Hashbon ICO platform overview

Framework will allow to store information on several blockchains simultaneously for better reliability in automatic and intellectual way, including the choice of blockchain that currently offers better fee for storing KB of data. In addition, it will support all major APIs, like Blockcypher, Blocktrail, Blockchain.info etc with unified interface. So you can double-check information from different sources, for better reliability. Because using only one API creates centralization, which implies high risk for business.
Universal blocking functions of the Hashbon Framework
The structure has the following functions:
1.Works on existing block circuits
2.Use of various programming languages, including Java, PHP, etc.
3.Has intellectual contractual libraries
4.Compatible with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash among other units
5.Reliability, convenience and economy
6.Using the Blockcypher Blocktrail API Matbea.net
Advantages of Hashbon
The advantages of the Hashbon framework include:
A reliable
Hashbon Frame uses several blocks at the same time. This makes it possible to increase reliability compared to using only one block circuit. The framework will also be a unified language with several APIs, such as Blockchain.Info Blockcypher, Blocktrail and others.
In some periods, commissions in some block chains can be very high. The frame of Hashbon will be reasonable to choose block-schemes, which have cheaper tariffs for recording information at any moment.
The Hashbon frame is an interface between block circuits and block circuits. Developers will receive a universal language for programming various chains.
Developers of blockchain have already developed other successful projects, such as:
Matbea is a popular purse for encryption in Russia.
Matbea net is an API block-interface that has unique functions where users can freely view the connection between bit-commerce and bit-address.
Bitmap is an application for Android and iOS, which houses ATM bokoyunov. It has more than 10,000 installations.
Gefarapay is a European purse with crypto currency, launched in 2016, which is available for platforms on the Internet, Android and iOS.
Token sale
HASH tokens are utility tokens, that can be used to pay for building up business applications. During the ICO 10% of the total number of HASH tokens will be presented.
The HASH token conforms to the ERC20 standard – the support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services, and also ensures the ease of integration.
Tokens will be issued after the completion of the 1st stage, within 14 days.
After finalizing ICO, we intend to undergo listing procedure on various exchanges.
Tokens for sale, with bonuses. 150 000 000 HASH
Total number of tokens for ICO 200 000 000 HASH
The cost of 1 HASH 0.10 €
Soft cap: 1 000 000 €
Hard cap: 10 000 000 €
Accepted for paymen: ETH, BTC, DASH, LTC, XMR, ZEC
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Hashbon ICO.
Hashbon token is a security token, protected by assets. Each of the tokens has the function of paying dividends. Each holder will receive a 10% dividend on the profits of Hash. The marker complies with the ERC20 standard, which allows markers to be compatible with other third-party services and provides ease of integration.
ICO Parameters
Private announcement: June 15, 2018 before the sale of all 10,000,000
ICO tokens after the sale of the
Token Ticker private token : HASH
Standard: ERC20
Hard cover: 10,000,000 Total tokens: 200,000,000 tokens
Tokens for sale: 75%
Price: 1 HASH 0.10 USD
Accepted dfk.ns: ETH, BTC, LTC, XMR, ZEC.
Detailed information:


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