Hard fork Ethereum – Ethereum Classic Vision – 11.01.19

I am glad to welcome you dear readers. Today we will talk about the Ethereum Classic Vision project, that is, the upcoming and long-awaited Ethereum hard fork, which will take place on 11.01.2009.

We all see these difficult days when cryptocurrencies lived in these times. In particular, the prices of Etherium and Bitcoin continue to fall, and the trading time remains low, which negatively affects the market. In many of the problems faced by miners with a special character, this process has been thoroughly discovered. We know that the Ethereum network will be slower and will overcome these problems with a new configuration that will overcome these problems at the same time that it has an open network structure for new developments. Here’s how to do it with the EthreumClassicVision project.


Clearly, the Blockchain system is one of the most amazing innovations in our lives, and we are still at an early stage. We believe in blockchain and we know very clearly that can be brought to 3 billion people without a Bank account in the world. But today, the digital currency showcase faces one of the most difficult stages. As the costs of Ethereum and Bitcoin continue to decline, this leads to investors leaving and miners ‘ rewards falling. With these results, there is a huge danger waiting for the sector and this leads to the investor, who is expected to get closer, to be further away.

The miners, whom we call the life force of Bitcoin, have closed their doors because of the damage they have suffered, or those who are still waiting, are on the verge of bankruptcy. In these conflicts, a voice emerged from the center of the crypto economy, and there was a desire to act. Increased centralization is required. This can be seen as the intersection point of the Ethereum network that we already know and know now, in this future system, to replace the unsatisfied costs and negative weather with positivism. Unlike the current situation, the new project will focus on dissemination and will benefit from dissemination and related functions.


What is the principle of operation?

Blockchain Ethereum Vision Classic gives you a surprising answer to the questions of your business. The Ethereum, which has a strong power during the current period, is now in deep disorder. Ethereum Classic Vision will create an arrangement on all these points.

Why Ethereum Classic Vision?

Ethereum Classic Vision combines the three features that
must be owned by a truly successful blockchain: decentralization, scalability, and security. It offers a number
of significant advantages over ETH, ETC, and BTC:

A more efficient, safe and profitable mining protocol that will make the network fully decentralized.
There is no rental storage fee.
Launching a smart contract will be charged at least once; unused contracts can be placed in temporary sleep conditions as a result of voting.
ETCV network will be able to process 25000+ transactions per second compared to only 25 at ETH.
IPFS integration
Cheap decentralized file storage for your dApp.
Rewards are
fair Miners ETCV need not worry that their gift will be lowered arbitrarily – in our system, the interests of miners and traders balanced carefully.
Proof-of-Stake ETH Excellence

Resource efficiency Lower costs mean that mining ETCV will benefit individual miners with hardware as simple as Raspberry Pi

ETCV holders get more coins at stake, so there is no motive to sell – thus, the ETCV price will go up instead of falling.

If block validators break the rules or act badly, they lose their savings and deposit status

Real decentralization There is no risk that giant mining collections will take control of the ETCV blockchain – it will remain independent of any central authority

What are the benefits of Etherium?

We hope to achieve a full transition to mining PoS and validation much faster than what happens in the Ethereum network; the same thing applies to sharding implementation. We will ensure that smart contract owners will continue to pay only a one-time installation fee and will not be forced to pay the rental storage fee, as recently announced by Vitalik Buterin. Finally, we plan integration with a decentralized IPFS storage system and a built-in decentralized exchange to turn Ethereum Classic Vision into a full-scale environment to develop and use new digital assets.

Get Ethereum Classic Vision through Bounty

Our gifts are an amazing opportunity to get ETCV coins for free – even if you don’t have ether! All you have to do is register for a prize campaign and choose the type of task you like the most. Post about Ethereum Classic Vision on Twitter, make video reviews on YouTube, write blog posts and articles – we will appreciate all your efforts!


Ethereum is not sustainable
The ETH code has a “trouble bomb” embedded in it – a piece of code that reduces the mining efficiency of new blocks, until the validation process stops completely – this is known as the “Ethereum ice age”. There are no improvement proposals that offer real solutions – and the promised changes to the Stake-Proof mechanism are still years away. Prizes for miners will be lowered and rental fees will be introduced for smart contracts. Giant mining groups will need more power, and individual mining will lose economic sense. ETH has disappointed supporters – and prices will continue to fall.

Ethereum Classic Vision hard fork – January 11, 2019

Snapshots from the ETH network will be taken on January 11, 2019. All users who hold ETH in their personal wallets at the time of the snapshot will receive 3 ETCV per ETH after the fork.

Note: You must hold ETH in your personal wallet (Jaxx, Coinomi, MyEtherWallet, Ledger Nano, etc.) to get your free ETCV after the fork. Exchange wallet not accepted!

Ethereum Classic Team

The Ethereum Classic team intentionally holds a lower profile. The lack of high profile leader is in line with their core philosophy of ETC being decentralized and free from powerful human influence.

However, the majority of this team has over 10 years of experience in software engineering and “understand how to build a system supposed to work for years.”

Their “main focus is on making Ethereum Classic a stable and usable technology. Opposite to move fast and break things.”

You can see some of the main engineers below:

Future Projects and Roadmap

The development team continues to work on the Emerald Desktop Wallet, the first ETC trustless wallet. In 2018 there is also the hope of the release of a mobile version of the ETC wallet.

As the popularity of Ethereum Classic grows, there will be the need for side chains to help scalability. There should be work on the prototype later in 2018. You can see their full 2018 roadmap below.


Road map

follow the Bounty Ethereum Classic Vision, for more information, visit:

Website: https://ethereumcv.io
Whitepaper: https://ethereumcv.io/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eth_cv
Telegram: https://t.me/ethereum_classic_vision
Github: https://github.com/ethereumclassicvision
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5089443.0

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