HASHRENTAL “First Decentralized Hashing Power MARKETPLACE”

Mining cryptocurrencies can be an intimidating undertaking, even for someone with a background in computers or technology. There is the hardware setup, creating a wallet, downloading and configuring mining software, joining a pool, and choosing what to mine. While it’s certainly not impossible, it can be a fair amount of work. HashRental is a tool that does a good job of eliminating some of this hard work for those who want to start mining.

What is Hashrental?

Hashrental is a decentralized hashing power commercial center in the piece chain innovation created by a high learned individual, through which merchants (excavators) of hashing power are associated with purchasers of the hashing power through savvy contracts/decentralized escrows. This stage offers advantageous and simple to-utilize devices for all crypto-showcase members to make however much benefit as could be expected. Hashrental mining framework and diverting framework have been tried and propelled, over $544000 has just been paid to the MVP members in cryptographic money. These stage has its own particular token called the ”LUHN COIN”. The LUHN coin will be acknowledged as an installment for hashing power lease. hashrental stage offers the most secure administration that is required by the market of lease hashing power.

Hashrental touts itself as the First Decentralized Hashing Power MARKETPLACE. This means that they take miners with computers that have hashing power and connect them with people who want to purchase hashing power to mine. For miners, it’s an easy way to get a return in cryptocurrency for your hashing power without going through a lot of the steps of manually setting up a miner and joining a pool. We’ll cover both of sides of Hashrental business starting with buying mining power.

Mine crypto without a mining rig
If you’re interested in mining cryptocurrencies you may be surprised to find out that you can mine without a mining rig of your own. Purchasing hashing power might be of interest to not only the hardware-less, but also those looking to boost their mining activity.
Buying hashing power on HASHRENTAL

How Does it Work?

In case you’re a hashing power dealer, you can run HashRental programming or interface your mining equipment to HashRental servers. Your hashing force will be sent consequently to the pool that the purchaser has decided for mining or to the HashRental pools, in the event that there is no required measure of requests. You will be paid in ETH for leasing from smarts contracts or in ETH from HashRental pools. This apparently complex process is done naturally with no intricate specialized abilities.

In case you’re a hashing power purchaser you should choose the cryptocurrency you need to mine and additionally a pool on which you need to mine, at that point, set required measure of hashing force and request era. The exact opposite thing is putting the ascertained measure of the Luhn coins into the savvy contract, which gives confirmation of-assets and wellbeing of exchange. Affirm the receipt of the required volume of hashing force and discharge the escrow. A gathering raises a question and draws in an outsider referee, giving them the keys to unscramble the messages and work with the two gatherings for making a determination. Get the reward from the chose pool in cryptocurrency (Btc, ETH, or some other). The exchange is finished!

An Innovative Structure of the Marketplace

The center of the framework is savvy contracts which join all parts of one framework. “Diverting mining framework” diverts the hashing power from venders to HashRental shrewd pools (“HashRental mining framework”) or to “Hashing power auto dispersion” (sets the fundamental parameters for chose outside pools and screens execute orders).

The framework doesn’t have a concentrated stockpiling of members’ adjusts as all installments are prepared straightforwardly through savvy contracts. “Administration brilliant framework” controls the dispatch of agreements: “Installments savvy framework” – installments from Buyers in LUHN while “Hashing power keen framework” – installments to Sellers in ETH.

** “LUHN” Token**

LUHN COIN is a claim token of the HashRental commercial center. The token got its name from Hans Peter Luhn, who created machines and plans for the data parsing, basically the generally utilized hashing calculation, which he recommended as a method for arranging the two numbers and content. Thusly, LUHN is the principal hashing calculation. LUHN coin is an Ethereum-based token which will be acknowledged as an installment for leasing the hashing force and it compares to the rental cost every hour for hashing.

In the wake of propelling the administration, all clients will have the capacity to trade LUHN coins on hashing force and make a benefit. The holders can enter and leave cryptocurrency mining speculations utilizing just The LUHN Token whenever at a modest, beneficial cost because of its quick trade and no compelling reason to purchase costly gear.


62%: 620000K Luhn

Pre-sale total number of LUHN: 384400K Luhn

Sale total number of LUHN: 235600K Luhn

Bonus Pre-Sale: 62%

Price (including bonus): $0.024

Bonus Pre-Sale: 38%

Price (including bonus): $0.029

Sale price: $0.04


Ian Edwards: Co-Founder

Janice Hopkins: CDO & Co-Founder

Omkar Patel: CTO & Blockchain Developer

Narendra Santra: Blockchain Developer

Sandra Markevich: Marketing Director

Larry Kim: Business Development

Sarvesh Singh: Blockchain Developer

Sayan Dey: Blockchain Developer


Tokens will be offered on pre-sale for 30 days:

Pre-sale Start Date: April 17th, 2018 9:00 PM UTC
Pre-sale End Date: May 17th, 2018 9:00 PM UTC
Token Pre-Sale Volume: 384,400,000 LUHN
Bonus Pre-Sale: 62%.
Price (including bonus): 1 LUHN=0.000048ETH ($0.024)
Minimum contribute 10ETH = 208330LUHN
Bonus Pre-Sale: 38%.
Price (including bonus): 1 LUHN=0.000058ETH ($0.029)
Minimum contribute 0.1ETH=1724LUHN
Sale Start Date: May 18th, 2018 9:00 PM UTC
Sale End Date: June 18th, 2018 9:00 PM UTC
Token Sale Volume: 235,600,000 LUHN
Sale price: 1LUHN= 0.00008ETH ($0.04)
Minimum contribute 0.1ETH=1250LUHN
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 LUHN
Distribution to the Token Pre-Sale and Sale (summarily): 62%: 620,000,000 LUHN.
Soft Cap: 5000ETH ($2.5M)
Hard Cap: 49600ETH ($24.8M)
Payment: Accepted Forms of Payment: Ether (“ETH”).

More Details Click Links Bellow:

Website: https://www.hashrental.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.hashrental.io/assets/images/white.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/hashrental

Facebook: https://facebook.com/hashrental

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/hashrental

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