a great deal of wealth. Most importantly, HACK VC is liquid, and offers investors the ability to realize gains without having to wait a decade.

Hackers/Founders, creator of HACK VC, has run a proprietary startup program that yielded growth of 30% year over year for the past five years, and has had seven exits out of fifty-five companies from around the world.

HACK Token

HACK is a new Ethereum-based token issued by HACK VC, and can be bought, sold and traded through online exchanges as a liquid transaction.

HACK is based on the ERC223 protocol. ERC223 solves issues with the ERC20 standard while remaining backwards compatible with ERC20-compliant wallets. HACK is a tradeable digital token that can be used for participation, representation, proof of membership in H/F or any other suitable purpose.

KrowdMentor, a strategic investment and advisory firm empowering blockchain investors, funds, startups and entrepreneurs, developed the token. KrowdMentor also provided smart contract development, smart contract management systems as well as through other advisory roles in support of HACK VC.

Token Sale Terms

Notice: HACK VC reserves the right to repurchase HACK tokens

Token Presale

Presale Phase 1 begins

Wednesday 15 November 2017 at 12:00AM PST

Visit hackvc.hf.cx for more information or to participate

Token exchange rate

$1 USD = 1 HACK

Currencies accepted: ETH, BTC

Minimum transaction amount: purchase of 1 HACK

Pre Sale Bonuses

Token Allocation

70% Token Sale

5% Operational & Advisors

75% Total Token Sale

20% Company Reserves

3% Portfolio Founders

2% Community Development

25% Company + Misc.

75% of all tokens will be allocated for sale, with 5% of that going towards operational overhead. Any additional operational costs will be borrowed out of the remaining 70% and will be paid back at a rate of 5% interest per year.

Company reserves will count for an additional 20% out of all tokens. The company will enforce a 4-year vest with 1-year cliff for any tokens issued to the team. 3% will be distributed to founders of H/F portfolio companies and 2% will be used for community development.

Token Sale Bonuses

Token Distribution

75% Sold during the Token Sale*

Includes 5% Sold for Operations & Advisors

20% Hackers/Founders Long term reserves

3% Portfolio Founders

2% Community Development


Jonathan Nelson, Managing Partner HACK VC, CEO H/F

CEO and Co-founder of Hackers/Founders, a global tech founders co-operative. Jonathan helped achieve $600M portfolio market cap in the first 5 years. Member of SEC Advisory Committee for Capital Formation for Small and Emerging Business. Board member of Wilson Center for Public Policy, Latin America. Jonathan’s vision includes moving economies, reducing poverty, and improving life for tech founders around the world.

Laura Nelson, General Partner HACK VC, CCO, Co-founder of H/F

Laura is Chief Customer Officer and Co-Founder of Hackers/Founders. She conceptualized the startup curriculum for portfolio companies, as well as numerous educational and networking events. Laura functions as H/F’s chief systems analyst. She also serves on the board of the GlobalEIR.org (Entrepreneur in Residence) program. As part of R&D at 3Com, she knows what it is like to be part of world-changing technology. Her extensive experience in marketing and advertising means Laura’s insights are highly sought after.

Mak Gutierrez, General Partner, Director H/F Mexico

Mak is Director of H/F Mexico and Latin America, and has been responsible for expanding H/F’s startup program to Latin America, as well as cultivating the vibrant H/F community based in Guadalajara. Mak has been deeply involved in Campus Party, which is a week long hackathon. He energy is key to expanding H/F efforts to reach more of Latin America, which, despite having largely untapped markets, has a GDP of around 8 Trillion USD.

Details Information :

Website : https://hackvc.hf.cx/

Whitepaper : https://docs.google.com/document/d/19gNjTd1pdikcGJ8laLC7-8DuSji2wcvIeDr_0qRs9pE/edit

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hfhackvc

Telegram : https://t.me/hackvc

My Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=851064


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