HAI Project-providing a cheap and powerful AI solution to businesses and individuals.

Hello friends, you may want to pause a minute while i introduce a Hybrid Artificial Intelligence to you . This is an unprecedented Ai system made available to the populace in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and is powered by blockchain technology.
The project offers an all-encompassing remedy to the long abating cybersecurity, Financial and business intelligent sectors. One of feature that actually got my attention more is the automated threat hunting feature that came with the system, also, the market prediction up to market research.

The joy of it is that at least, for the first time, everyone can now have access to this powerful tool using HAi platform. regular users can now exceed big companies as the HAI platform brings your idea couple with a small budget to life with an amazing outcome beyond what most of the big companies can achieve.
It will interest you to know that you can now request specialized task by just typing in the keyword of the task and hit the enter button, the depth of the search and the result will be based or determined by the amount of Hi token in your possession as this denoted the direct relationship with the capacity of the computing strength of HAi Super Computer.

It is now a common phenomenon that in many of our currently existing industries, several of the infrastructures in these industries have flaws or misconfigured elements, this over the years have allowed malicious users to gain unhealthy access to their systems or may be even trying to attack them for personal gain at the expense of the industry, this kind of situation made it obvious to that we need more than just men power in order to address the issue.

It has been confirmed severally that Artificial Intelligence is highly superior when compared to humans especially when it is guided in the whole learning process.

From the ongoing, the major industries that the HAI Project Team have identified were Business Intelligence sectors, Financial and Cyber Security.
In a nutshell, The main purpose of HAI is to provide small business owners the avenue to compete against big companies that has millions of dollars earmarked to market research and marketing, also, to enable them have the chance to do profitable trading and at the end protect themselves and their business from criminals of all over the world.

Making an intense Hybrid-AI joined with an eco-friendly foundation there are no limits, giving the chance to work this HAI framework using the block chain technology (ERC20 tokens and Smart Contracts) all clients with HAI tokens will have the capacity to profit by the project.


1- Market Prediction: We all know that a successful trading experience is directly related to how current the trader does his/her research which of course requires much time that the trader doesn’t have. So what is the way forward?

HAI does the heavy lifting for you so you can invest your precious time doing what you really love to do and on more profitable task.

2- Threat Hunting
We are living in a ers when hackers are becoming smarter and more sophisticated in their approach.
With the Threat Hunting feature, threat hunting, malware analysis and behavioral analysis of the HAI, you can rest assured that you and your business are well secure from these criminals.

3- Decision Making:
HAI provides a very cost effective research and decision
making aide platform for you and your ideas.


The HAI Project was born with the intention to provide a remedy to prevalent issues that nobody was able to solve over the years.

Knowing that Artificial Intelligence is the solution, as it is capable of outrunning thousands of humans in just a short period of time

An HAI token is designed to represent a percentage of the actual network power, allowing users to utilize the AI for purposes within the scope of the project, this will be achieved by utilizing a web application created by the HAI Project’s group which will lock up tokens for a given measure of time.

The HAI tokens will be issued using the Ethereum Platform, creating 70,000,000 HAI. Once the ICO is over and the main blockchain is launched, a token swap is arranged, moving to a free system with no blockage and adaptability issues.



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