Hada DBank — 1st Digital Bank to fuse Islamic Banking Module

What is a HADA DBANK?
Huda DBank is the first digital bank to link Islamic banking with BlockChain Technology, to make ethical banking an ecosystem and responsible. We currently suffer from harassment of our banks and financial institutions against our customers. There are players who earn money from thin air with debt and interest. This is the reason that the global economy has collapsed from time to time, because it has emerged since the 1st century. The lack of responsibility that the bank has been accused of is quite bold. That is why we chose to become a part of the establishment of the bank, the concerned bank and personally presently the current financial revolution.
Hada DBNK Digital Bank will become the world’s first block channel to fuse Islamic banking modules with a BlackChan technology, to make ethical banking an ecosystem and responsible. Since the bank’s current digital and block channel, newly formed bank has focused on traditional banking services, we have decided to win Islamic banking services due to the lack of such facilities. In the year 2016, Islamic banking is around $ 1.5 trillion worldwide.
Interesting Facts About ASEAN:Estimated population of approximately 438 million.
More than half of ASEAN population of 30 years of age
There are 854 million smartphones or 133% market penetration compared to the population, but only 53% of the ASEAN population is online, which leaves the place for the significant expansion of the markets in Indonesia’s future.
As a special bank online, these facts assure us to focus on ASEAN as a secondary market. We are determined to provide Islamic banking services gradually in Quarter II in 2018.
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We intend to raise capital for the development of Hada DBAnK by means of HADACoin. Buyers will be able to use HADACoin to conduct a banking transaction or daily activity. Our customers will be released with a debit card, which allows them to make transactions with our HADASEON in the platon of banking or other traders around the world.
A bank is a business entity engaged in finance or financial services. The main products are usually served in the form of demand deposits, savings, and deposits. I will here explain the Hada Bank Platform related to the bank. A bank is also used as a place for savings and loans Here the bank functioned to provide activities that enable people to invest, distribution and consumption/services where all these activities can not be separated from the use of money. If all activities are running smoothly will certainly help a lot in the development of the community economy.
Skema hubungan komponen dalam platform HADA DBank
Understanding of Hada Bank Platform
Here at Hada DBank, we expect to vary from traditional saving money. Truth be told, we are the First Digital Bank that joins the Sharia Banking Module with Blockchain Technology. Syariah managing an account isn’t only for Muslims. It’s for everybody. It speaks to something — Transparency and Risk Sharing.We try to be a ‘reasonable’ association in the money related industry. The 2007–2008 budgetary emergency fills in as a horrid indication of how some flighty players can supplant a whole industry, leaving a large number of individuals in monetary demolish. Sharia saving money, on account of straightforwardness, the idea of sharing benefit and misfortune, will limit advertise control and dispose of other domino conflicts.
Islamic banks are less unsafe and harder than their associates, because of parts of their bank’s capital needs and investment funds activation. Dissimilar to Conventional Banking, contributors to Sharia Banks are qualified for be educated of what banks do with their cash. They additionally have a vote in which their cash ought to be contributed. Sharia banks additionally look to keep away from enthusiasm at all levels of budgetary exchanges and advance hazard sharing amongst moneylenders and borrowers.
There are two fundamental standards in sharia managing an account. One is the sharing of benefits and misfortunes; and two, essentially, the preclusion of premium accumulation and installment by loan bosses and financial specialists. Gathering interest or “Riba” isn’t allowed under Islamic law. On account of benefits, both the bank and its clients in the extent settled upon beforehand. If there should be an occurrence of misfortune, every single money related misfortune will then be borne by the bank. Moreover, sharia banks can’t make obligation without products and enterprises to help it (ie physical resources including apparatus, gear, and stock). Along these lines, our stores, stores, and ventures with DBank will be upheld by physical resources, for example, valuable metals and gemstones.
Hada DBank likewise has an unmistakable mission vision:
Giving Ethical and Responsible Banking Services to all,
particularly the current “Unbanked” populace
Turn into The Leading Global Blockchain and Digital Bank that accentuates Ethics and Responsibility
through Sharia Banking Principles and Services
We have also provided the exclusive features and advantages of Platform hada dbank among others:
Here also has been provided special features and various benefits in the can. You should note:
Bot & AI
  1. a. Bot HADA — Financial Management Bot / Personal Financial Assistant (HUDA)
  1. b. AI (Artificial Intelligence) I Personal Financial Advisor (HADI) (Basic) Helps you to invest by providing unbiased advice
Token detail and diagram ico
We intend to raise capital for the development of DBANK HADA through its HADACoin. Buyers will able to use HADACoin to perform banking transactions or daily activities. Our customers will be issued. with Debit Card, which allows them to trade with our HADACoin, within our banking
platform or another merchant globally. 20 ABOUT HADACOIN
  • 0–10,000,000
  • 10,000.001–20,000,000
  • 20,000.001–30,000,000
  • 30.000.001–40,000,000
  • 40,000.001–50,000,000
  • 1 HADACoin = 0.000500 ETH
  • 1 HADACoin = 0.000525 ETH
  • 1 HADACoin = 0.000555 ETH
  • 1 HADACoin = 0.000588 ETH
  • 1 HADACoin = 0.000625 ETH
HADACoin per ETH
  • 1 ETH = 2000 HADACoins
  • 1 ETH = 1900 HADACoins
  • 1 ETH = 1800 HADACoins
  • 1 ETH = 1700 HADACoins
  • 1 ETH = 1600 HADACoins
HADACoin Distribution
A sum of 500 Million HADACoins will be issued. 295 Million coins will be offered available to be purchased. Out of them. 295 Million coins, 20 million will be allotted for private speculators and institutional purchasers. 50 Million. of the 275 Million coins will be discharged amid PRE-ICO practice and the staying 225 Million coins will be discharged in our ICO practice sooner rather than later. 10 Million coins will be dispensed for the abundance crusade.
HADACoin is an ERC-20 coin created using Ethereum platform. A total of 500 Million HADACoins will be created. HADACoins will have 6 decimal units. Further info about HADACoin as stated below:
  • It has no intrinsic value nor it is a security,
  • There are no guaranteed Monetary Profits such as Dividend, Return or anything related when buying our Coin as it is,
  • You can use your Coins to:
  • Perform financial activities and services on our Banking Platform,
  • Pay for services using our Debit Card,
  • Receive Monetary Profits such as Dividends, Returns and anything of equivalent by keeping it in our Savings Account or utilize our Investment Solutions
  • Act as a collateral when you apply for our Unsecured and Term Loans
  • Trade it on Crypto-Exchanges and make more profit by increasing HADACoin’s value!
The making of this Platform to facilitate the transfer of money from one customer to the customer or another party with the rate of delivery faster and easier. The above Hada Dbank platform offers exceptional offers and features sophisticated features, all of which feature provide the best service to customers. The Hada Dbank platform is also created by a TIM consisting of highly experienced people with high flying hours. Therefore we invite you and the investors to immediately join the platform Hada Dbank and immediately enjoy the facilities and benefits that will be in the can. So much for me, thanks.
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