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All my friends here I introduce the Hamster Market as follows:
Today many platforms offer several advantages that emphasize maximization in their work systems. But until now there is no platform that serves the makasimal, because the existing constraints on the system ytang mainly connected with the system blockchain. see that we will try to explain a decentralized trading platform. This platform is called the Hamsters market.

Hamster Marketplace is a decentralized trading platform that focuses on the sale of specialized electronic products and unique devices from manufacturers, including DIY, startup, and local project manufacturers.
The Hamster Marketplace will allow thousands of suppliers worldwide to gain access to markets they can not afford today and will provide access to audiences of early users and technology enthusiasts.
Millions of customers will receive a unique set of unique products at no additional cost from intermediaries.
Funds for the launch and development of the Hamster Market will be enhanced through the general placement of the HMT tokens (Token Hamster Market) during token sales, which began in February 2018.
For buyers and tech fans
Everything is new in the electronics world in one place.
Unique gadgets include DIY.
Tracer defects and seller reputation based on blockchain.
The lowest price is guaranteed by the syntactic analysis system.
For the manufacturer
Large audiences with unique electronic demand.
Business incubators include dead zones between KickStarter and Amazon.
Possible to be a co-owner of the platform.
For tokens buyers
Token, which manufacturers have to work effectively in the market.
Tokens, which buyers need for additional market options.
Opportunity to join the project in the early stages of development.
Tokenomik Project
We created our own platform for the benefit of our customers and suppliers, so we developed it based on blockchain technology.
Transparent systems for tracking key platform indicators, including budget size, failure rates for each product and shipping information, as well as a supplier-based voting system based on blockchain, are implemented through an emercoin dual flow block system.
Our platform also uses the Ethereal block chain for HMT token emissions.
HMT is a utility token.
Why Hamster Market users need HMT chips
HMT Token will ask you to:
  1. sell products at no cost to the platform.
  2. pay a service fee.
  3. Make an appointment that ensures compliance with all   requirements during the factory verification.
  4. pay for internal promotion on the platform.
  5. accept a discount on the purchase price when paying with a token.
  6. get access to additional functionality Hamster Marketplace.
How the Hamster Marketplace will guarantee token stability after crowdsale
In connection with certain aspects of working with HMT marks before the full market launch, the team focused on expert advice and Rinat Arslanov early supporters, the CEO reversed the cryptographic project.  In September 2017, Revain successfully completed token sales at a publication price of $ 0.04 per token.  Until February 2018, Revain token is $ 2.36.  The value of all Revains tokens has increased from $ 8.5 million at the time of issuance to $ 500,000,000 in February 2018.
  • Revised payment mechanism for reward hunting
  • Freeze part of the project creator and initial investor
  • Speed ​​of development acceleration
  • Post-marketing and active communication with the audience
How the Hamster Marketplace will ensure token stability after market launch
Integrate HMT in project financing mechanism
Hamster has used the Bank of Canada methodology to establish symbolic pricing and fiscal policy development.
HMT Token is not just a tool to collect and raise funds.  This is the complete element of the market economy model.  It has the potential for steady and stable growth, not only when the platform is launched, but also the existence of the Hamster Marketplace.
Schedule possible token requests in the secondary market, depending on how the token function is used on the site
* excludes possible speculative requests for HMT tokens
Information on Tokens
Comparative analysis
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For more information, visit the website below:
Situs Hamster: https://hmstr.io/
White paper on Hamster:  https://hmstr.io/whitepaper
Lea sobre token: https://hmstr.io/#token
Hamster Street Map: https://hmstr.io/#roadmap
Frequently asked questions:  https://hmstr.io/#faq
link file  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1624619
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