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Our company is the first digital bank to merge the Islamic bank module with block chain technology to build an ethical and responsible banking ecosystem. We are suffering from the current abuse of current banks and customers of financial institutions. Existing athletes produce funding from thin air from debt and interest. For this reason, since the first century, the world economy collapsed with the passage of time. The lack of responsibility the bank owes is simply bold. This is the reason why we chose to be a member of the current financial revolution.

Care and Personal: These are core values ​​of our company that affect and influence our services, transactions, interactions and business operations. These words will guide our actions internally within the organization and outside customers to the community. We are not actually raising profits, we aim for banks who are actually curious to improve people’s lives. Personalization is also the main focus of our service. There are different needs by customers, different services and attention are necessary. Customers of HADA DBANK believe that no one can wear the same pants, so we will provide tailored services.

Why Islamic Bank?

Our reasons are simple. We aim to be a “fair” organization in the financial industry. The financial crisis from 2007 to 2008 reminds us how some irresponsible players will overturn the industry as a whole, leaving millions of dollars of financial remains. Islamic banks minimize market manipulation and eliminate different Domino crashes by the concept of transparency, profit and loss sharing.

In terms of their bank capital requirements and mobilization of deposits, Islamic banks have low risk and low resilience. In contrast to traditional banks, depositors to Islamic banks have the right to obtain information about what banks do with their money. They also have something to say where their money is to be invested. Islamic banks also strive to avoid concern at all levels of financial transactions and promote risk sharing between lenders and borrowers.

The Islamic Bank has two basic principles. One is profit sharing. There are two reasons for lenders and investors to collect interest and prohibit payment. It is not permitted to collect interest or “riba” under Islamic law. In the case of profit, the bank and its customers share at a rate agreed beforehand. In case of loss, all financial losses will be borne by the lender. In addition to this, the Islamic Bank can not create debt without products or services (physical assets such as machinery, equipment, inventory) that back it. Therefore, savings, deposits and investment by our DBank are supported by supplies such as precious metals and jewelry.

You may think that the Islamic bank is only for Muslims. It is not. In June 2014, the UK became the first non-Muslim country to issue Sukuk. Islamic equivalents of bonds (words themselves are plural forms of Sakk meaning contracts and acts). In September 2014, the governments of Luxembourg and South Africa and the Hong Kong currency authorities issued. But Suku is not limited to sovereign owners, in September 2014, Goldman Sachs issued Skku of US $ 500 million and Mitsubishi Tokyo Bank raised US $ 500 to US $ 50. All of these companies would like to enter the $ 2 trillion Islamic financial market.

Main function

Free encrypted account and electronic wallet

a. Smartphone — Bank application
b. Non smart mobile phone — SMS / USSD code

Withdrawal and withdrawal

a. Savings return of at least 5% annually
b. No withdrawal fee

a. Free remittance / remittance (FIAT & Cryptocurrency) between personal savings account and electronic wallet

b. Commission fee for exchange trading via HADA exchange 0% (between cryptocurrencies). During FIAT’s <> cryptographic exchange, it will not be charged to the main FIAT currency

c. For a better rate for other currencies, open up an API or open an API

a. 0% Loan interest
b. ROI of at least 10%

Real-time payment using HADACoin and other encryption tokens with debit cards.

Detailed information on Hada DBank.

If you want to know more about the project, you can check the link here:

ANN Thread Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2607739.0

Website: https://www.hada-dbank.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hadadbank.official/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HadaDBank

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hadadbank/

Moderate blog: https://medium.com/@hadadbank

Telegram: https://t.me/HADADBank


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