Hashbyte In recent centuries, human activity and technology development have brought the planet into a rather pitiful state. The development of modern technology greatly simplifies our lives but also brings many environmental damages. Of course, there are now a few businesses that aim to help us and protect our planet. Therefore, the future of our planet is very vague and has few perspectives, and crypto production is not very favorable to this goal right now, because the whole process consumes a huge amount of energy.

The GreenHash project revolutionizes and removes the current problem of a mountain ecosystem based on fossil carbon / fossil fuels and contributes to the creation of the world’s first crypto mining ecosystem of clean / renewable energy.

HashByte Cloud-Mining was formed in 2015 as a means of providing green energy that saves the planet, as well as reliable and reliable investment funds for those who are interested in starting work in the cryptocurrency space, or those who are already working in this area . time.

EcoChain. Modern energy efficient consensus algorithm. The main feature is that EcoChain will rely on energy-saving matching algorithms. Instead of a graphics and processor architecture that requires intensive work, EcoChain will use a different approach, which is already under consideration by the patent application. The advantage is that this solution will require less energy to get EcoChain approval. It can be controlled not only with a computer, but also with the help of mobile devices that can manage the entire EcoChain node.

HashByte uses the latest mining technologies and renewable energy sources to provide low tariffs and low-cost contracts for the development of cloud deposits, and, therefore, a good profit for investors. HashByte is a renewable energy cryptographic company with a team of entrepreneurs, investors, cryptocurrency experts and climate change advocates.


Name: HashByte

Ticker: HSB

Total Supply: 20, 000, 000 HSB

Softcap: 10, 000, 000 USD

Hardcap: 30, 000, 000 USD

Currency: BTC, ETH

Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 70 HSB or 1 BTC = 2,174 HSB

Minimum Purchase: 0.5 ETH / 35 HSB

PreSale Starts: 1st November 2018

PreSale Ends: 30th November, 2018

ICO Starts: 1st December, 2018

Ends: 18th December, 2018

Hashbyte has her own token with the ticker HSB and will be releasing a total of 20, 000, 000 HSB. Hashbyte has a aim to raise funds which will be used to build GreenHash and HashByte EcoChain platform. HashByte has her softcap target placed at $10, 000, 000 and hardcap target placed at $30, 000, 000. HashByte will be running a presale which will commence on 1st November, 2018 and last till end of November. Public token generating event will commence on 1st December, 2018 and last till 15th December, 2018. People who buy HSB tokens before presale ends will get a 25% discount.


Advisors: 3%

Supply flow: 45%

Reserved: 25%

Change Believers: 9%


GreenHash R&D: 44%

Operations: 15%

Marketing: 26%

Eco Developers: 15%


Q4 2015: Hashbyte formed a team of climate change believers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Q2 2018: Launched was one of the first renewable energy cloud mining platforms.

Q4 2018: Token generation event and fundraising for GreenHash

Q1 2019: EcoChain Test-Net would be rolled out in stealth mode to the eco developer community.

Q3 2019: EcoChain Main-Net launch. Cash cryptocurrency would also be released to the public.

Q4 2019: GreenHash would be released on a limited scale for testing.

Q1 2020: GreenHash would finally be made available to the public on large scale.


HAS Shankar: member, BCCB

Chris Hastings: member, BCCB

Thomas Saar: member, BCCB

Charles Adenuoye: member, BCCB

Website: https://tge.hashbyte.io/

Whitepaper: https://tge.hashbyte.io/whitepaper/

Telegram: https://t.me/hashbyte_airdrop

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hashbyte_mining

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCasQmy839vDSR-a4OJPBpng

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