Not many people like to go through the stress of doing transactions in a bank these days because it can be very tiring; having to stand in a long queue sometimes and having to put up with the pathetic attitude of the cashiers at the counter coupled with high transaction fees of the bank. Thanks to the creation of HADA DBank, a blockchain digital bank, all that drama will be a thing of the past.  With HADA DBank, 0% fees will be incurred by customers in carrying out transactions and the customer services would be second to none.

HADA DBank is a digital bank that operates using the Islamic banking module fused with blockchain technology to create an ethical and responsible banking ecosystem. Understanding the setbacks of other modern financial institutions, HADA DBank opted to operate using Islamic banking principles since this requires complete transparency from the bank and the customers, there’s less risk involved and more resilience, depositors are also entitled to be informed on what the bank does with their money and they determine where their money would be invested. Already the application of blockchain technology in banking makes the system decentralized ensuring transparency in operations; fusing this with Islamic banking principles, it becomes a perfect banking system! In summary, HADA DBank chose the Islamic banking principles over conventional banking for the following reasons:

·        Islamic banks earn profits from trade of goods or charging for services provided instead of on the basis of time value like conventional banks.

·        Profit and loss are shared by both the bank and customers, unlike conventional banking where interest is charged even if the customer suffers loss after using the bank’s funds.

·        Money is used as a medium of exchange and store of value but not as a commodity to be sold; in conventional banking, money can be used as a commodity and can be sold at a higher price than its face value.

·        In Islamic banking, there must be execution of agreements for the exchange of goods and services; there’s no agreement for exchange of goods and services in conventional banking while disbursing cash, work capital or running finance.

·        Islamic banking creates links with the real sectors of the economic system by investing in trade related activities, this way the bank can contribute to economic development since the funds are linked to physical assets; conventional banking allows the use of money as a commodity leading to inflation.


The mission of HADA DBank is to provide ethical and responsible banking services to everyone especially the current ‘’unbanked’’ population.


HADA DBank aims to be the leading global blockchain and digital bank that emphasizes on ethics and responsibility through Islamic banking principles and services.


·         Free encrypted account and wallet – Smart phones would have the bank apps while non smart mobile phones would use SMS /USSD code.

·        Savings and withdrawal – savings are done with no withdrawal fees.

·        Transfer, remittance and exchange – transfer or remittance of funds (whether fiat or cryptocurrency) between personal savings accounts and e-wallets are free. No charges for exchange transactions through HADA exchange and no charges on major FIAT currencies during FIAT- crypto echanges.

·        Loan and investments – zero percentage interest on loan acquired and a probable 10% return on investment can e obtained.

·        Real – time payment – real time payment can be done using HADA coin and other cryptocurrencies through HADA bank debit cards.

·        Bot and AI –  Bot HADA is a financial management bot that helps you manage your daily or monthly expenses by displaying your daily expenditure and your limit set by you or account balance; reminds you of your due bills and prompts you to pay on time; helps you to make short and long term plans.


HADA coin is an ERC-20 ethereum based token which would be used to raise capital for the development of HADA DBank.  Investors would be able to use HADAcoin for normal banking transactions. Customers of Hada DBank would be given a debit card with which they would be able to use HADAcoin to do transactions within HADA Dbank and with other merchants around the globe. HADAcoin can also be used as a collateral when applying for unsecure and term loans from Hada DBank.


49 million HADACoin will be offered for sale at 1ETH = 1500 HADA

1 million HADACoin will be offered for sale at 1 ETH = 3000 HADA

Soft cap : 5000 ETH

Hard cap : 30000 ETH

Minumum purchase = 0.15 ETH


55% = public

11% = bounty, management, advisors, holding company

30%  = HADA DBank

4% = institutional and retail investors



·        35% of total funds raised

·        Hiring of minimum 50 programmers, coders and IT professionals for the platform, product and services development.

·        7 labs in 5 years.- 1st Switzerland, 2nd Estonia


·        30% of total funds raised

·        Hiring of management executives

·        Marketing initiative

·        Merchant partnering and organization affiliations


·        20% of total funds raised

·        Acquiring offices, hardware investments, business assets, precious metals and gems


·        20% of total funds raised

·        Not to be used unless for utmost necessity

·        Decision will be by top management, collectively and unanimously

·        Will increase to minimum 30%  in accordance to Islamic financial law


November 2017 – pre – ICO launches

December 2017 – Pre – ICO ends

First quarter 2018 – final development and testing for e-money; beta e-money functions launch., ICO launch.

Second quarter 2018 – ICO ends. Official e-money functions release; final development and testing for banking services.

Third quarter 2018 – banking services launch. IT Labs to be set up in EU and MENA

Fourth quarter – unsecured loan launch development of a new open source blockchain for SME begins

2019 – Official launch in South East Asia.: Setting up of 1st regional HQ to focus on ASEAN market. Setup of IT Labs in South East Asia.

Launch : term loan; investment solutions; Beta AI Advisor.

2020 – Hada DBank expansion: expanding to other relevant markets; service and solutions : Islamic insurance / SME solutions; official AI Advisor release ( HADI), additional lab setups; launch : investment banking.


Linda Ami – interim CMO, Co- founder

Mohamad Hisyam Mokhtar – chairman, interim CEO

Mohd Al- Shazanous – Interim CFO, co-founder

Juan Mahussin- CTO , Co – founder

Marcos Machas – interim COO.


Prof. Emeritus Dr. Barjoyai Bardai – Islamic Banking and finance

Ayad Almutairi – Islamic Banking and Investment

Risk Management and Consultant – Yousuf Ikram

Guan Seng Khoo (PhD) – Risk and data scientist

David Drake – Investor Relations

Richard Gora – Investor Gora

Robby Schwertner – Blockchain Economy Expert

Zahid Ali – Strategic business development

Darrell Emmanuel – Investment and Asset Management

Zahid Rashid Mir – Blockchain Investment and Development

Kevin Koo S.K. – Legal

Colonel Loc Hamaca Nawi – Security

Hada DBank is a the first digital bank to fuse Islamic banking principles with blockchain technology to foster an efficient , transparent and customer friendly banking experience. Hada DBank is for everyone, regardless of religion, colour or race; the choice to adopt Islamic banking principles is simply on the basis of transparency and risk sharing. Invest in the HADACoin today. For more information about the project, please visit the following links:

Website : https://www.hada-dbank.com/

Whitepaper : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Nj1HuvLUzvP3QXKRbpxPaUOGXM2IodmS

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hadadbank.official/

Telegram : https://t.me/HADADBank

Twitter : https://twitter.com/HadaDBank

Ann thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2607739.0

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